Well it seems I was wrong about the woman figure of Shio’s memories. It turns out it’s actually her mother and not her older sister. And it turns out she wasn’t all that great either? Well, when it comes to this show I shouldn’t be too surprised. Still, it makes me wonder if Shio’s memories are accurate? From the flashback we saw from Asahi’s point of view, she didn’t seem like a bad person and he didn’t seem to have resentment towards her. Then it also makes me wonder why a mother would leave a child with an abusive parent?

But that night outside really changed Shio, and I don’t know if it was for the better or worse. Of course, Satou appeared while Shio and Mitsuboshi were unconscious and killed both the random evil thugs by gouging their eyes out. She grabs Shio and rushes out of there but has no idea that Mitsuboshi woke up and saw her leave. I feel like he might confront her about it and of course that won’t bode well for him. Also, this freak has more than one poster of Shio and has them all over his room. This guy is kind of an idiot too because what would have happened if he brought Shio into his home? His parents would have noticed somehow.

As they get home, Shio wakes up and apologizes to Satou while crying but Satou hugs her tight and reassures her that she’ll never leave her. She’ll always return home to her no matter what and it’s a happy bubbly moment. Except that Shio is acting strange. Satou notices something is off and asks Shio if she spoke with anyone that wasn’t her when she was outside. Interestingly, Shio said no. After that, Satou heads to school. The night before, she somehow constructed a new lock for the front door so she feels even more at peace.

But like I said, Shio changed. I found it surprising that she had said no to Satou about talking to someone. I thought at first that maybe it’s because she thought that she would get in more trouble if she admitted that she did. But her conversation with Mitsuboshi seemed to trigger something in her. I think with the talk of parents, a mom and dad, actually remembering the face of her own mother changed Shio’s way of thinking. I think that maybe she’s starting to realize there’s something off about her life right now. First off, she has memories she can’t quite remember right now so that’s bothering her. And the fact that she doesn’t have a family right now probably clicked for her. In the closet, she drew on the wall with a crayon in a sort of trance, whispering “Spinning, spinning” to herself. It turns out that what she drew was a picture of her mother getting killed, I think. She must have remembered something pivotal and it’s eating away at her. To me, I think it’s actually making Shio more unstable and I’m really worried about her. I think now she’s going to be keeping lots of secrets around Satou. And right now, I’m not sure what she thinks about Satou too. She still seems to be happy and sweet around her, but the fact that she said no to her signals that maybe she knows there’s something about Satou where she thought it was a good idea to lie and keep quiet. She’s not talking about her feelings or thoughts to her, she’s just keeping them to herself. I don’t know how well that’ll go for Shio. 🙁

Mr. Kitaumekawa appears again, as nasty as always. While he wants Satou to step on him again, he’s actually looking into her home. He’s been called her aunt for days now without an answer, so he’s getting very suspicious about her. He got rid of the trash, didn’t ask what it was, didn’t look inside, but he’s very suspicious. And again I ask, why was Satou stupid enough to make the teacher throw away dead bodies for her?

It seems the motherly figure we saw in Satou’s flashbacks wasn’t her mother, but actually her aunt. This time we saw her with disheveled hair and bandages, so I’m guessing that Satou also grew up in an abusive household and from the way her aunt spoke with her, she must have learned a very warped version of what love was.

There are things around Satou that she isn’t noticing simply because of her tunnel vision. The only thing she can see is her happy sugar life, where one day she’ll make a grand castle for her and Shio to live in happily ever after. She’s saved up over 1,200,000 yen, which in USD is a bit over $11k. I’m guessing by “castle”, she means that she wants to move somewhere far way with Shio where no one can find or interfere with them. She’s working hard and wants more money, so she’s putting on more shifts at the cafe. Another thing that she doesn’t know is that the brown-haired coworker is infatuated with Satou and sneaks into her locker to dress up like her and sniff her work clothes. As creepy and gross as it was, the voice acting was pretty on point. The strong sniffs and the moans really made me think this girl was wet as hell for Satou. Apparently, NO ONE in this show is sane. I kind of want to say that Shio is the only one who’s normal, but from her behavior this episode, I feel like she’s slowly losing her sanity.

I also want to say that Shio’s brother is normal, but how this show is, we haven’t seen enough of him and he’s maybe hiding a little bit of crazy in him too.


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