Oh man poor Holmes! This is the second time he is interrupted from saying whatever he wanted to say to Aoi. But god damnit, YOU CANNOT TELL ME HE DOESN’T LIKE HER. He was so flustered and taken aback by having received a gift (cookies) from her, it was adorable! God damn it Rikyu, shouldn’t you have gone home like ages ago?!?! (Also it was freaking hilarious, and totally like him to get her a ticket to the botanical gardens for Christmas!)

I don’t blame Aoi for being cautious about her own feelings towards Holmes. In fact I have to commend her for making the difficult decision of drawing the line. I mean yes, she definitely likes him, but she also is getting a lot of mixed signals and she is having trouble verifying whether or not Holmes is romantically interested in her. That last thing she wants to do is be delusional and set herself up for another heartbreak. Holmes himself even confessed he is actually interested in pursuing a relationship, but is hopeless when it comes to romance he says. When his feelings comes into play, he can’t make objective judgement, and is afraid of doing so because each time he tries, he gets a reply he never expected and it throws him off. That’s understandable for a guy who has built up a reputation of reading people like a book. It is going to take courage from both parties if they want any hope of forming a relationship between them, I do wonder who will actually make the first move though. Both of them have their own respective reasons to hold back, one of them being the age-gap as Aoi is still in high-school and Holmes is in university (despite the fact whenever they are together, you would never think of it because of their undeniable chemistry), and both of them seem like they aren’t quite certain with how the other feels.

Holmes however have been quietly showing signs of disappointment when he feels like he’s losing out on her. This was the case when he thought she was turning down his invitation to take her out somewhere because she was going to the mixer. It just goes to show the mixer Aoi had brought up in last week’s episode was still fresh in his mind, and there was a part of him that really didn’t want her to go. You could tell how relieved he was when she told him she turned down the invitation and was busy because she wanted to focus on her studies. Holmes was certainly quick to jump at the opportunity to work with her further under the pretence her job contributed her ailing grades. I am almost bummed out that we didn’t get to see him tutor her, because he pulled her grades right back up, ahaha! When Rikyu joked about Aoi no longer working there, he got mad at him. Another instance where see Holmes put Aoi as his priority is when she visited the cafe he had agreed to work at for the first four days, and runs out to see Aoi in front of the mob of ladies, and got up real close to whisper in her ear, but to everyone else, it totally looked like they were having an intimate moment AHAHAHA! (And I almost choked on my drink when we saw Holmes serving as a waiter! It was so funny with all the sparkles!)

That being said, I look forward to the eventual date he promised to take her on, as a means to thank her for her support.

Relationships and trust was very much the central theme of the episode. Izumi came back into the spotlight, seeking assistance from Holmes to break her new fiancé’s alibi. That’s right, she dumped her the one that kept on cheating on her (good for her), but her parents ended up setting up a new match and now she’s marrying Tachibana. But during their engagement party, Tachibana left for a bit to deal with his ex, and she thought he was probably cheating on her. Goodness gracious, how awkward it must be to be interrogated by your fiancée’s ex?! (Though it somewhat helps that HOlmes claimed he was engaged with Aoi, they will be, one day ohohohohoho!)

So basically, long story short, Tachibana actually loves Izumi, he broke up with his ex before they met, and fell in love with her at first sight. He was afraid that because of Izumi’s past relationship that his situation with his ex-girlfriend would scare her off, so he lied about it.

Truth to be told, I couldn’t care less about it because I hate how Izumi keeps running back to Holmes for help. Like god damn it, you broke his heart, stop bringing your relationship problems to him! He is not your god damn private investigator! I don’t even think he gets paid for this shit! He should charge commission!!!! But I guess it makes him a good guy giving people a hand for free when he doesn’t… I’m just saying….

But damn, it was was a great moment to see Aoi speak up and scold Tachibana. She was so fed up with how Tachibana wouldn’t be honest when it was so freaking obvious that he was lying, she told him off, saying he wasn’t fair to either his ex or Izumi, and he needs to come clean!

Next week, we hare in store for yet ANOTHER party, this time for New Years! I wonder what will unfold? Ohohoho!


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