Overlord III Episode 7 finally gets to what we all love best: watching overpowered monsters destroy the lives of overconfident adventurers who think they can test the Guardians of the Tomb of Nazarick. This episode in particular focused on a party who went straight to the fortress and split into different groups: different groups who all had horrible events befall them. Since the episode doesn’t have much in the way of plot, but rather an exciting slaughter-fest, it is more appropriate to talk about how great all the horrible things that happen are to me.

this guy is the only lucky one

The best part of the introduction is when everyone is laughing and finding moments of glee about how easy raiding Nazarick is going to be. They beat up some skeletons and everything seems fine, but of course it isn’t. Everything goes to hell as soon as they split the party, and we see actual blood as the party attempting to find a secret entrance gets slaughtered in front of the battle maids. They even incorrectly guess that the maids are the strongest in all of Nazerick, which made me laugh, and then die to some skeletons with magic weapons.

Of course almost nothing can beat that the ones who live are to be submitted to torture. We are introduced to a gross monster that looks like something straight out of a terrifying hentai and laments that Albedo and Shalltear are so ugly and that Ains would be better off with it, the torture hentai demon. I want to pretend I was disgusted by the existence of this monster, but I was not. The best line of the episode was the monster explaining that its creator suffered from kidney stones and created their torture methods from that experience. We get to see the instrument they are going to use and while I normally feel bad for torture victims, this ‘sexy’ monster is great and deserves to be worshipped for their horrible methods.

The only group that seems to survive very long is the group that brought a cleric. I will say, everyone who left the team with the cleric was an idiot. You’re going to a mysterious tomb that smells of undead? I would have sewn my entire body to the cleric and demanded that he introduce me to his god later because I owed him a donation. There’s something to be said for the party with the cleric surviving long enough to be introduced to Ains, which is where the episode ends. The best death of the episode was probably the man who keeps elven slaves, he gets his arms chopped off and then killed by …Hamsuke. . .what a lowly death. I hope the elven slaves he had got to join Ains, they did kick his body in death. We aren’t going to talk about the crossover of Terra Formers from this episode.

So everyone, in the comments lets have a vote! What is worse? Death by giant hamster or torture by horrible hentai monster? The winning choice gets a terrifying shudder from me! Hooray!


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  1. There was a bunch of content missing from the light novel version, though…one particular detail was how that one group was being chased by the Elder Lichs

  2. Animosh

    I’d say being killed by Hamsuke isn’t too bad. I mean, sure, it’s a bit humiliating, but at least he’ll give you a merciful death. Compare that to being tortured in the worst ways imaginable, only to be healed right before death so you can be tortured some more, or to being eaten alive from the inside by cockroaches, again with repeated healings to maximize your use as a food source. I’ll take Hamsuke, please.

    By the way, if you want to know, since it probably won’t be addressed in the anime, the elven slaves do get to join Nazarick. Since they’re slaves and didn’t actually want to invade Nazarick, Ainz chooses to forgive them, and they end up serving Aura and Mare.

    If you want to know more details like this, I really recommend reading Djinnfor’s posts in the episode discussions on reddit. They’re great!

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