Finally. It’s happening. Things are finally about to go to hell and this is what my life is about. Today instead of focusing on Carne village we see other people focusing on Carne village, focusing and discussing an investigation. Little do they know that they are so going to get toasted and I am here for that. The beginning of the episode focuses on a wizard trying to make skeletons submit to his will and thus is very interesting because, 1. it opens the possibility he might one day be able to neutralize Ains’ army, 2. lol he can’t yet he’s screwed.

Momon sets his current sights on the Baharuth empire and their discount Gilgamesh king, El Nix. El Nix is currently discussing the situation of Jaldabaoth, Demiurge’s disguise. El Nix and many others seem to be hot on the trails of Nazerick – finding Momonga, Jaldabaoth, and Ains all to be suspicious figures. The show is throwing in our face how close everyone is to the biggest trap of all. Nazerick is a huge labyrinth of defense and Carne village is a gem they will protect while using as a test for all opponents.

Overconfidence is basically the biggest problem of every villain in this show. Even the ones with immense powers fail to understand their opponent. For all his failures as a man when it comes to understand his NPCs, he understands his enemies like a true MMO player. Ains always overprepares for everything while enemies like El Nix and his Four Knights are giving overconfident smiles. Hello, guys? You’re about to challenge an Elder Lich and his guild of overtly loyal mooks. They live to serve this giant skeleton and the guy has been obsessed with fantasy magic for most of his life.

All the kingdoms surrounding Nazarick are making a move to investigate the ‘ruins’, but things are going to turn into a rude awakening for them. I’m giddy with how horrible it’s going to be. Momonga shows up with a group of freelance fighters who are being sent to investigate Carne and Nazarick and he asks why they would do what they’re doing, and they say money. As viewers we know the reason he is asking is to see if they’re worth anything at all, maybe they’re being forced? No, they’re endangering themselves and playing into a game of death because they want money. In a way it almost sounded as if he was fine with throwing their lives away because they gave this answer.

Overlord Season III is finally here baby, and I guess I called it that half the episodes would be build up. But if this means that now I’ll be looking forward to 6 more episodes of destruction and magic with some actual plot? Bring it on. Lets destroy some people, get that succubus on her bicorn, and eat Gilgamesh imposters for breakfast. These NPCs will eat your King for breakfast and their little mages too.

I’m so ready.