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Hi guys, I’m Ruru and I’m a new AAB writer! I was supposed to be starting officially this autumn, but my body decided it would be a better idea for me to spend the season being sick as hell instead (pic related haha). So while I’m getting my health issues in check, I’m only going to be doing blitz coverage of the currently-airing Captain Tsubasa this season and starting properly in winter when things have simmered down a bit.

Anyway, a little bit about myself! As I’m sure is standard for anime fans in their early-mid 20s, my first exposure to anime was through Pokémon, not that I knew that was what it was. It would be about 10 years, though, before I started consciously consuming anime in a significant way.

I’d consider my first “real” anime to be The Cat Returns, which happened to air on tv one afternoon circa 2007 when I was home sick with the flu and feeling like death (as I in fact happen to be today because god hates me). From there on out I caught Ghibli films every time they happened to show up on tv, moved on to shows like Death Note, Code Geass, Ranma ½, etc. I guess I’d call 2007-2010 my “incubation” period, before emerging from my anime cocoon as a resplendent weeb butterfly in my mid-late teens.

My favourites tend to be wacky comedies or slice-of-life shows like 3-gatsu no Lion, Excel Saga, Azumanga Daioh, School Rumble or Kimi ni Todoke. Having said that, I love stupid, hammy shounen-y nonsense at times too (a prime example is the aforementioned and hilariously OTT Captain Tsubasa). Honestly, though, I’ll give near anything a fair shot. Even if it’s trash I can usually at least get a laugh out of it.

Right now I’d be lying if I said anime wasn’t my main hobby, but I also love reading, writing, watching movies and playing video games. Anything that doesn’t involve too much outdoor activity, really. I might be the world’s most dedicated couch potato. My favourite book changes constantly, but right now I’m reading Jane Eyre and really liking it even though Rochester is very Problematic. My favourite video game franchises are Ace Attorney, Pokémon, Professor Layton, Trauma Center, Harvest Moon, and tons of others that I’m forgetting. I’m also playing Octopath Traveller at the moment and having a lot of fun with it. I’d be here all day listing my favourite movies – ones that come to mind are Goodfellas, Tokyo Story, Clueless and The Room.

Another big hobby of mine is learning languages, My best language is probably Italian, which I studied in university, but I’m also learning Dutch, Irish and, on and off, Japanese (aren’t we all?).

Well, that’s all I can think of for now, but I’m excited to get started. Look out for my first Captain Tsubasa review soon!

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