Hugtto! Precure Episode 29

Wow I am not okay, this episode really hit home for me. I was tearing up the entire time, actually I still am as I am writing this. I guess this makes me especially emotional because it will soon almost be a year since I have lost both of my grandfathers. Both of them, I have witnessed the struggles and hardships they had to face when they realized they can’t do the things they used to do. Hana’s grandmother was no exception when it came to learning the harsh truth that the quality of her sweets have been declining and it is terribly difficult for her to run the shop on her own. She loves her job, the shop is something that keeps her connected with her love who is no longer with her, but her body just can’t keep up with it anymore. It is the one thing we all dread, losing our ability to be independent. It is demoralizing and really hurts ones’ the self-esteem, especially if they are very prideful individuals. On top of that, to have no choice but rely on relatives or services to help them get by their remaining days, most can’t help but feel like a burden to their family and others.

Fortunately the episode didn’t go that deep, because this story is supposed to be about hope and happiness for the future, and that stuff is just dark, gloomy and depressing. I am glad Hana’s grandmother didn’t have to close up the shop, and was able to find support through a friend and loyal customer to help her with some of the tasks she can’t do anymore without hurting herself in the process. Instead we were given an endearing backstory of how she and her husband had formed the business together, and goodness they are so adorable! It makes me even sadder that he has already passed away.

It didn’t surprise me that Hana didn’t quite understand or catch onto her grandmother’s despair. She can’t help but be ignorant to these ordeals because not only has she never met her grandfather (who died when she was a baby), but she still has that innocent mindset of thinking our grandparents will always be capable of doing their thing. It was Saaya who identified the root of the problem, and Yone who explained it. Once Hana tried to make the Hope Buns to cheer her grandmother up, she realized just how brutally difficult it was to make traditional Japanese sweets. It made me happy though, she still made it and it cheered her grandmother up a bit. Making the Hope Buns together will be a great way for the two of them to continue bonding with one another.

The only thing I disliked this episode, well… at this point I am not longer surprised, is Gelos. I don’t understand the point of her character anymore. She is basically Pupple 2.0, only with two minions by her side to do all the work for her. With her laziness, she certainly seems to be a prime candidate to put up to the chopping block, especially since she has done little to contribute to the story. The only thing we know about her and why she is working with Criasu is because she doesn’t want tomorrow to come, she wants to retain her youth.

Although this episode didn’t contribute much to the plot, I still enjoyed it because is consists an important life lesson for the children or any who is watching this show to come to terms to the hardships their grandparents, and elderly have to face. Be good to your grandparents, especially if they have been good to you. Just because things get difficult, don’t ignore them, keep in touch, talk to them, visit them and support them in doing what they still can.

PS: Hana’s grandmother ROCKED that hairdo! How dare they say she tried too hard!


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  1. hey forgot to mention that hanna’s grandmother realized that her granddaughter is cure yell

  2. Hugtto! Precure Episode 30 entry will be postponed and released with Episode 31 next week with the return of the plot!!!!

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