At long last, Homare finally gets a proper (and beautiful) episode devoted all to herself, but it is one one that ended with a heart-break, and a sign that her first love is looking like it will be an unrequited one. And boy, I am relieved for Homare’s sake that Harry not only had an ‘amnesia’ during the event, but has no recollection what happened even after he woke up.

Of course this wouldn’t be the first time Precure done this, Happiness Charge‘s characters’ developments heavily revolved around love, and I absolutely loved the way they handled it, so I am curious to see how Hugtto! Precure will tackle this kind of struggle.

And for quite some time now, I understood that Hugtan was someone irreplaceable and very dear to Harry, he absolutely loves her. In what way, I don’t know, I honestly can’t exactly say if he is romantically in love with her, or not, heck, we don’t even know if he has even confessed to her yet! Needless to say, the bond the two share is still a special one that not even Homare can compete with. When “Prince” Harry saw the girl, who is alluded to be Hugtan’s original form (she got the white heart, so it has to be her!), the look in his eyes killed me inside. It was full of love, it made my heart ache thinking about how hard it must be for him to not know when or if Hugtan would ever be able to magically turn back into who she was. Worst case scenario, she actually has to grow up at the same rate as everyone else all over again.

But I have to hand it to Homare. It was unfortunate she had to learn that Harry has someone else he loves in such an unfair way, yet so far, she is handling it like a champ. It’s only natural she will feel bitter and down about it, but out of respect for the secrets that is buried in Harry’s heart, she decided it would be best to pretend she has no memory of the experience. The only thing that will change though, is how she will cope with her feelings, and the heartache she will have to bear. On top of that, I wonder how this is going to affect her routine she was initially preparing for this week. While she is driven by her ambitions to compete on the international stage, one of the things that drew out her beauty in her performance was her feelings for Harry, so I do wonder if they are willing to take some time and showcase her unrequited love is going to change the overall atmosphere of her performance.

While she may try to hide her pain and try to move on from it, I am expecting Saaya to at least take notice of the change of mood. She has noticed Homare’s feelings and taken the initiatives to discreetly help her get some alone time with Harry. Hana appeared to be suspicious that something was up, but I don’t think she actually caught onto it yet. She seems to be quite slow/oblivious when it comes to recognizing other’s (romantic) feelings.

Now that the one in Harry’s heart has been partially revealed, I am very curious about the direction the story is going to go with Listle finally taking on the proactive role. Not only did they shock us with his (potential) soft spot for Bishin (whose heart was broken seeing their suspicions were right on the mark), but they also revealed he is also a Hamster, likely to have been a part of the family Harry had taken care of before they joined Criasu. The preview also shows Listle targeting Henry of all people, which caused me to freak about because PROTECT HENRY! AND DUDE, DON’T YOU DARE JOIN THE DARK SIDE!!!!!!! I am excited to see whether or not Henry will be playing a bigger role in the remaining quarter of the series, because I always wanted him to be involved in some way, and it make me sad for someone who knew about them being precures, wasn’t able to really be a part of their circle (not that the writers made this into a believable circle of friends to begin with….) I am also wondering if Listle is targeting Henry as a way of getting back at the girls’ (or perhaps, specifically Homare because Bishin returned in tears) friend, and luring him to their side instead. Either way, I am all for more action related to the plot!

In all, this week was a really good episode! Actually, I would say this has to be one of my favourites in the recent months, I am excited to see what we are in store for the the remaining quarter of the series!

PS: Can we all appreciate how STUNNING Harry looked in the formal prince outfit?! Damn he looked fine!


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  1. elior1

    this was my favourite episode so far

  2. mark1246

    I thought it was it was obvious that Listle was a hamster back in epi 25 flash back with the blue hair giving it away! The only question is why does he look so old in his human form, did Criasu experiments age him?! said about Homare, but there always the movie (& manga) to conclude the story.
    Cause the Yes! Precure 5 2nd movie felt like the true end to the series, and the manga felt like the epilogue (if you seen scan of it, it take place after there dating, found them online)
    Sad about Homare though, but we have 18epi left so anything can happen for her
    here a link of the picture im talking about

    1. Eva

      I didn’t even notice the blue one LOL. 😂 Nor even connect the dots ahahaha! It does make you wonder if maybe Listle is one of the successful ones they worked on. He seems pretty powerful, and cunning at that too.
      Funny you mentioned Yes! Precure 5 because I was going to bring that up with Go! Princess Precure in regards of love being reciprocated! XD
      I really want to rewatch the series when i have time = v = I don’t remember if I watched the movie though, it’s been so long!

      1. mark1246

        for…. “most” precure movies, they can be act as epilogue cause sometimes they fill out some detail after the story ended in the anime! BUT other movies is just a movies & nothing to do with the story or non-canon.
        I wont expect a kiss since i learn about censorship about japan regarding tv anime age at kids! (like no on screen kissing… im serious, they did that with pokemon XYZ finale and had to off screen the kiss) regarding an movie censorship, they have more lead way since you need to pay to see it, and they can bypass that law (still surprise it the ONLY KISS, in precure history, and happen in the manga version, but still the only couple)
        There are only 2 Canon couple, Yes! Precure 5 & Happiness charge ( I would add Go! Princess Precure, but that ended with sadness and a doom shipping and Mahotsukai Precure FREAKING HAD Gay moments in them in the air, but because it a kid show they had to tone it down, the manga version is the definitive version cause they actually kiss despite it being 2 girls)

  3. il-Palazzo

    Now that her “Harry romance” angle is over (probably?), I hope that Bishin would move on to her “Destroy the world” angle. She had been terribly disappointing in that regard.
    And Henri please don’t fall to the dark side. I have a tiny hope that you would be the first Boy Precure and it would be so lame if we have to run through a “redemption arc” for it.

    1. Eva

      I like Bishin best when she’s crazy.
      That makes two of us ; v ; I don’t have a whole lot of hope for it though…. It feels like the boys always have to fall to the bad side. Henry really doesn’t strike me as the type to need a redemption arc since they kicked him to the curb. :\

      1. mark1246

        to this day, have we got confirmation on Bishin gender yet?

        1. Eva

          Not that I am aware of D: I think most of us are just making assumptions at this point. I wish I knew for sure.

  4. alamode

    Can’t help but feel sad for Homare now that she knows her feelings towards Harry may be an unrequited one (heck they even use the little mermaid story to represent her current love situation ;;). Kudos to Homare though for being very mature on everything she had faced in this episode.
    We definitely need another episode about this. A competition x confession episode or Harry’s point of view episode maybe since we really don’t know Harry’s feeling towards Homare yet.
    Speaking of romance episode, when will Hana x Fumito episode happen. They really need to explore more about Hana’s romance subplot sooner or later.

    1. Eva

      I expect a follow up on this development, it would be silly to leave it at that.
      Yeah I wonder what’s going to happen to Hana’s romance subplot, I mean they set it up this way for a reason, so surely they want to do something with it, right?

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