I’ve always hated filler. For as long as this universe has existed I, a being only recently created in the timeframe of all things, have hated filler. But if there is one thing I will give this stupid, unnecessary, completely arbitrary episode it is that the introduction to the episode was so funny. Every animator, writer, and view of this show knows this was a horrible thing that exists for stupid reasons. So what do they do about it? They make All Might beg Midoriya, or rather the audience, to just have fun and indulge in the episode. So can this episode possibly be good enough to make me feel like I can forget everything about what we’re doing and move on?

The pros of this episode are: its not an entire Bleach filler arc length. God, nothing will ever top that horrendous length of awful episodes smack dab in the middle of an important arc. All Might shows up all the time, laughing and having super muscles. Also Ochako is really cute in one frame.

The cons of this episode are everything else. Every character is just a caricature of their normal behavior: Uraraka and Midoriya just yelling in joy when they see All Might, Bakugo just sitting there angry (Until he Leeroy Jenkins moments everything). The worst part of this episode is that its basically showing us training for exactly what the characters are doing now, exacerbating all viewers because we’d rather be seeing the actual arc, and making us wonder how any of the characters in the current arc might actually be struggling because they’re already practiced with pros how to properly save hostages and fight villains at the same time. 

Then, of course, the episode turned into a game of Clue, where everyone tries to figure out a murder mystery scenario. This happens all while every character is a caricature so of course everyone is yelling, flailing, acting weird, and annoying me beyond reason. The only person who I resonate with is Bakugo because he wants to murder everyone. He even acknowledges Deku in this episode and I’m like: okay but maybe just can we see the real arc? The arc of in which we are already invested? Why do I need to see the cast of My Hero Academia become a poor rip off of Pheonix Wright?


Everyone acts like this all matters but it all sucks. This means absolutely nothing and all of you could literally skip this. Please just skip this. It’s whatever. Ugh, I feel like I’ve lost brain cells having watched this. And the worst part is, it’s all a tie-in to promote the new movie! Now I will definitely never see it.


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  1. exof954

    To be fair, under regular circumstances we wouldn’t have gotten an episode this week at all because of the celebration going on in Japan or whatnot. This episode was defintely one of the worst HeroAca episodes I’ve seen, but I think it would have been more painful for me to not have any HeroAca to watch for a week. This show is ADDICTING.

    …of course, assuming that this episode’s production doesn’t have an adverse effect on the rest of the season. I want my children to be in top form for their season finale, gosh darnit!

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