At long last Ginji’s and Ranmaru’s backstory has been covered! And boy did it destroy me. MY EMOTIONS! My heart hurts so much for them. Ginji and Ranmaru were so small and precious, I just wanted to protect them from all the evil in the world! But most importantly, I want them to be happy and mend their battered relationship.

Ginji and Ranmaru of them were rescued and raised to be Guardian Beasts by Princess Iso, a noble ayakashi, and the last mermaid. She had miraculous power of foresight, which made her the Shrine Maiden of Guidance. She was the one who died 300 years ago when the ceremony failed. And as it turns out there was more to the story: The Ceremony failed because of a betrayal, making it impossible for them to prevent the disaster from happening. So Princess Iso sacrificed her life, shutting herself and the curse to the ruins to stop the disaster. Not long after that, Ougon-douji (who was still Tenjin-ya’s Mistress at the time), appeared before them, and built Orio-ya. In hopes it may be a new way to help protect the Southern Lands, the two of them decided to work with her.

However this is where Ginji and Ranmaru started to drift apart. Their realtionship had become strained with Ranmaru’s obsession of making the Southern Lands more prosperous by bringing more success to Orio-ya Inn. However his ruthless ways didn’t sit well with Ginji. The saddest thing about this is that Ranmaru is only doing this with good intentions, but he is driving everyone away, and his ungrateful nature isn’t going to get him to where he wants the region to be. So when Oodanna offered Ginji the opportunity to work at Tenjin-ya Inn, he accepted because he couldn’t bear being with Ranmaru anymore. And it’s such an unfortunate thing considering how close the two of them were in the past. But make no mistake, despite Ranmaru’s harsh attitude and how much he was hurt by Ginji leaving them, he still deeply cares about him, and vice versa. It was a beautiful yet terribly sad scene of seeing Ginji supporting Ranmaru who was so weak from the miasma, he couldn’t hold himself up. Truth to be told, I wouldn’t be surprised if what Ranmaru truly fears the most, is losing Ginji for once and for all.

This leads me to Aoi’s determination to bring Ginji back to Tenjin-ya. Although Aoi is a good girl, like everyone else she too has selfish wishes. For her, to return to Moonflower without Ginji is almost meaningless because the place wouldn’t be the same without him. She can’t bear the idea of losing her most trusted business partner, and precious friend. Just the idea of him choosing to remain at Orio-ya Inn even after the ceremony terrifies her. And what is more tragic, is how Moonflower has become an awkward subject between them, because she as much as she wants to press him about his decision and persuade him to return, it is something that can’t be properly discussed yet. It is really a complicated matter, because not only the Southern Lands is still Ginji home, but you could say Ranmaru experienced the same loss.

And we saw how it stung Ranmaru when she made that her condition to fetch the Mermaid Scale from the Ruins of the Dragon Palace by herself. He made a point of what if Ginji were to refuse, and Aoi honestly couldn’t give a good answer. Even though she said she would respect his decision, she doubted her ability to simply let it be without anymore fuss.

Which brings us to Aoi’s next Quest: Retrieve The Mermaid Scale from the Ruins of the Dragon Palace.
Due to the ruins being contaminated by the curse, it makes it incredibly dangerous for ayakashi to explore the the place. Both Ginji and Ranmaru were gravely wounded by the miasma. But because Aoi is Human, it shouldn’t affect her, making her an ideal candidate to get the job done. That being sad, I have no doubt in my mind despite the fact the place is a ruin and filled with miasma, there will surely still dangers lurking about.

And frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect when Aoi accepted the mission. For a moment, as reckless as it sounds, I actually believed she was going to do this all alone. Luckily, Oodanna had dropped in and waited for her until the late afternoon, giving her the opportunity to talk to him about it.

But I think what I found to be the most astonishing was how Oodanna was completely chill about this. Seriously, it blew my mind. She was going to do this on her own, and yet he never made that an issue, nor even protested her decision. He is doing exactly as he promised, he will support her ambitions. In fact, the only thing that mattered to him was seeing she was uneasy about it, and tells her she won’t have to go alone, nor does she have to shoulder the hardships on her own.

