This episode of Gundam Build Fighters focuses on Nils Nielson: a child sensible enough to decide that maybe there are better uses for Plavsky particles than animating toys. Yes, this ridiculously named child lampshades the entire point of this series: “Uhm guys why are you using re animating particles to make bakugan dolls fight each other???” “It’s Gundams” “Right, Transformers.” “Honestly it’s close enough, proceed.” Nils automatically reaches my top Gundam characters because he’s probably the most intelligent. “We could make surgery virtually flawless but we pilot zoids” Nils sighs defeatedly as he becomes the best gunpla pilot the world has ever seen. “That’s Transformers to you, Lampshade kid!” says Greco Logan, the most American man this show has to offer. I’m not going to lie, this kid seems like he should be played by Jaden Smith in the movie adaptation of Gundam Build Fighters.

Nils fights against Mr. America, Greco Logan. Ironically Nils is an American as well, with three phds and a weeaboo power so great that he could write for this blog. They actually call him Mr. Samurai and of course, he wins against Greco. To be honest, I kind of prefer the guy who wants to use the particles for things other than recreating Freddy Fasbear’s Pizzeria the fighting game.

Also introduced this episode is one of my new waifus, Aila Jabberwockyturnbullmonsterclass. Aila Jerkyfishgrib is a silver haired girl with a purple color scheme, so she is my aesthetic. She will never beat the one true waifu, Rinko, but she may now join my holy trinity of baes for Gundam Build Fighters. (Third member of this blasphemous waifu triangle to be determined at a later date.) Aila’s last name is Jyrkiäinen and because of this I will never pronounce it correctly or ever say it again ! Rinko was only in this episode shortly but she, of course, remains the top tier waifu.

The episode ends with the upset of Nils winning, but after that it shows all the teams getting ready for the next big stage! Right now Sei is just reliving the battles he’s seen so far, with no idea that he has a silver haired opponent to look forward to. I take back my criticism of Yuuki’s hair because with his epic new rival mask the hair is really working. I’m really looking forward to Reiji giving a crap, and to seeing all my favorite gundams! Greco used a Tallgeese model so that was really cool. Aila was able to destroy all opponents, and I love me a lady who is both purple themed and destruction themed.

Speaking of the destruction, let the destruction begin ! I for one personally enjoy the wasted use of super science particles to bring inanimate objects to life!


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  1. Kirtro

    1) I heard the a possible reason that Greco used a Tallgeese was as a call back to all the american fans who got into Gundam from watching Wing on Toonami.

    2) Mejin Kawaguchi III/Yuuki might be my favorite Char-type character out of all of them, not that it’s the only reason but there is just something about his voice…. eh, im sure it will kaiI MEANcome to me later xD

    3) Nils is like Build Fighters Mr. Bushido.

    1. Oki

      Oh my god you’re right

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