I was not expecting this Valentines episode to turn out the way it did. This is undoubtedly the most intense and best episode yet. Poor Holmes was requested to part-take this shitstorm as a Detective for the mystery writer Aigasa Kurisu.  Holmes wasn’t particularly happy about it (no shit, because Feb. 14th is his birthday!), but was persuaded to go when he learned the meeting place was at Shinkokan of Yoshida-Sanso, a cafe he really wanted to go to (which was super cute). This episode also highlighted how he has grown irritated of people spreading the rumours how he is a great detective, because it really is annoying how people keep coming to him expecting him to solve their mysteries. This one though, takes the cake since it actually involved a legit crime of an attempted murder.

And boy was this a wild case: It started off with Rika (Aigasa Kurisu) a mystery writer hospitalized after someone attempted to kill her by making it look like she was committing suicide. It turns out it was Hashimoto who planned the murder, talked Suzuka into being the one to do the dirty work, promising she would be published as the new Aigasa Kurisu (not that was going to happen anyway, when Hashimoto had someone else in line to follow her up to begin with). To make it even worse, Suzuka slept with him because Rika liked him, even though she is dating Oda, who was the one responsible for the setup of the murder after Suzuka talked him into it. Kikuchi witnessed the incident, but was persuaded by Oda to be his alibi. Kumi’s role in this is a bit vague, so she would be the one who was indirectly involved with the actual crime.

TDLR; they were all involved in the attempted murder, either directly or indirectly. And the whole point of the gathering was for Rika to collect evidence of their crimes if she chooses to report them to the police.

However the root of the problems started with Rika doing the one thing she shouldn’t have done in the first place: Submitting the story that contained the ideas and characters that belonged to Suzuka and Kumi. She arranged her pen-name as Aigasa Kurisu, to be a combination of their names. But as time went on, Rika grew more wealthy and Suzuka and Kumi became more dependent on her, which caused their relationship to fray. But Rika also has her own set of problems. Aside from her guilt and feeling like she was being blackmailed by Suzuka and Kumi, she also liked Oda, who was dating Suzuka and lost her shit over that too. Unfortunately for her, that scum Hashimoto played her to ‘chill her out’, even though he has wife who is pregnant of all things! Rika however hired a detective to do a background check and lost her shit again.

See?! It was insane.

Finally when all is said and done, Aoi and Holmes got to finally have a super sweet moment between them. Holmes assured Aoi that her homemade cookies weren’t silly, but superb and he really appreciated them. But oh my god it was so sad when he thought she disliked him! I would say this is probably the first time we see how oblivious Holmes is when it comes to reading romantic feelings! I Goodness, that couldn’t be further from the truth! But Aoi has the CUTEST way to assuring him that was not the case, by taking his hands and decided to cast aside her plan of drawing a line between them, and take his hands, assuring him she doesn’t dislike touching him at all ahahahahaha! That had to be the most adorable thing I have seen in a while! And the icing on the cake was that Holmes’ gift to her were appraiser gloves! Heehee, I’m so proud of Aoi! She earned it!


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