Quite an episode with both death and sakuga, along with a dash of romance. Also a surprise bath scene!

On the vampire side of things, it’s confirmed that Kershner is also a subordinate of Yevgraf’s. This means Yevgraf must be some seriously influential figure in the vampire hierarchy to command both Mikhail and Kershner. Although it was shown that he was opposed by the eldest vampires in Russia, perhaps he leads the younger generation instead, discontent with the rule of the elders. I’m sure we’ll learn more soon since Yevgraf is after the arc, a mission that’ll most definitely have him running head to head with our Jaegers. They also reveal a large number of coffins as they pledge to destroy the Jaegers. As much as I’d love for the stakes of the show to be upped by releasing a horde of royal vampires to kick some major butt, I highly doubt royals would be content with being kept in coffins as portable soldiers. The end of the episode reveals that the coffins are filled with fodder, but even fodder is dangerous in such high numbers! 

Kershner also mentions how the Frankenstein’s monster was just a waste of money and resources for the organization. I believed that the monster would play a huge role in the series, and its potential danger a matter of great importance to the Jaegers. I also figured the vampires would be very concerned with the monster, considering how many resources they poured into the project. Surprise, surprise though, it was just a way to pass the time. However, crazy scientist guy didn’t seem happy with that. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he went behind the vampire’s backs to create a newer, even stronger monster!

On Ryoko’s side of things, she’s scolded by her father for her shenanigans. Rightfully so, in my opinion, but I ranted enough about her character in the last episode review. Her father goes as far as to forbid her from holding a sword, encouraging her to pursue her studies instead. This wasn’t too surprising for me, since he does seem genuinely worried about her well being and wants the best for her. However, not only is she desperately in love with Yuliy, it seems she cannot just leave vampires alone after discovering them. She has a nice chat with Dorothea about being a Jaeger, and comes to the conclusion that ignoring the existence of vampires is impossible. Sigh, do what you will Ryoko.

Major Iba now focuses his investigation on Alma shipping, and still seems rather shocked about the existence of vampires. He even goes as far as to meeting with the Professor’s bartender spy person, hoping to learn more about this supernatural underworld. I’m glad he does his job so well, since I love it when third parties join the fray. I just hope he doesn’t get gutted by a vampire in the coming episodes. Unfortunately for the bartender spy person, his existence is discovered by the vampires, and a hit squad of goons is sent against him. I didn’t expect his death to affect me, but the way he died was a bit saddening. A man on the side of humanity, helping out the Jaegers. It was probably worse for the Professor who arrived too late, arriving on the scene as the bartender bled out. However, he knew the risk of the job when he took it, and his death was hopefully not in vain.

Lastly, on the Jaeger’s side of things, they’re attacked! I assumed it was coming, but I didn’t think it would come so soon. We learn some new things, such as the fate of Phillip’s parents, who were killed by someone of Yuliy’s clan. I’m still assuming they’re werewolves of sorts, but I’m not sure why they look like normal humans rather than the more common wolfish beasts. It also came a bit out of nowhere, but I don’t mind the little bits of development that the Jaegers are getting one by one. Even Dorothea had a little bit when she spoke with Ryoko about her past. 

The attack itself is quite effective, with the vampires swarming the entire mansion. Ryoko takes her father and the house staff to the basement while the Jaegers are fending off the vampires, but it’s not looking too good. Dorothea and Fallon are overwhelmed as they defend the sparring dojo, but they seem like they’re in good spirits, perhaps a testament to their confidence in battle. I just hope they don’t get brutally killed. Things are much worse however, on the Phillip and Yuliy side of things, with both Mikhail and Kershner showing up to wipe them clean. This is the first time we’re seeing Kershner fight and he dukes it out a little bit with Yuliy, but Yuliy ends the fight a bit early as he saves Phillip from an overpowering Mikhail.

The episode ends with the Jaegers in a tough spot, and I can’t believe they’ll escape this mess without some casualties. Whether it be Ryoko’s father or perhaps one of the Jaegers, I’m worried for the character that’s chosen as the sacrificial lamb. We’ll definitely get some solid sakuga though!