In this penultimate episode of Overlord III, the Empire and the Re-Estize Kingdom engage in combat. Well, that’s what is supposed to happen. Instead what really happens is the moment of truth for Ains – Ains will soon be known to the world as the Sorcerer King, and the immense power such a title carries must be displayed for all to see. So, what spell would be good for the world to see to display that you are an all-powerful being capable of dominating the world around you to an extent that they should simply kneel before they die?

Before Ains casts the spell he does mid-episode, everyone involved varies in reaction to the concept of him. Everyone from Re-Estize laughs and laughs, Gazef excluded, and laughs and laughs. . . . Meanwhile Emperor not Gilgamesh makes statements estimating that Ains can probably cast spells that kill thousands of people. His estimate freaks out his subordinates but I myself contemplating taking up heavy drinking as I laughed in morbid comfort at how he’s the closest but not close at all.

So Ains casts a spell as the war begins. Ains casts a spell that kills tens of thousands of people, but wait! That’s only stage one! Ains casts a summoning spell which obliterates seventy thousand lives and summons five enormous mouth covered behemoths that make goat sounds. What is amazing about that is holy damn, the opening has been foreshadowing this the whole time. I assumed the mouths we saw were the announcing mouths from the second season. Nope! It was foreshadowing Ains enormous summon!

The rest of the episode is, as the show named the episode, a massacre. Everyone is running for their lives, dying, and Ains does what I have yearned for for so long: he takes off the mask! Inside his head we hear the first real confirmation of his loss of humanity as Momonga states that many people will die but he doesn’t care, he only wants Nazarick to grow stronger with his use of magic. I love that he is thinking this before revealing that he is not a human at all. Yes, truly, he is not human anymore.

The episode ends with Ains and Gazef having a reunion and Ains requesting for him to become his subordinate. Gazef is obstinate that he is the King’s sword and Ains laments many will die if he refuses him. But the tale does not end there: Gazef challenges him to a duel. I’m gonna die. When/if he loses to Ains will he submit and become his subordinate? I wait in anticipation for the end of Season III, and I’m dying.

Also, accidentally, everything this season is about vore? Mouth goats, alright. Fine, I give up anime. I give up. Everything in Overlord is vore.