AHAHAHA! See, this is what I want to see more of! The level of sass in this episode was freaking fantastic! Windy and Revolver are constantly taking jabs at each other, both through battle and words, attempting to outwit the other. Although Revolver has been shaved down to 300 LP, the guy looks like he will be giving Windy hell of a headache. I think one of my favourite parts about the duel were moments where the characters had ‘real’ moments, such when Magic Cylinder, Windy evoked my exact reaction, “That card is crazy!” And the hilarious part, it’s just as Ai said, Revolver has a deck stacked with traps like that.

What I did find really interesting however was seeing how alarmed Yuusaku was. In moments when Windy gets the better of Revolver, you can see he is stunned by the Ignis’ power and intellect as a duelist. It leaves me the impression this duel between the two is actually scaring him— and who wouldn’t be! There is a war between AI and Humanity is threatening to break out!

And to make matters worse, as Windy and Revolver begin their duel, Ai and Yuusaku are forced to helplessly watch from the sidelines. Yuusaku had tried to persuade Revolver to stop and think for himself, and how his actions of viewing the Ignis as the enemy is how they (Humans) end up being perceived as a dangerous threat. But Revolver stubbornly insists the Ignis’ destruction is the only and right answer. I really felt bad for Yuusaku because he is trying to save Revolver from himself and fight for co-existence, but man Revolver is a cold one. I think this is the second time he tells Yuusaku he regrets saving him, which is something the victim never wants to or should ever have to hear. So now Yuusaku and Ai have no choice but to wait for Takeru and Flame to save them since regardless who emerges victorious, it won’t end well for them.

Speaking of Takeru and Flame, it will be interesting in particular what Flame will think of this mess. He has a lot of trust in Windy, so he will certainly be put to the test when they finally see what’s going on inside. Would he agree with Windy? Or will he remain at Takeru’s side? It would be quite a twist if he chooses to switch sides. Fortunately, should they intend to remain neutral and fight for the co-existence squad, there’s a bit of a safety net Kusanagi had prepared for them (but we don’t know how well it will hold up, and we have also seen some of his programs fail in the past). But the other thing Takeru has to worry about are the Hanoi Knights who have caused the hell-scape they had just walked into.

Overall this week’s episode only makes me even more excited of what we are in store for this arc. If we can have more duels of the battle of wits, combined with the players are sassing each other like this, it really does make this a lot more entertaining to watch. Not to mention, I really like that they have established how Ignis are are powerful opponents who no one can take lightly (unlike the way the Hanoi Knights were initially presented in Season 1). On the flipside, we have the Hanoi Knights actually getting their shit together, showing off what makes Revolver’s team so powerful. I do hope this arc will allow them to kind of “reset” their reputation, because their debut was awful! I want to see them actually use their talents properly, and put up the fights that needs to be won, in this case, beating Windy’s guards: Echoes, while may sound like a simply task, this is an Ignis who developed them, so we should expect the Echoes to be a far more superior version to the likes of SOL Technology’s AI-Duelists. However, while Revolver may be very well prepared to fight against the big guns like Windy, varying on whether or not the duel is interrupted, we will have to see what will become of this fight…


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  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    “Magic Cylinder (that works akin to Mirror Force)”
    Okay, honest question here Eva: How LONG have you been following Yugioh because both Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder are OLD Traps that existed long in the days of DM (where they were Atem’s staple cards) and their effects are DIFFERENT: Mirror Force nukes attack position monsters while Magic Cylinder redirects the attack points back to you as damage. Yet you don’t seem to even realize…
    Anyway, now we don’t have to deal with Mirror Force turbo anymore, let’s switch up a gear and play Magic Cylinder turbo instead, god bless Revolver for stacking classic Traps to lift his slow-paced Rokkets! XD Shame that Windy got to use it first though.
    Overall, a pretty slow-paced duel so far and with Soulburner entering the frame wonder what he’ll do given that Knights of Hanoi AND Specter are also out there when any possibilities of 1 vs 4 is OUT of question due to Master Rule 4 killing tag duels. Another duel between Lost Incident children, or a massive Battle Royale with Ghost Girl, Blue Girl, Blood “Jobber” Shepard, Go Onizuka and even Bowman himself thrown into the fray just to make the scenario even more chaotic, if only the writers willed it…
    Nonetheless, the duel might not be dragging out longer as next episode’s title “Tuning Bullets” officially confirmed the return of SYNCHROS.

