Just as Ai have described it as, this week’s episode was more or less a way of killing time, so I don’t have a lot to say. The duel itself wasn’t particularly exciting, especially given its predictability (Earth protecting Crystal Heart) and likelihood of Yuusaku winning. However what made it fun to watch were interactions between the three of them. Ai hilariously brought up the story of the time he wanted to impress Aqua, and he did something stupid and Earth got mad at him for it. Basically, the point of the story was to prove to Yuusaku that Earth loves Aqua, the hilarious part about this particular interaction was the way Yuusaku actually asked him why he was telling him this now. Another funny exchange was when he shot Ai down about being his partner, only to agree that is the case in such a roundabout way! Rather than giving off that ‘tsundere’ vibe, the way he said it made me think, “Yuusaku is so cool!” ahaha!

Earth pretty much solidified himself as my new favourite character. When the duel ended, they were expecting information on Bohman (since that’s why they faced each other in the first place), only to discover he knows nothing about him! It was SO CUTE when he said, he provided them the info by revealing he doesn’t know anything about Bohman. HE’S SO PRECIOUS!!!! PROTECT EARTH AND HIS HEART!!!!!! It is such a shame he sent Ai and Yuusaku away, I really wasn’t ready to see him go, I want to see him more often!

Even though this episode was more or less a way to kill time (in a more effective manner), Yuusaku was still able to get crucial information out of it. That would be learning about the premonition of Cyberse’s demise, and how the Ignis are trying to figure out which side to be on, co-exist with Humans or split away from them. While he knew about the later, the destruction of their world just changes a lot of things, such what the Ignis might do as result of it. So naturally, Yuusaku is starting to become more and more uneasy, especially given he has a lot on his hands as it is.

Next week Windy will be making a return. Who knows what that guy is up to, but the chances are he is either hoping to duel Playmaker as Earth had (since they didn’t do it the first time) for whatever reason. I can’t imagine he would call them simply for a ‘secret meeting’ as the preview claims. This is the cunning trickster we are talking about, and we know he doesn’t give a rats about Humans, so I am curious to see how this meeting will unfold!


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  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    TFW Clock Lizard and Security Dragon were on the field but they pushed Firewall Dragon aside AGAIN just for more Cyberse Fusion support (which are just a mismatch as the rest of juggled Cyberse monsters’ mess). Sorry, but I just hated the fact that Playmaker’s most OP “ace” kept getting shafted. >:(. But I found out the contrast of Aqua’s attitude towards Earth and Ai: She’s being sincere towards Earth and urged him to reconsider what path humanity and Ignises shall take, but for Ai she had to lecture him over and over due to his laidback and (often) reckless behavior every single time.
    As for next episode, welp it’s all but confirmed that the Ignises are indeed split apart on their perception on humanity, with the shady Windy luring Ai and Playmaker to a secret mansion. Let’s see how this turns out…

    1. Eva

      RIP FIREWALL DRAGON Q_____Q Not even the Chibi Version of itself makes up for it
      All I could think of is Aqua acting like an older sister, or even mother towards Ai when she scolded him for being stupid. I can see why she and Earth get along well, the suit each other well ohohoho.

  2. Kazanova

    If there’s one thing that is similar between Earth and Spectre is that they both are very devoted to the ones they care about. Also, just like Spectre constantly protecting his Mother Tree monster (forgot what its name is) that reminds him of the tree he was fond of as a child, Earth constantly protected Crystal Heart that he received from Aqua. Earth truly is based on Spectre. Earth is indeed precious! I also love him! His love for Aqua is so sweet, especially when he said he’ll protect her while telling Ai not to hang out with her again (jealous aren’t ya, Earth?) XD
    You may think Yusaku is cool when he indirectly accepted the fact that he and Ai are partners, but for me, rather than cool Yusaku is cute saying it like that! I wonder why didn’t they include Takeru and Flame into this. Having the fire duo would add more spices to the episode since Earth is clearly judging the relationship between Ignis and human here. Takeru and Flame gets along well than Yusaku and Ai, not to mention it’s more obvious that they think each other as partners officially. Earth could learn more of possibility for humans and Ignises to coexist from the fire duo. But I guess he’s still thinking more of Aqua’s decision. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be on the side opposing her.
    Err, you forgot to mention that Ai is practically inside, where ever you look at, exactly the same place as Bohman and Haru’s hideout? Plus, the light that appeared behind Ai in the preview, theres no doubt that it’s the mystery guy. I’m betting that the mystery guy is the Light Ignis after hearing what Ai said about him. And considering Ai is shown alone and not attached to the Duel Disk even though he is locked to it, I presume someone (maybe Windy) unlock Ai from the lock program Yusaku made and took Ai there. This would be the first for Ai to be separated from Yusaku like this. My prediction is that Windy and Light are working together and their opinions on humanity are negative so they decided to oppose humans. It’s possible that Windy lured Yusaku into his world to get him to fight Bohman in the previous episodes so they can get his data. If the ringleader is truly the Light Ignis, I can only guess that Jin’s partner is Light and that’s why his consciousness is stolen. And from the looks of it, it seems that Playmaker is confronting the Ignis alone again without Soulburner and Flame. I hope they prove me wrong about this next week. I miss the fire duo already!
    And I heard that Revolver will appear soon! Might as well expecting a Duel between Revolver and an Ignis?! Yay!