AKSJDKASHDKAJSDHASD!!!! MY EMOTIONS. I can’t get over Oodanna just being there for her, supporting her like this. It just makes me fall for him even more! Actually now that I think about it, it’s a bit sad that this kind of interaction is such a rarity among fiction. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS GUY?! MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!!!

With that said, I super excited to see Oodanna and Aoi embark on this quest together. I’d be lying if I said I am not a bit worried about the miasma part, but Oodanna claims he’ll be fine because he is the opposite of Ginji and Ranmaru, who are otherwise “sacred beings” so to speak. Honestly I am not completely sure what he meant by that, but I am going to go with the presumption it’s because he is an Ogre, he won’t be blighted as easily or at all for that matter.

Fluff and tragic backstories aside, there was one very pressing and worrisome matter today. Following up from the end of last week’s episode, we meet the devil himself: The Thunder-Beast Ayayashi Raiju. A powerful noble, ranked among the likes of Ougon-douji. He too knows about the curse and the ceremony, and is described as a cruel and twisted hedonist, and it would be in Aoi’s best interest to steer clear of him. (No Aoi, just because he plays the flute so beautifully doesn’t make him a nice guy).

It looks like my instincts were on point. This dude is going to be loads of trouble. No doubt about it. Based off his awful and cruel reputation, I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Oodanna do not get along, so messing with Aoi would be a great way to entertain himself. With that in mind, it could be Raiju is the villain that has been waiting to debut.

It will be interesting if turns out to be the case, because up until now, we have had a few antagonists here and there, Ougon-douji and Ranmaru and those daruma to name a few. However Kakuriyo has yet to introduce a true villain. A cruel and twisted character who won’t become soft and friendly after eating Aoi’s food. And Raiju fits the bill perfectly. There is an entirely different air about him, and it’s an ominous one. Frankly I am under the impression he is going to betray them. He strikes me as the type to interfere with the process for he own entertainment, especially since Aoi has been like this shining ray of hope who is gathering the treasures faster than Ranmaru and Ginji combined. The first indication to that, is the implied protection of the Tengu’s Secret Liquor. I say “implied” because I don’t know about you, but I am half expecting it to be stolen.

Last but not least, I definitely want to discuss a bit about Aoi’s Powers! This week we were also able to witness more of the extent of the kind of effect her cooking actually has on ayakashi. In fact it is a lot more incredible than I ever imagined. Ginji was blighted with impurities and just one snack she had made was able to heal him faster than the shrine itself. But should anyone, such as the likes of Raiju about Aoi’s powers, it certainly would make her a more prominent target. Which is why I am particularly concerned about Raiju’s interest in her.

I was also delighted to see how Ai is assisting Aoi. Even when she’s not needed to impersonate her, she continues to impersonate Aoi’s form (probably because she lacks a form of her Human form at the moment). Nonetheless, it is so cute and fun to see the two cooking together. It was also quite cool to see Ai doesn’t just stay in the necklace anymore, she will escort her as the ogre fire in the dark, but will hide when necessary. Actually I am a bit surprised she didn’t introduce Ai to Ginji, but I guess it worked out because we don’t exactly what Ranmaru to know about it. He might take it away from her. (Oh and even after Aoi helped him recover, Ranmaru continues to be an ungrateful ass to her!)

Overall this was yet another fantastic episode. Better yet, this was probably the most top notch animated episode to date. My favourite frames had to be the close up of the eyes, and Ginji’s and Ranmaru’s beastly forms. I am definitely hoping we will see more of this, since it will certain make up for the rather lacklustre quality during the first half of the series. Oh and yes, the gift Oodanna was talking about rewarding Aoi for her hard work, I wonder if it’s the blue cup he handed her the water with. It must be similarly made as the glass bowl he had previously gave her.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE! It is going to eat me alive not being able that I won’t be able to watch this as soon as it comes out because I won’t be available at the time to do so. So it’ll come out a bit later in the day then usual!


