This week’s episode was a mixed bag for me. I am not particularly a fan of petty idiots, and that’s pretty much what we got today in this week’s mystery. But it wasn’t much of a mystery at all when Holmes already knew who was behind it, and exactly how they accomplished switching his grandfather’s most treasured Chinese celadon with a fake, and feigning its destruction. The two men, Masamune a team famous pantomine and impressions were the culprits, though it wasn’t as predictable per say (unless you missed the part where Yoshie points outs their specialty), my biggest qualm was their pathetic drive for pulling such a stunt at Seiji’s birthday party. They wanted revenge after Seiji humiliated their idol, Kageyama, a magician who was their hope when they were children.

But while Holmes solved the case in record time, along with calling out their mediocre stunts of trying to cheat him in a poker game, boy was he livid. We already know that Holmes absolutely hate fakes, and counterfeit artists, but today we learned another thing that really sets him off is his job as an appraiser being taken lightly. The way he lashed out at them was a good follow up of showing how angry he can get. I would say that was probably the most entertaining part of the episode, because Holmes was so done with their cheap tricks. He ain’t got time for this kind of shit, much less have these two idiots interrupt his grandfather’s birthday party.

Holmes however was a bit concerned about Aoi thinking he was scary after seeing him retaliate like that. Fortunately, like myself, Aoi wasn’t fazed by his outburst, but instead thought he was pretty cool with how he proud he is of his grandfather, and the lengths he would go to defend him. Which leads me to my next point: Goodness, I can’t tell if Holmes is actually oblivious to of his very apparent feelings towards Aoi, or whatever it is, because damn, he is making it really difficult for her not to fall for him (doesn’t help he looked especially fine today!). Even she thinks he is breaking all the rules! It’s funny because last week it was Akihito who brought Aoi up to Holmes, and this week it was Kaori who brought Holmes up to Aoi. While Holmes says he isn’t interested in a relationship, Aoi on the other-hand is still trying to figure out her feelings, especially since she has just started moving on from her previous relationship. It only makes sense for her to take her time to sort it out, but I don’t blame her for falling for him.

And finally we were introduced to Rikyu, a former employee who had traveled abroad for France for some time to study judo. (It’s funny because Aoi thought he went to study music!). But Rikyu is a bit of a wicked character with how passive aggressive he is towards Aoi. Rikyu considers Holmes much like an older brother, and vice versa, but it is very apparent that Rikyu is quite jealous of the fact Aoi is the one who is currently spending the most time beside him. While he brushed his comment about Aoi no longer being needed off as a joke, he isn’t shy of continuing to be a bit possessive of Holmes. Other than that, he is absolutely capable of protecting Holmes, just as he vows to do.

Overall it wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t super memorable either. Even so, I still enjoy it, so there’s that!


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