This weeks episode is an interesting look into the backstory of Kenny Ackermann, and a little look into what it was like growing up for Levi. The end of the last episode, we saw Kenny leaning dying against the tree as Levi confronted him. That’s where we pick up, but not before taking a look back to when Kenny first met the Reiss family and came into their service. Which started when he found out about the Reiss family from someone on the council and went to assassinate Rod’s brother.
Their friendship seemed like an interesting one. One that started with Kenny begging for his life and ended with actual mutual respect but also curiosity. Until his dying moments, until now, Kenny never truly understood his friend despite the fact he wanted too. He wanted to see the world from his point of view.

‘Everyone is drunk on something.’

That’s an interesting view to have of the world as everything ends. I’m not sure I can argue it though. Be it a hobby, family, work, violence or actual booze we all have something that takes away from the pain of our lives.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I teared up a bit at Kenny’s death. I usually don’t get very attached to characters that aren’t around for very long and I’m actually a little upset that they didn’t do more with him. I feel like he was a really interesting character, but maybe keeping him around longer would of just complicated things. He could never truly be an ally to the Scouts, he wasn’t the type that would join them after a defeat like that. He wouldn’t align with the new crown.
Maybe he needed to die here in the story but something in my heart ached when he pressed the vile of titan transformation juice into Levi’s hand and answered the question on why he left Levi all those years ago.

“I’m not meant to be anyone’s father.”

Anyway, off of Kenny. We move to the next part of the episode with Historia being crowned Queen and I just. Alright, I’m gonna stop the review right here. First off, I will hear hours and hours of slander against this shows characters and writing, but never, EVER, will I accept anyone insulting the animation for this show. This one shot, of her being crowned it so absolutely beautiful and it’s such a simple scene. It could be easy for them to slack here and save the budget for all the fight scenes we get that are also absolutely amazing but no. A scene as simple as this is animated with such grace and I just love every second of it!

Speaking of ‘great’ and Queen Historia, she actually does what Mikasa told her to do two episodes ago and punch Levi. The absolute fear on her face despite the fact she’s Queen now is hilarious. You can tell despite the fact that she has power over him, she’s still scared half to death and it really just comes through in her facial expressions. He just smiles and accepts it and it’s a good scene all around.

Then the episode takes a turn, makes me scream “What?” as we see the armored Titan on the ground after clearly being absolutely demolished. It was demolished by the Beast Titan, who makes it clear that saving Annie comes second. First they must get back the power that was stolen. Which they will do by just waiting, Eren will come to them.
We see the human form of the Beast Titan clearly and, well, I don’t know who it is yet but he seems important. He also vaguely looks like Eren’s father but blonde.

Overall this was a pretty great episode. It wrapped up Histroia’s arc nicely with the crowning of her as Queen and the clear show of respect from the people as they recognized her as the one who saved them and dealt the killing blow to the giant titan that towered over the wall.
It ended Kenny’s arc nicely by having him realize what he’d been chasing all this time and shutting the door on the relationship he shares with Levi.
Last of all it set up intrigue for the things to come in that last scene with the Beast Titan. I’m hyped for things to come from here!