This week’s episode was yet another “fancy” recap episode, one of the few that have a mix of new information and new content.

There was about maybe five minutes of new content that didn’t involve them recapping everything amongst each other, and wasn’t until the end of the episode they finally freed Baira from prison. It was easy feat to pull off given she was placed in a prison that was considered one of the toughest ones to escape from, because of its superior technology. But it’s pretty stupid to think they put her in one of those when she comes from an exceptionally skilled organization of cyber hackers.

Ryoken is still dead set on pursuing the Ignis, inflicting the self-fulling prophecy that his father had threatened to set into motion. This is no surprise, but I would like to see him get over that stupidity sooner than later. Destroying SOL Technologies is also on his to-do list, as a means to avenge his father, who I still consider one of the prime suspects behind this. However he is also (rightfully) concerned about Bohman and who is the one running the show behind him. He recognizes Bohman’s avatar is extremely high quality, and the ability to rob one’s consciousness is a lot more complex than Baira’s computer virus (that being said, she might actually be able to provide insight on that).

That being said, I have to laugh at the fact Faust is the one who suggested the most pragmatic measure: they know where Yuusaku and Ai are in the real world, they should hunt them down and take away Ai in person. But nahhhhh! Ryoken shot that idea down real fast, ordering them to leave them alone in the real world, and only face them in the virtual world.

Okay then. I can’t tell if he’s just being stupid, or he’s looking out for them.

This recap could be interpreted as either trying to set up a red-herring in order to convince us SOL Technologies is not to blame for the destruction of the Cyberse World, or were establishing truthful hints that there really is a third party we should be concerned about. And among all of the new characters, if this episode pointed to anyone in particular to keep an eye on: it is Windy, the Ignis.

And Windy has been someone slipping under the radar. He’s in one episode, and then disappears the next, but his character is not one to be forgotten. In the matter of fact, Yuusaku seemed to also have taken into consideration that Windy may either be affiliated with or may potentially be the mastermind behind the whole incident. For the first time since he has encounter Ai and Flame, this would make an Ignis an enemy he would have to face.

The reason why Windy has risen to the contention was when I was reflecting on SOL Technologies using the bounty hunters as a diversion tactic to make it look like they are helplessly trying to make an effort in the public eye. Remember, Windy is a trickster who managed to fool everyone into thinking the monster that was responsible for destroying the Cyberse World was about to attack them when they first arrived to his domain. And to top things off, he doesn’t like Humans. We know before the Ignis had dispersed they were divided on how to approach their relationship with Humans. Are they friend or foe? And what better way to motivate his fellow Ignis to join his cause by destroying their home by an unknown enemy. The enemies’ deck consists the use of Cyberse Monsters, all which were found in the Cyberse World, so Judgement Arrows could also be perceived as “Judgment on Humanity”.

However at the same time, I still think SOL Technologies is behind this, or at least someone, most likely one of the top executives from the company. One common trait both the mystery enemy and SOL Technologies have in common, are their anonymous executives running the show.

Well that pretty much wraps up the speculations! Next week, Ema and Aoi are back… and at least one of them will be facing Naoki… ugh seriously? It looks like we may potentially be in store for a “filler” episode or two until Bohman and his boss makes his move again… Unless Yuusaku were to encounter Ryoken in the real world. Either way, I am not particularly excited for this one.


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  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Fucking recaps again (which took 3/4 of the episode), and this is why people should never have high expectations on VRAINS who kept letting us down. Worse, given how Yugioh managed to deliver excellent “prison break” episodes in the past (5D’s and Arc V did that with perfection) this one was lazily done where Ryoken, Specter, Faust and Dr. Genome simply swooped in and rescued Baira by exploiting the blind spot of the supposedly impenetrable prison. Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with that perverted guard who lusted for Baira anymore.
    But yeah, the next episode is the one I’ve been waiting for my entire life: To see Ghost Girl FINALLY scoring a win for the female cast of VRAINS and see her destroy the absolute worst character of the show- Naoki the lump of lard who doesn’t deserve to exist like his predecessor the FUCKING SHIVERS KID in Arc V. (Dylan from Yugioh Everything may not happy with his dear boy losing though…)

  2. Kazanova

    Hah! I always knew that Windy is a suspicious character! He is just so shady to me the moment he appeared and met Ai and the others. I’m still thinking the possibility of him being controlled or something though. In episode 1, like all other Ignis, Windy has yellow eyes, but then now his eyes turned red coloured. Unless the color change is a way of showing how he come to hate humans or such. So far, this is the best recap ever. But maybe because of my bias for able to see Revolver/Ryoken again. Oh well, their revival is still cool though. Never thought Revolver/Ryoken would be so insistent on taking care of Yusaku and Takeru online instead offline. Either he is stupid or looking out for them as you said or he just has a big pride and ego after losing to Yusaku.
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is not excited for the next episode. I think I’m gonna skip many things when I watch the next episode. Emma, you better win this. If you lose against someone like Naoki, I’m highly disappointed in you and the writers! And that Naoki should stop his delusion of being Playmaker’s best friend! You can call me cruel or such, I just don’t like and don’t care for a character like Naoki. If this is gonna be a filler, at least show a little bit of Yusaku and Takeru enjoy their school life or more bromance between them for a bit.

  3. V.

    It sounds like to me that Ryoken is leaving alone Yusaku for now just in case the “enemy of an enemy is my friend.” And if Ryoken ends up being one of the big three of the season then he’ll probably join hands with Yusaku once Bohman’s side gives reason for the Hanoi yo be against them. Also there’s the fact that Ryoken and Yusaku have an unusual relationship so he’s probably wanting to avoid Yusaku and Ai as much as possible.
    I see Yusaku butting heads with Takeru over Ryoken in the future. And I strongly believe Spectre’s Ignis is Windy.

  4. No_One_In_Particular

    I hope Akira, Aoi, and Emma’s group can become Playmaker’s permament allies. He gonna need them if he’s gonna face SOL Technologies, Hanoi, and Bohman’s group.

  5. Eva

    Notice: YGO VRAINS Ep 60 will be postponed and released in a double-post with Episode 61 next week.
    I have nothing to say. I couldn’t handle the stupidity. Next week looking to be good though! It was torture to watch, skip it, you’re not missing too much besides the fact Blood Shepherd set up a trap to bait Playmaker out, but Soulburner ends up being caught in it instead.

    1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      With Naoki in the fray boasting himself as Playmaker’s “soulmate” of course it was not only creepy as heck but it’s also unbearable to sit through. Felt sorry for Blue Girl and Ghost Girl for wasting their their time on a bloated buffoon.

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