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  1. zztop

    Kakuriyo’s author also has another daily slice-of-life LN series that takes place in Kakuriyo’s universe, but in the Apparent Realm; Ayakashi Oniyome Nikki/Ayakashi Oni Bride’s Diary.
    Plot revolves around 2 ayakashi reincarnated as humans in modern Asakusa; the boy, Kaoru, is the reincarnated Shuten Douji, one of the Great Ayakashi, while the girl, Maki, is the reincarnated Ibaraki, Shuten Douji’s wife. Both still keep their powers and previous memories, although the girl is more willing to stick her nose into defending the weak youkai of Asakusa. There’s a friend of theirs too, Yurihiko, the reincarnated Nue (Japanese chimera) of legend.
    The Kakuriyo connections – Apparently Oodanna was Shuten’s best friend back then, and makes some cameos in the novel. One of Aoi’s relatives, Akane, is revealed to be a powerful shaman who works for an Ayakashi regulation agency; his spirit powers are greater than Aoi’s.
    Pixiv hosts a manga version of Oniyome which started this year, but neither that or the LNs are translated.
    Some readers would like to see Oniyome getting an anime, but think Kakuriyo’s sluggish sales in Japan might prevent that from happening.
    (Not that Kakuriyo’s bad; likely the local fans don’t think it has the “must-buy” factor series like Idolish 7 and Free! have.)

    1. Eva

      YES I FOUND THAT THIS WEEKEND AND I FREAKED OUT!!!!!! I had to stop myself because I was worried about potential spoilers when I read the manga RAWS on pixiv, omg it was the greatest find ever. I love it when there are stories that take place in the same universe!
      ; A ; OH NO! Kakuriyo’s sales aren’t good?! FFFFFFFF—– that’s frustrating. I hope the momentum will change for the better. Oniyome might appeal more, but maybe it still might get an adaption. I would definitely like to see it. That being said, I’m glad I bought the books to support.

    2. Golden521

      I plan on checking this series out later when I get more time on my hands. (I’m reading/watching to many things write now)
      The Kakuriyo story isn’t “cheap” enough to have mass appeal. No panty shots, no other pervy madness, the romantic lead isn’t a jerk, no lazy love triangle action. It’s just a well written story and people aren’t use to that…

      1. Eva


  2. Golden521

    OMG! I have read through all of your reviews on this series. I’ve only been able to find negative reviews and that sucks because I’ve read the novels before the anime came out. I don’t want people to hate this series. (Don’t worry. I won’t be spilling any spoilers)
    I just wanted to say I love your reviews and I’m happy to find a positive place to fangirl this series!

    1. Eva

      Thanks! It makes me really happy to hear you enjoy my reviews! Oh man, this series really doesn’t get enough credit and love it deserves. It is a truly a hidden gem that is really starting to shine in this half of the season. I love this series so much that I want more people to know about it and appreciate it. I can’t read Japanese yet, but I still bought the novels and manga (even though the manga will be localized by VizMedia in Jan 2019) to support the series. I really hope that the novel will get picked up as well. (Luckily there is a fan translating it, so we got that to work with for now!)

      1. Golden521

        Thank you for supporting the series. It’s something most international fans don’t do. I really want to see a 2nd season but I worry about that happening. This season should end with the 5th novel. I want to see the Oodanna x Aoi goodness from the 6th novel animated! 😭

        1. Eva

          😭 Oh my god, I really want a second season as well!!!! WE NEED IT SO BADLY! I hope this half of the series can makes the momentum swing, unless most people are actually waiting for the show to finish airing before watching it.
          Omg, it’s gonna kill me to wait for Vol 6 translations ahahahaha… I need to work harder with my studies 😭 I love those two so much!

