Episode 3

We’re already at the first pair of game-changing episodes! Like I said last week, I feel like the first two episodes of this show aren’t the strongest, but I really think episodes three and four make up for that in terms of emotional investment and creating a clear goal for the show as well as making it more exciting and interesting.

Last week we left off when Jomy requested to be taken to Ataraxia. I really like this part because it shows the beginning of a special friendship between Jomy and Leo. Jomy seems pretty upset during the flight back and he even argues with Leo after finding out the Mu are constantly slipping into Ataraxia. He still maintains that if they hadn’t gotten involved in his test, he would have passed.

There’s also a meeting between the elders here in which they express concern for Blue’s choice both to originally recruit Jomy and then have him sent back, but Blue is sure of his actions. He thinks Jomy will get to find out the truth and will realize he has to join the Mu. We don’t really see that much of him in a sense, but I think Blue is a very trusted leader.

After going home to find it empty and then visiting his friends at school, Jomy starts realizing that things won’t go back to how they used to be. He’s being pursued now by the city’s surveillance, so Leo helps him escape again. As they try to get away, Leo tells Jomy he’s envious of Jomy’s precious memories of his mother. Leo never experienced that sort of relationship and he tells Jomy that many of the kids in the ship didn’t either and the adults that awoke during their examinations didn’t remain their memories either. As they talk while they wait to go back to the ship, they are suddenly ambushed and attacked.

Afterwards, Jomy wakes up as if he were back in his previous life, but it’s only an illusion to get him to talk. His mind is confused about what’s going on, so he tells his mother about the bad dream he had. During this he realizes that the situation is suspicious and he asks about Leo, noticing that Leo is being put under tremendous psychological state to get information out. Jomy is upset about seeing Leo like this and realizing that he’s not talking to his mother, but a computer and he finally awakes to his abilities.

His power is tremendous and even the faraway Mu on the ship feel his thoughts. Jomy flies off the building, crumbling half of it in his escape and Soldier Blue goes off to try and reach him. In the end we see Leo passing out among the rubble of the collapsed building.

Here Jomy still has a chance to cling to his childhood and his idea that he’s human and not a Mu, but now that he’s awoken, things are about to change even more for him.

Episode 4

This episode starts with Jomy flying away at a great speed while he’s being shot at by planes. Soldier Blue tries his best to reach him before he goes into space, but Jomy is rejecting contact with him as well. To distract from this, Harley decides to surface the ship temporarily so the Universal computer will focus on them instead of Blue and Jomy.

During the altercation, Jomy keeps going away, but eventually Blue catches up and forces Jomy to listen by sending him some images from his memories. I always think it seems kind of early for a flashback, but these scenes are very powerful in getting Jomy to finally accept and understand who he is. These scenes from Blue’s awakening are alternated with the ship going into battle with Universal soldiers.

I think it’s interesting that in the case of Jomy and Blue their psion responses are strongly tied to memories and feelings. There are actually several types of My and the color of their psion energy is what gives them the type, but right now I can’t really remember all the ypes. The blue type is the strongest though.

From Blue’s memories we see that originally the Mu started in Altamira, the education city in Ganymede. I said in my previous post that 100 years had passed, but in this episode they said it was 300 years, so I stand corrected! Anyway, it seems Blue was the first one there, but soon the numbers of people with the mutation were growing. They were kept in isolation and experimented on. Eventually they started being killed and the city of Altamira was attacked in order to annihilate the Mu. This is where we see some of the elders in the ship escaping together.

With this Jomy comes back to his senses, touched by the memories he’s seen. Soldier Blue tells him that he’s seen messages to Terra and humans to try and coexist, but they are not interested and just care about eradicating what is different to them. Jomy understand his role as Blue tells him that he chose Jomy to lead the Mu from now on and his power is worthy of the task.

As he says this Blue falters and starts falling down to earth. Jomy shields him with his powers and flies back to the ship, accepting Blue’s task. Now Jomy must be the new leader and take them back to Terra.

The ship has gone through a very harsh and difficult battle, as the Mu are not violent people. Just as they are ready to throw in the towel and things seem lost, Leo is rescued and Jomy arrives back with Blue. They’re all taken inside the ship and the ship gets away by cloaking its presence again.

Blue says his goodbye to people in the ship while appointing Jomy as the leader publicly. This scene always makes me really sad because Jomy gets a lot of responsibility and the people he’s supposed to lead don’t really trust him, so he has some challenges ahead. He’s already acting a bit more mature in comparison to how he was before, but he’s still very young and has little experience and the one who could get through to him is going into slumber.

This episode in my opinion really sets the starting line and tone for the entire series. Jomy becomes more interesting as a character and the Mu become more compelling too. It seem Jomy’s first goal is to try to protect children who might become like him, so we have that to look forward to next!