What an epic episode. Each week i am reminded deeply how much I like Mizukami’s writing and this episode in particular has a very relevant line that explains why this author resonates with me so much. I must admit sometimes I am even moved to tears by his stories. This time I didn’t bawl my eyes out, but the end of the episode made me tear up a bit.

Let’s start with the beginning though! Last episode left off right before the showdown between Soya and Takezou. It’s a little different that the fight ends up just one strike considering that they played up Takezo as hiding some of his true power, but such swift development was needed because there was more coming up next. There’s actually a lot of fighting in this episode, which in some cases can become boring, but in this case the characters are delivering background information and sometimes in quirky ways, like Ginko and Shiraishi translating for their commanders.

The fight between Generalissimo + Shiraishi combination versus Takashi becomes more heated and Takashi lectures the invaders on their arrogance for trying to look down on humans. I thought his position was interesting because he resists the Nebula factions’s self-righteousness, but he carries his own around like a badge of honor he calls Justice. He really thought he had the right to stand atop of humanity and control their violent impulses himself, even if he thought it was wrong of Nebula to do it. I originally thought that he wanted to protect humanity from invaders as well, but now I feel that the power made him believe no one could take that role but him.

After Soya defeats Takezou, Yosuke also willingly hands over his armor power. Now there is just a sole member of Grand Paladin standing and Soya is ready to join the fight between Generalissimo and Takashi. Ginko joins him inside Sensei and they wait for Takashi to be delivered to them. Once he’s teleported right in front of Soya and disoriented, Soya takes the first strike.

The battle is a fierce one because they are both very powerful. Eventually Takashi turns into the dragon and the mystery of whether it’s the same dragon who destroyed Sirius or a reincarnation of it is posed. Generalissimo is puzzled as he can’t imagine it would be the same dragon because he saw its punishment, but everything seems to point to the fact that it is. Takezo’s lie in the previous episode and the presence of Soya’s brother in the last scene, for example.

In the end Soya is able to exact his revenge, but although he is satisfied, his mood seems somber when he notices Takeshi has passed. Seeing his brother shocks him, but also gives the ending of this fight a bittersweet satisfaction. The thing that resonated with me a lot was the line Takezou asks Soya to deliver which is that kindness in reply to the unfairness of the world is more noble than justice.

Now that Grand Paladin has ended with the death of Takashi, the leader, it’s hard for me to see where this is going, but with such fast-paced rollercoaster now, I’m excited about the possibilities and I’m not getting off anytime soon.

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