Right after an episode focusing on the slow decay of Momonga’s mind into the skeletal vengeance of Ains Ooal Gown, we get an episode focused on the opposite spectrum: Momonga makes simple decisions and accidentally makes everyone think he is a genius tactician, mark 27. In this weeks episode of said show, Ains accidentally creates the perfect scenario in which he will be able to become the world’s truest Overlord: he’ll just team everyone up and beat em all together!

Of course, we have to get there first. Mare and Aura threatened Emperor Jircniv last episode and said to come apologize in Nazarick or there would be trouble- and murder. We see the kind of Empire Jircniv has, his attendants, and his personal knights. So as the Bloody Emperor comes to humble himself in front of Ains. . .he doesn’t have to. Demiurge has to be corrected in front of them and then Ains forgives Jircniv with little to no effort. Of course this is all according to keikaku™ (at least according to Demiurge and Albedo) and forces Emperor Jircniv to concede to Ains having a kingdom in his Empire.

It was fantastic to see Ains once again outmaneuver more clever opponents by being stupid enough to get it passed them. Demiurge stated a great point: it’s easier to read and intelligent man than a stupid one. For the viewers, who are aware of Ains status, this is riveting. Albedo and Demiurge respect a lie of who their great creator is so much that they misread him. Everyone miscounts the intentions Ains has because of the aura he presents. No one believes he is simple or might have no clue what he is doing: and that is why his position in Nazarick is untested. You’d think with Pandora’s actor existing they might get the feeling of what Ains is really like.

Discount Gilgamesh has such an awful name, I wonder what the intentions they’re going for are. Jircniv is such a strange name to me and definitely sounds like a randomized name generator for a fantasy character. He decides at the end of the episode he will be attempting to get every other nation to team up with him to take on Ains, while also realizing that his magic user buddy has turned on him and become a pawn for Ains. Woops™.

At the end of the episode I swore we were going to get a name drop. Everyone tries to come up with a title for Ains and I was sure, absolutely sure, it was time to drop the title. Nope, they decided to call him the Sorcerer King Ains Ooal Gown. Alright show, you got me.

Now gimme some more fight scenes!