  3. Stephanie Bucciarelli

    OMG THEIR STORY IS SO SAD T_T So they were actually orphans from the south lands as well. No wonder they’re attached to it since it’s their home. I do wonder how two baby ayakashi of two different kinds happened to find their way to a beach though? I know they’re guardian beasts so maybe they were born there in front of a shrine or sent by the gods since the shrine is clearly shinto.
    Iso-hime’s story also explains why she’s crying in the opening D.: I know they said that it’s said mermaids are extinct but I have a feeling Chibi will somehow either find the scale on one of his “treasure hunts” with the fish or if he’s actually seen a mermaid. I’m also super shocked to hear there is no longer a dragon king who rules the sea! I would’ve bet money on it since he’s a frequently talked about figure in Japanese stories. I know that Ginji also said Iso-hime sacrificed her life but I kind of wonder since she threw herself into the sea with it if she’s actually just trapped or suspended in time with the curse.
    After seeing this episode I feel like Ougun-douji isn’t our villain. I think it’s implied that she came to the south after there was no longer a hachiyo and no one to protect the hidden realm from the curse that comes from the south. Who knows, if left unchecked it could’ve been and could be a concern for the entire realm. I feel like her invitation to take in Ginji and Ranmaru next and show them a trade to benefit their suffering land shows her kindness. Not to mention the fact that she had a serious as a heart attack look on her face when she told Ranmaru that the ceremony could not fail. I think she cares about the welfare of the area too and might even be from there herself; however, since she’s a noble I doubt she was an orphan.
    I could see how Ranmaru could obsess to the point of ruining himself and causing more harm than good. If he were a little less arrogant and more invested in the people he claims to care about, he could do so much good. They do say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I feel like this phrase is what relates most to Ranmaru. I’m also thinking that Ginji’s comment at the shrine of how Ranmaru is more susceptible to impurities makes him a more “pure” beast. My thoughts are that KomaInu are only thought of any related to the gods and are never mentioned as stand alone or randomly place ayakashi. On the other hand, only Inari shrines use kitsune as messengers of the gods from what I’ve read but could totally be wrong. I know that kitsune have stand alone stories about them tricking people to bring out either the best in someone and bring them fortune in life or bring out the worst and lead them to an early grave. I’ve also read about kitsune marrying humans while posing as beautiful women whose fox ears can only be seen in the reflection of water. So I think where I was trying to go with this is I’m surprised that the “holier” character is also the BIGGEST ASSHOLE WHO CAN’T BE GRATEFUL D:<
    I can definitely see why Ginji wouldn’t want to see his brother the way he acts currently; however, I’m surprised he wasn’t able to change his nature somewhat or have a coming to Jesus moment with him to show that he’s causing more damage than anything 90% of the time. I was surprised to see his shocked face when Aoi make her condition to him. I guess he hadn’t thought Ginji would leave again even though the two of them clearly don’t get along and almost ripped each other’s heads off on the airship on the way from Tenjin-ya to Oriyo-ya. Some serious brotherly bonding with a serious awakening for Ranmaru would have to happen for Ranmaru to see the error of his ways. I do also think that his greatest fear is losing Ginji for good. I also had my heart strings tugged at when Ginji held up Ranmaru T.T They do care about each other sincerely but I feel like Ranmaru has such a hard time giving up his asshole facade and setting his pride aside to show how he really feels. In sum, I have always believed that 99.9% of male problems between other men, family, women, etc (in reality and anime) is due to lack of communication. Men are the most verbally constipated creatures alive =,=
    In regards to you mentioning Aoi’s determination to bring back Ginji I totally agree with you that she’s being too selfish as well. I do think that both Aoi and Ranmaru think they’re acting in Ginji’s best interests and in their own. Everyone needs to sit down with a big ass box of tissues and just talk to each other. EVERYONE. Each and every character’s issues and problems have been mostly due to lack of communication. Words people USE THEM!!! Ahem, ranting aside, I think that Ginji might actually be Aoi’s first true friend. She never mentions missing anyone but her grandpa and didn’t visit anyone at all while she was in the mundane world. No one called, no one popped up to ask where she’d been…except Chibi who’s an ayakashi. Her only human connection seems like it was Shiro, and now it seems that the only person we know that lives in the mundane world that Aoi cares about is Suzuran who is also an ayakashi. Although Aoi is a good character who has good intentions and meaning I think that she may also not know how to have a true friend since most of her time we saw in flash backs was spent with Shiro and taking care of his drunken self. So I think you definitely hit the nail on the head when it comes to Ginji being her precious friend that she dearly covets and attempts to protect and care for like a hawk. This being said, I think Aoi and Ranmaru have more alike than they realize for better or worse.
