Holy exposition! Well, at least I can stop calling the bad guys the visual kei group. I’m so glad we finally got some damn answers about these people but man it was such a huge info dump that I had to replay some parts.

Keith is a suspect for Jean’s death and all, but the one thing I cared about most was Keith’s meeting with Koku at the temple. First off, of course Koku is Killer B. But his insignia wasn’t a B with three lines but the Arabic script for the number 13 along with the roman numeral 4 together. That was Koku’s message that he would leave for Yuna so that one day she can find him and know that he’s alive. He would kill people that would deserve to be killed and he would leave his message for her. Don’t know why Koku would go to the extreme to resort to killing people. I guess because that would cause the most attention, Koku’s decisions weren’t talked about. Either way, the 13 and 4 represent their numbers they were assigned at the Jaula White facility they grew up in. We then get into heavy stuff when Keith starts from the beginning and tells us what we all desperately needed to know.

Apparently a long time ago, 13 skeletal fossils of beings with wings were discovered and excavated. The scientists at the time believed these winged creatures to be progenitors of humanity, looking to them as gods. And because human beings always want to control everything, they started restoring these gods. And because of the usual greed, they used donations from the people to build a research facility called Jaula Blanca (which translates to White Cage). Their greed from receiving these donations slowly started turning this project upside down, and creating an inbreeding program, created malformed offspring called the Promising Ones. They got rid of them and repeated this insane process for centuries. Not to have the program terminated, someone went up to the King and proposed to settle relations among the public and now the Promising Ones were now assigned to be special intelligence agents to cause chaos. The Promising Ones are now known as Market Maker, the “visual kei” group we know now. The facility is still open to create military weaponry, and then eventually two lives were born (I guess through the inbreeding process?) which were Yuna and Koku, but something happened where the facility was destroyed in a fire. Keith also brings up an epitaph of Jetblack. With the now advanced technology we have today, and with the transcription of the epitaph, the group of Market Maker we see today was created by none other than a man named Dr. Kazama, Keith’s father. And the one that was responsible of transcribing the epitaph, at the age of only 12, was Keith himself.

It’s insane and complicated, that’s for sure but now things are starting to make sense. Kind of. I’m not sure what any of this have to do with that woman that was killed in Keith’s past, if it’s even involved at all. We learned a lot of information this episode but I’m still not sure what it’s leading up to just yet. From the start, Market Maker was always on the lookout for Koku and wanting to capture him. For what, I don’t know. That’s why it didn’t make sense for Yuna to appear and attack Koku all of a sudden at the temple. Then I understood that the man with the white hair probably used her as a sacrifice since the two know each other. When Yuna’s memories suddenly came back, he used that moment to kill her and capture him, I suppose.

Is there something special about Koku that’s different from all the others in Market Maker? I’m curious enough to know. I’m also curious to see what Keith had in that brown bag he brought along. Also, Keith is still on the run for the murder of Jean so there’s things happening on both sides.


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