The last episodes ended with Mai passing out in the Bio Lab when a group of child spirits attacks her. We come back as she wakes up in the nurses office, unharmed, but still shaken by the experience she had. Monk asks her exactly what I was wondering at the end of last episode, why the hell did she not use the sealing magic that she’d just learned from Monk to protect herself? Well the answer is pretty simple, and pretty stereotypically Mai. It’s “I forgot.”, yup, she’s a real genius alright.
I guess that’s why we love her though.

Mai falls asleep again and has another dream. In which she hears from ‘dream Naru’, that the spirits have devoured each other to the point there is only four of them left and soon they will all become one giant spirit and when that hatches. There is nothing that can be done. He also warns her that there is one in the nurses office and she should wake up and get out of there, but does she listen? Nope, she stays and thinks she can use her weak warding magic to hold spirits [which she just heard were extremely powerful] at bay.
This ends exactly how you think it would with the spirits getting angry and the floor and eventually the ceiling collapsing on her. Thank goodness Naru was there to shield her from the worst of the damage, it’s lucky that both of them only got out with a few scratches.

It’s looking like they’ll have to give up on this case when Mai leads Naru to the breakthrough that solves the case. With the help of Lin, they discover that the Ouija board that everyone at the school was using was tied into a death curse. It was likely started by the student who killed himself a year prior and the target of the death curse. Is the teacher. The one who was treating Naru with such disrespect, the one that was enforcing rules that made the students feel oppressed and made them feel like dogs.
Yasu says it was common of the school staff to treat them as such, but the person that any student would say is the core and the face of that kind of treatment was him.

Naru says the only way to prevent his murder and thus keep all the kids at the school from technically being accessories to murder, is to turn the curse back on them. So instead of all of the malice focusing on one person, it will be deluded by the sheer number of people. Which I suppose works in theory, but in practice it could be messy. Who knows if any of those kids could get seriously injured or even killed by doing such a thing. Which is exactly why Mai is so against it.

Of course, if Naru was just open with her from the beginning about what he was planning a lot of drama could of been avoided. I suppose he was not telling her because of how uncertain the outcome was. Lin even wasn’t sure how well it would work to spread the curse and turn it back on a bunch of wooden dolls with the students names on them.
They could of avoided her blowing up on him and calling him a murderer. Could of avoided her trying to exorcise the spirits herself and almost getting herself killed if Monk hadn’t stepped in to save her. Mai, honey, did the incident in the nurses office teach you nothing!?

I am vaguely frustrated with her in this string of episodes, because she keeps doing stupid things. I understand where she is coming from, but at the same time Monk has a point when he tells her to trust Naru. He’s never let them down before, why would he start now?
Of course he apologizes to her, and this just frustrates her more because she was going to apologize to him and he gets there first and takes the cool moment for himself. As dumb as she can be, she is cute and they do make a cute couple.