    Now please excuse me for another mini rant. WTAF RANMARU?! I think it would KILL him to say thank you or appreciate the fact that Aoi has been sitting around caring for the person who’s hurt Ginji the most and who’s physically hurt her and antagonized her. I also wanted Ranmaru to be there when she was with Hatori to place the Tengu liquor on the shelf. I wanted her to be able to gloat in front of him a bit to get some funny banter but this was a more serious episode so I understand why that didn’t happen. Also, the MOMENT Ranmaru is awake and up the only thing he thought of was exploiting Aoi. Seriously dude. You haven’t thanked her at all for saving Oriyo-ya’s ass by getting two sacred items already and now you need her for number three because you can’t even manage that yourself?! What does that say about you as a hachiyo, a master of an inn, and as a man?! For someone with so much pride he doesn’t mind exploiting someone given his first waking opportunity >.>
    Also, Ginji just LITERALLY got done telling her to avoid the ruins of the dragon palace and she accepted Ranmaru’s request for the Mermaid Scale. He knows what’s in there and so does Ranmaru. What I don’t understand is if they both know and Ranmaru sent Aoi hoping she would be successful, wouldn’t he disclose what horrors are lurking down there so she actually comes back with the item since no one else clearly can do anything at this Inn. I still don’t think miasma won’t affect Aoi. She has high spiritual power which helps her but also comes at a price. We saw what happened when she cooked too much for the tengu and used too much spiritual power. If she needs this power to protect herself, even unknowingly, she won’t make it far into the ruins. Also as you mentioned, whatever other horrible things that are lurking around since I would assume miasma would attract malevolent creatures that feed off of negative energies of sorts.
    I also thought she was going to go it alone when she asked Ranmaru for directions XD I’m glad to see Oodanna is, as usual, her knight in shining armor ready to take on any task she half thought through. I think that he wasn’t surprised that she’d taken on more of Orio-ya’s shit since that’s what she’s done since she got there. He also knows that if someone is in need she’s going to help them and her heart has clearly gone out to the people (especially the orphans) of the south. I think she’s not only doing it to go home to Tenjin-ya or for Ginji per se, but for multiple reasons that shows her good nature and blind innocence. I ADORE that Oodanna knows this about her and that he expects no less of her in this stage of their relationship and has chosen to support her rather than chide her or start a fight. I think he also knows the sooner she feels like she’s finished her business at Oriyo-ya the sooner he can get her home to safety. I love that the creator of this series has made Oodanna such a strong, calm, and kind, but not flawless, character. It’s so very refreshing! 🙂 Plus not to mention, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and Oodanna’s rolled himself in the honey jar! He’s made her so happy that we FINALLY don’t have silence like last episode, or anymore rejections that she’s his bride/wife. We got a thank you!!! An acceptance! This is the FIRST time that’s happened. Things are going very well for Oodanna and if he just keeps being nice and helping her do things she feels she needs to, he’ll have himself a committed bride by the end of the season <3
    Back to the miasma and “sacred beasts”…I think this tasks will require Oodanna to use some of his power we haven’t seen yet :3 Super hopeful that will happen because we haven’t seen much other than excellent leadership that commands respect, level headedness, business savvy, and a few ogre fires. Everyone has mentioned how powerful he is so I’d love to see some demonstrations! I think this task will also see the two of them working together as a pair that we’ve only recently seen when cooking. This will most definitely deepen Aoi’s feelings for Oodanna without question. She knows she can rely on him and will stay by his side knowing this. I was worried too when Oodanna mentioned he would join in on this mission too because of the miasma but I suppose it makes sense what he says when he mentions he’s a polar opposite existence of Ranmaru and Ginji. I’ve always seen KomaInu and shrine Kitsune as pure beings that serve the gods. The KomaInu drawing power from the sun, and Kitsune drawing power from the moon. Both are light related creatures, whereas, Ogres are always shown to dwell in darkness and seem to only need human beings as their power source (food) which taints them so to speak. If he truly is a “tainted” existence that draws power from total darkness he may be stronger or at least better suited to the task since he doesn’t serve gods and isn’t a creature dependant on their light. I’ve also never heard of an ogre needing purification but have plenty of times heard of blighted kitsune. Who knows maybe the curse/darkness can work in his favor?
    Also, holy shit…Raiju. This is the person who seems like assassins are not below them and the person behind attempts on Aoi’s life. Raiju clearly knows who she is and is interested and not in a good way. I do wonder if Raiju intends to eat Aoi and consume all of her spiritual power for himself since I feel like Oodanna could become a noble himself with Aoi at his side and thus pose a threat to him. Also it’s bad news if womanizing Hatori thinks the guy is a hedonist O.o I feel like those are words you can take to the bank. I feel like he’s the one who betrayed Iso-hime during the failed ceremony. If this was the case I would’ve thought though that she said who was the one who betrayed her to warn the boys. I also found it interesting that Aoi showed her weak side to Hatori a bit once he told her that Raiju is a thunder beast. Clearly, if she ends up around him PTSD shut down Aoi is certain to make an appearance. Based on that reaction alone I think it’s safe to say Aoi won’t go out of her way to visit him. Flutes in the hands of bad guys have also been known to be fantastic ways to hypnotize victims from what I’ve seen. I also like the fact Raiju plays a beautiful flute since most evil characters or villains have something beautiful about them that appeals and attracts victims.
