Run, bitch, ruuuun! You. Are. Going. To. Die!

The death flags for Shoko couldn’t be anymore obvious, but it sure makes me wonder about some things I’ll touch on later. This episode was a lot better. I felt that the previous episodes were really stagnant where the story wasn’t really progressing. However, the pacing of this episode with Asahi and Shio’s backstory, and Shoko’s inner conflict about Satou was handled really well. I was actually enjoying the episode and I’m really looking forward to what we’re going to get next week.

I’m really glad we got the full backstory of the Kobe family. It’s great that Asahi and Shoko met, the poor boy passing out in front of her. She’s sweet and visits him at night, yelling at him for sleeping under the bench and not realizing the dangers of doing that. She brings him sweet buns every night so he doesn’t starve. One night she asks him about Shio, as she holds up the flyer of her. It was incredibly sad to watch and just very painful. The father was obviously a drunk abuser to his family and would beat them on the daily. One day, Asahi tells his mother to take Shio and leave and that one day they’ll meet up again. She refuses at first, not wanting to abandon her son, but Asahi reassures her he’ll be okay. His reasoning for the three of them not leaving together is because he thinks if they all leave, his father will go after them and look for them. I guess I can kind of see what he means, especially when he sent Asahi to get booze for him. He sounded like the kind of person that just made people do things for him. If he had at least one person in the house to do things for him, then he wouldn’t care if the others left. If they all left, then he wouldn’t have anyone to push around and force to do things for them. That would probably anger him a lot and make him look for them. However, I was just thinking that if they all left during the night together, there really wouldn’t be a way for the father to find them unless someone told him. Honestly, I think they could have just left together, the three of them. It’s just painful for me to believe that Asahi had to endure all of his father’s abuse for 5 years after his mother and Shio left. It was hard to watch as Asahi’s father spoke horribly of his mother, and then proceeded to yank out all of his fingernails. I’m so glad they didn’t actually show it. It was also quite sad when Asahi overheard women saying that his mother abandoned him when that wasn’t the case. It also drove me crazy that one of those women said not to get involved with Asahi because his father is scary.

I cannot believe that you would rather not help a child that’s obviously getting physically abused and not call the police. Just because his father is scary. Letting the abuse continue is unforgivable and I hate it when people ignore the issue. If you know someone is being abused, CALL THE POLICE. It’s not like the police is going to say who called. I just can’t get behind this thinking.

Either way, after enduring his father’s abuse for 5 years, Asahi comes home to find his father lying on the floor, dead. Probably an alcohol-related death. He was elated at his father’s death and stormed out of the house to where his mother and Shio were living. Only to find out that Shio was missing and his mother…snapped, I suppose. That’s where the flashback ends. I wonder how Shio disappeared. Did she accidentally leave the apartment on her own and Satou kidnapped her? And is the mother still alive? Still lots of questions. But the backstory left me upset. One thing that really caught my attention were the vows. The vows that Satou and Shio do for their mock wedding is something that came from between Asahi and his mother. Instead of the vows being a twisted version of love in Satou’s head, the vows were just an expression of love between a mother and son living in a dark and abusive household. Those vows would show their love and care for each other through hardened times, and the juxtaposition between the original meaning of the vows to Satou’s is incredible.

With the main plot, Shio tells Satou the person she met that night was someone named Taiyo, which she now knows is Mitsuboshi. Satou visits the house and hands over a notebook to his mother and reminds her again about work. In the notebook, Satou left a note for him asking if he wanted to meet Shio. The obstruction to Satou’s happy sugar life is threatened even more when Shoko confronts her. It’s great that Shoko is making a character of herself and I’m definitely rooting for her! Noting how she always runs away from her problems, while also missing the close bond she had with Satou, she decides to hang out with Satou and ask her about what’s going on.

As they sit to eat at a cafe, she gets right to the point. She says she knows that Satou is lying, she wants to know why, but Satou sort of dodges the question but admits that her life isn’t really normal. But then Shoko spills her heart out in an emotional plea to let Satou trust her and in the end Satou gives in. She says she’ll tell her everything, BUT that she wants to talk at her place. Which means that she’s going to kill her because Shoko is adamant about prying into her life. I’m terrified for Shoko, but I really have to ask myself if Satou will really be able to kill her best friend. The title of the next episode is telling. What is she made of? Can she really bring herself to kill off her closest friend? I wonder if she’ll hesitate. There’s also the homeroom teacher that’s been calling Satou’s aunt every day for 3 months, getting so obsessed with her that we see him following her and Shoko around. If Satou is going to try to kill Shoko, I’m sure the teacher will be following behind them and rescue Shoko if he has to. Finally, things are getting exciting!

Also, what the hell happened to Su-chan? She’s not showing up to work either. I don’t think Satou killed her? Where did she go? 😐


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