Eva’s First Impression

It’s different from Tiger and Bunny, but man this show is already super badass and hysterical to watch! The action in the opener was super fun to watch (though it should be noted, the coins do not belong to Ourabous, but actually casino coins, though they do share a resemblance! I litterally had to use photoshop for closer inspection ahahaha!) The special agents from SEVEN-O seem to have their own special weapons so to speak, their got something in the eyes that lets them analyze the Anthems and stuff, so we still got the special technology/powers, whatever we are supposed to call it, for the heroes, even in this series.

Kirill is something else, but he is fanatic. His life long dream is to become a hero, he is an ordinary low-ranked police officer who gets his chance to shine when he chases some old lady’s missing cat. Only once everything is said and then, when he comes out with his colleague in his arms, THEY THINK HE”S THE HOSTAGE TAKER AHAHAHAHA AND DOUG JUST LEFT HIM! POOR GUY!!! SO MUCH FOR BEING REGARDED AS A HERO! At least Jefferson knows he put his neck on the line for him, and Dough did actually follow through with his promise, and made sure Kirill was selected to be part of the SEVEN-O unit, where it was in fact Jefferson, who was one of the original candidates.

Unlike Tiger & Bunny, our set of “heroes” are investigators from the Special Forces unit, SEVEN-O. They are the ones who are assigned to pursue and investigate the Anthems who reach Phase 2 (Accelerating Usage). It is a bit surprising how their unit isn’t allowed to pursue Anthems in Phase 1 (Suspected Usage), especially when you have individuals like Cyrus, who despite still being filed as a Phase 1 threat, Doug identified him as someone who was on the verge of Phase 3. It makes me wonder if there is a reason behind this ‘arrangement’ so to speak, because it certainly reveals how the system in that sense is flawed, and perhaps this is something that will play a role in the story of how they do their jobs. I can’t imagine Cyrus is the only Phase 2, maybe even Phase 3 individually running on the loose while still only being classified as a Phase 1. Cyrus alone already has blood on his hands of killing their fellow colleagues (Derick, who was working undercover at the time).

Even though it’s only the first episode, the whole lot of SEVEN-O are freaking amazing. The Boss, Travis likes to give nicknames to everyone, so he was pretty much duping the audience until after the credits. Pink, Deana is the sniper who has a foul mouth when she gets irritated, Veteran, Doug is a klutz in his own right, but completely played Kirill (Rookie, Okappa) by motivating him with “do you want to be a hero?” (aka the guy’s life long dream). I am very excited to see the dynamics between the two, because I wonder how many times he is going to dupe the guy into doing some of the craziest things. I stll can’t believe Kirill thought it was a good idea to strip naked and claim he’s a Time Traveler!!! Well, to some extent the distraction did work. Regardless, we are in store for some hilarious antics, I am sure.

Double Decker! Doug and Kirill is definitely one of my top picks for the season, but because of my classes I am left pretty exhausted on Sundays, and I still have Precure (an on-going coverage) and more studying to do. So I am looking to only pick one or two shows, and the ones that aren’t on the same day are obviously going to be a higher priority, but if there aren’t any more shows this that garners my interest, then I’ll probably figure something out to make this one work if it doesn’t get picked up by someone else.

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Shadow’s Impression
I was excited to watch a story that resided in the same universe as Tiger & Bunny. Especially since the world was pretty interesting with the discrimination towards people with powers and the mystery behind where those powers even came from in the first place. Sadly, this series takes place outside the jurisdiction of the heroes so we may not get to see anyone recognizable. Though I am clinging to the hope of some cameos.
I ended up laughing a lot more than I expected during this first episode. Kirill is very amusing and his outbursts are hilarious. He almost feels like a more childish Kotetsu in a sense with maybe a little bit of adorkableness of Origami Cyclone in there as well. I keep wanting to refer to him as a kid but I have to constantly remind myself that he’s a full grown adult. But despite that, he is honestly a joy to watch despite his somewhat childish tendencies. Though it was pretty hilarious how he had dreamt of saving the day by being at the right place at the right time… but falls asleep before he could plan all the details. Silly boy… So far I’m only interested in Kirill. Hopefully the other characters turn out to be just as interesting as him the farther we get into the series.
I like how the series seem to be expanding the world in this universe and we get to see parts we never got the chance to explore. Since it seemed like the heroes were restricted to that one city in Tiger & Bunny (save for the time Kotetsu left to visit his hometown). I can’t wait to see how this series dives into how this part of the world without heroes work. Especially now that the team don’t have special powers but instead special skills to deal with their foes.
But man, after Kirill built up Jefferson, I totally thought the guy was gonna die. I’m super glad he didn’t, even though I totally thought he did during that hostage situation. Though I did pretty much die when it showed Kirill butt naked when he attempted to try to stall for time. Not to mention being tackled afterwards since they thought he was the hostage-taker. Things don’t always go as planned do they?
I have so many questions though. Like why is that system the way that it is? You’d think it’d be better to just dispatch the special squad immediately if that drug creates extremely dangerous criminals. Who made the drug? Does this take place before, during or after T&B? Will we get to see any heroes? Will the special powers from the heroes be shown at all or implemented? Will Kirill get an actual nickname? Guess I’ll have to stay tuned to find out.
I can’t help but think because of how well the Tiger & Bunny pair went, they decided to make the whole formation of the team into pairs. But hey, it’s a fun dynamic and if it works, it works. If this is what kind of things the series has in store, I can’t wait to see more of it!
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    IIRC Kirill’s character designs are done by the same mangaka who designed the characters of Tiger & Bunny and that Heian-era Garo series, Masakazu Katsura.

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