My first real criticism of Gundam Build Fighters is that it’s episode 6 (and 7) and we’ve spent almost every episode with the plot thread “WELL REIJI MIGHT NOT BE INTERESTED IN GUNPLA WHAT’S HE STAYING FOR?!?!!” hanging over us, being answered, and then happening again. If anything episode 6 was a summary of all the answers we’ve gotten so far about Reiji. Spoilers: He doesn’t really get the building part, but he loves fighting the models against each other. He also really, really, wants to beat Yuuki. That’s fine, maybe if he loses he will stop doing the hair transformation. He looks much better with longer hair?

On the other end of the spectrum, the strength of Build Fighters is seeing gundam models that have no business fighting each other have stunning matches. Episode 6 in particular shows off the synergy that Reiji and Sei possess. Isn’t it sort of appropriate that the ‘not exactly a real boy’ enjoys the side of the talent that we can’t understand, but the ‘real boy’ gets enjoyment out of the thing that we actually have: see model building. I appreciate this episode because maybe now we can let go of the ‘Reiji doesn’t know why he wants to pilot’ plot.

Episode 7 is about. . . Sei’s mom having great breasts. That’s genuinely what it felt like watching it: I don’t know why Gundam Build Fighters has made Sei’s mom my ultimate waifu, but how can anyone resist her adorable charms and incredible figure? She’s just so happy all the time, being a perfect mom, and having a great ra-. I’m pretty sure Reiji is me right now:

Hehe, this episode just featured modeling of a different kind. Hehe.

So after the momentary beach diversion, we get to see a really intense match where Mao returns! How do I focus on this episode when half of it is fun beach adventure and the rest is supposed to be relevant. The second half of the episode is supposed to be focused on stakes and consequences but I don’t feel it because of all of the face slapping. There are epic gundam battles, Mao even saves the day! But of course then we go right to this:

no ones mom should be this hot

I don’t know man. Sometimes this show is really off base with its themes! Spend whole episodes focused on the themes instead of. . . look man I’m gonna level with you the review ends here or it’s just a breast analysis.



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  1. exof954

    LMAO, and another one joins the Rinko Iori army. For years, her beauty and personality have captivated Gundam fans across the world in ways they can’t fully describe.

    …also, Mao’s kinda cool I guess. And also Yuuki Tatsuya- I would be perfectly okay with that man whispering in my ear, like GunDAMN.

    1. Oki

      Yeah you’re not wrong! This is a great gundam if only for the “wow these gunpla model individuals are mightily attractive!”

  2. jsyschan

    Yeah…supposedly Rinko Iori and her antics with her son (and that other girl) really seem to make this show worth watching, though I haven’t watched the show. It’s just hard for me to get into, but everyone always talks about her when it comes to this show.

    1. Oki

      She’s definitely the fun part of the show: she is probably one of the most engaging waifu characters because I enjoy seeing her. Normally I’m bored by characters made for that, but she excels in her position in the show. Top ten anime moms for sure!

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