  3. ecarg312

    Judging from Earth’s reaction in this episode, Aqua isn’t dead but probably missing in action. So far, from this episode and the preview, the split is even; Ai and Flame are with humans, and Windy and possibly the Light Ignis are against humans. Earth and Aqua are the only ones without a side for now. I do wonder what side they will pick.
    This episode was mainly dueling and I loved the randomness of the ending where Earth was like “I don’t know anything about Bohman.” Like what you said, this episode wasn’t filler because it gave the viewers something important: the Cyberse’s demise and the split between humans and Ignis. PM seems to be uneasy with the upcoming predicaments.
    From what I know about the summaries for next two weeks that were posted on Twitter, Windy and the Light Ignis are definitely antagonists. I had a feeling Windy was an antagonist since the castle in the world he created looked like the castle Bohman’s group were in and that he was able to replicate the creature that caused Cyberse’s demise. If they caused its downfall, what purpose would they have for doing so? Why do they need Jin’s consciousness if they hate humans? (SB and Flame return according to the cast list alongside Revolver)
    This episode also establishes another important factor: Ignises can duel and are pretty proficient at it. If Earth was able to do as much as he could for this episode, it makes you wonder how much stronger Windy and the Light Ignis are without the help of their human partners.

  4. Moonflower157

    Not really much to say either. Aqua was really acting like an older sister to Ai. She always worries about him and scolds him for trying dangerous stunts such as the one with Linkuriboh and jumping off the data storm into the water. Other than losing her temper, she seems like a generally kind and caring Ignis that looks out for her kin. Ai and Linkuriboh could have gotten seriously injured if Ai hadn’t grabbed the tree branch in time.
    Earth was so adorable today in how he was so shy in wanting to admit his feelings for Aqua. Once again, the Crystal Heart and G-Golem monster protecting it is really symbolic of Earth’s love for Aqua and wanting to protect her from any sort of danger. He even wanted to join the side that she would pick, whether to join with humans and coexist or to side against humanity in war. But I was touched by how Aqua told Earth to choose for himself and not to blindly pick a side just because she chose to. I do hope we meet Aqua in the present day soon enough. I know the Light Ignis will be making his debut next episode, so that means one Ignis is missing now, and that’s Aqua.
    Now onto Yusaku’s relationship with Ai. I have to say that it has definitely improved by a long shot. Playmaker did admit he didn’t Ai as a partner before, but now does as Ai once saved his life and was willing to die for him. Now, Playmaker does genuinely consider Ai a partner. And I’m sure that partnership will blossom into a friendship soon enough. The next episode will probably be a test for that. I mean, I know Ai will be visiting Windy outside of Yusaku’s duel disk and Playmaker will become quite concerned that he will go and try to find Ai. Although I have a feeling Ai went to confront Windy and the Light Ignis on his own willingly. It doens’t seem like he told anyone about this. I’m still extremely suspicious of Windy. It seems like he’s working for the enemy and Ai doesn’t look too pleased.
    Alright, a little bit on next week. Revolver’s back! And he’s going to strike to kill the Ignis now that it seems like almost everyone is regrouped. I still don’t get why Revolver doesn’t want to hurt Yusaku and Takeru IRL. I have a feeling there’s more reason behind it other than dealing with network problems in the network. I don’t know if it’s looking out for them but I have a feeling it’s probably because Revolver sees Playmaker as his ultimate rival and doesn’t want anyone else defeating him before he does. At this rate, I feel like Revolver is a secondary antagonist this season and may not become an ally for now. Now that Yusaku’s revenge is over, he doesn’t have time to be dealing with the Knights of Hanoi and they’re probably one of the least of his worries currently with Bohman and Blood Shepherd being bigger threats.

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