    I completely agree that messing with Aoi would be an excellent way to piss off Oodanna by either wanting/trying to eat her or possibly hypnotizing her and making her his involuntary brain washed bride just to watch Oodanna become enraged. As you also mentioned I think that Ougun-douji and Ranmaru may be unsettling and cold at times but I don’t consider either of them true villians. As you said, Raiju gives off a completely different vibe that hasn’t been drawn on yet as a character in the show. People mostly hate Aoi at the start out of petty concerns like she’s Shiro’s granddaughter, she’s human and weak, or Oodanna’s bride; but, Raiju doesn’t seem to truly hate her. He sees her as a pawn on a chessboard and we have no clue what the end game is. He’s the guy who has lived so long he just exists to please his own whimsies and to hell with the consequences because he’s a noble and can get away with just about anything he could ever want to do as vile as it may be. He just wants to watch the world burn. I do take comfort that Aoi has made friends in high places such as the king and queen and has made a ton of ayakashi friends by helping them and making them food.
    The substance Raiju pours onto the floor I’d bet money is the Tengu liquor >:( He seems like the type to degrade something to the point that sacred liquor is poured onto the floor like refuse and not even bother drinking it because that’s the most disrespectful thing you could do with it. I think Raiju’s hidden co-conspirator is the monkey. He’s always on Aoi’s case, and unlike other characters who’ve come in contact with Ranmaru, he hasn’t shown an admiration of him and his devotion to the land. He’s just been obnoxious and annoying which doesn’t reveal much about a character. They also gave the monkey the liquor without telling anyone else!! Bad move. I want to know why Ranmaru is bowing in front of Raiju. He probably needs something from him but Ranmaru doesn’t seem like the bowing type for anyone other than maybe Ougun-douji given that she’s brought prosperity to the southern land. Speaking of her, I know it as mentioned she went to the land to the East, so I wonder what she’s up to. If it’s something for the ceremony and if so what? Also, Ranmaru told Raiju that Ougun-douji said not to restrain her activities. If that’s the case why was she initially put into a holding cage? That seems pointless.
    I was SO excited to see the actual impact of Aoi’s food on ayakashi. Clearly, she’s so focused while cooking her energy and spiritual power are residual in the food as a result. I think he food is the “spell/protect techique” Shiro taught her because it would serve both her and the ayakshi and use her power in a less attention calling way so that she wouldn’t become a target as easily. It was amazing that she was able to fight off Ginji’s blight with one piece of fish and rice! Obviously, this ability would be a disaster in Raiju’s hands but a blessing and benefit to Oodanna and the down trodden ayakashi suffering in the southern lands. I’m not going to lie, I actually hope that Moonflower evolves into something different. Previously Aoi pondered on what her role is and what Oodanna wanted her to do while he was in the mundane world. His words were to look after everyone. I feel like when she’s back at Tenjin-ya she should not make her abilities well known but care for the staff that need her or at least change the idea to a medicinal or healing space since she is constantly caring for sick and wounded ayakashi. She and Shizuna would make an excellent medical team through food and bath. I could see ayakashi waiting to benefit from their combined abilities.
    Ai was more competent this episode and was refreshing that she could do basic things. I know she impersonates Aoi since she doesn’t have a human form, but I wish for the story’s sake they’d give her a form soon (like a small child). Ai seems pretty intuitive on what Aoi needs and it’s nice to see that she doesn’t have to give constant commands when she needs somthing.
    Side notes: SO, we finally figured out Oodanna’s round about age this episode! Ginji said previously he was about the same age as Oodanna and we just found out he was around 300 years ago during the failed ceremony as a child. Therefore, Oodanna has to be 300+ years old! Wow. Talk about an age gap. It seems like we’re one step closer to knowing Oodanna’s story! Also, Aoi seeing Ginji in his true form was refreshing. She was only hesitant when he opened his mouth (who wouldn’t be if it’s as big as you?). I love that she mentioned he was beautiful because he is. I want to pet both him and Ranmaru!
    I was curious about the cup too! I think it was a gift for her too since most of what she uses is stone wear for tea and serving items. The glass being blue like the ocean with bubbles and clear glass seems to be of the same quality as the bowl she previously got from Oodanna. I’d like to think he had a romantic day or something planned too or even just another cute walk on the beach. I’d love to see Aoi pull out her mundane world bikini and take a dip in the ocean only to watch Oodanna’s face XD System overload!

    1. Eva

      Yeah I actually am wondering if Oodanna and Aoi are going to find Princess Iso in a coma of a sorts because of the curse. A part of me even wonders if we might see a corrupted version of her, hidden away deep within the palace. It’s hard to say because you would probably think Ginji or Ranmaru would find her first, but I suppose because of the miasma just makes it difficult for them to stay there for too long and investigate without external hinderences. But eh, this is just pure speculations, fufu~
      “They do say the road to hell is paved with good intention” damn that’s a good one. I completely agree it describes Ranmaru’s character quite well.
      LMFAO Well “Holiness” is never quite defined by personality is it not? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Oh the irony!
      TT^TT When Ginji was supporting Ranmaru, OH GOD MY HEART! That’s why I was kind of shocked how Aoi, even after seeing that, was selfish enough to make Ginji her condition for the quest. But she’s human, and that’s what I love about this series’ writing. Aoi is not some perfect character who saves everyone. She has her flaws too, and that’s her greed and selfishness when there’s a risk of losing something important to her, regardless of the decision that has been made. The best part, she recognizes that greed within her, and tries her best to suppress it because she knows she shouldn’t behave this way.
      I think Ranmaru was hoping for Aoi to disappear in the ruins. He can’t do it himself, but if something else, a much greater threat does so, he can just say she did it on her own terms. If she disappears, then not only that gets rid of a nuisance, but he may think this is a way not to lose Ginji to someone else, much less a Human girl! What’s not within his calculations however, is Oodanna accompanying her.
      Yeah I think the miasma might have an affect on Aoi as well. This is probably a long shot, but maybe it won’t have a physical toll of her as it does with Ayakashi, but perhaps its impurities might have a more pyschological effect, exploiting her fears and vulnerablities that could put her at risk of self-destruction. And I definitely think there are malevolent creatures that feed off this kind of energy as well. It makes her very promising prey.
      Well thank goodness Oodanna will be with her! I’m a bit worried about him as well. I think the thing I am looking forward to the most is witnessing Oodanna use his powers. He is said to be powerful, and not be affected by the miasma so I’m really excited to see how this plays out.
      LOL That moment when Aoi asked for directions though AHAHA! PRICELESS!
      Now that you meant it though, you’re right, this is the first time Aoi actually thanked Oodanna for his support. PROGRESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
      That makes two of us in: Raiji us the Betrayer theory!
      That’s an interesting food for the thought you have there in regards to how Moonflower can evolve. I don’t really see Aoi making it into a medical kind of thing though, since the food is all it takes to heal them right up. I think it would probably be more would be more about delivering it, getting it out there for the poor and the hungry. Almost like a food-truck of a sorts!

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