    1. Eva

      Ah that was my misunderstanding, I will correct that, thank you for pointing out.
      Just so that we’re clear, I don’t play the game, nor have I ever gotten the chance to play it with someone. I got into YGO when 5DS had just started, and that was pretty much my introduction to the YGO series and franchise, only then I went back to start watching the earlier seasons. But I don’t always remember the exact details of these cards, so naturally I will make mistakes from time to time.

  2. Kazanova

    From the next episode title, I have no doubt Revolver will perform Synchro Summon! I mean, what else if it’s not Synchro Summon?! Oh yeah!
    Yikes, hearing that Revolver regret saving Yusaku once was bad and hurt enough, and now he’s kinda saying it twice? Ouch. But I can understand Revolver’s feeling too. If he stops now, it’s like admitting his father is wrong (and yeah, he IS wrong) and making his father’s sacrifice went in vain.
    It’ll take a long time to wait until someone can knock some sense into Revolver’s thick head.

    1. Eva

      It really makes you wonder what’s going to the be the catalyst for Revolver to stop, think for himself, and hopefully make the right choice.

  3. ecarg312

    It was an interesting episode. Windy certainly is a trickster with the way he plays such a tricky deck. It could even rival Trickstars for tricky and annoying effects.
    Revolver sure loves his retro trap cards. There’s Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder…what’s next? Acid Trap Hole? Mirror Wall? Watch him play retro spell cards like Pot of Greed or Monster Reborn.
    I feel like Revolver will win this duel, but Windy won’t get himself deleted but flee the scene to recover and strategize his next move. Since he’s a trickster, I can see that outcome. Revolver will probably chase after him.
    For Soulburner and Flame, I have a speculation that Flame might be a villain, but if that’s debunked, I won’t mind. For now, I think Soulburner vs one of the Knights of Hanoi will be a future duel. Perhaps, Soulburner vs Spectre? It would be interesting to see. Though, Soulburner vs. Baira/Dr. Genome/Faust would also be interesting since the Knights of Hanoi all are skilled strategists (also, it would be interesting to hear their perspective on the Lost Incident and the victims since they worked alongside Dr. Kogami).
    Now, I’m curious how this Ignis vs Human war will play out. Will the Ignis take over Sol Technologies? Will Akira, Go, and Blue Angel/Girl form a truce with PM’s group and be their temporary allies for now? What happened to Ghost Girl? Will Blood Shepherd get his revenge against Soulburner?

    1. Eva

      I would be so sad if Flame went to the dark side, I really enjoy his interactions with Takeru and Ai. Even if Earth were to join the co-existence squad in his place, it just wouldn’t be the same. Q____Q
      Interesting point you made about Ignis taking over SOL Technologies, especially since SOL is in charge of running VRAINS servers.
      And yeah what the hell happened to Ghost Girl? I’m kinda surprised they left us hanging for this long….

  4. Spencer Sim

    While windy is duelling, what is lightning doing? He could have just destroyed Playmaker and AI. I mean I’m pretty sure revolver would not care if AI is going to be killed.

    1. Eva

      AHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT’S SO TRUEEEE!!! Well technically Ai wouldn’t be killed, they planned to rip him apart and ‘reprogram’ him, so they would only make him more dangerous. But yeah, classic villain mistake: Sitting on the sidelines getting caught up observing something else instead of dealing with the foes that are right in front of him!

  5. Moonflower157

    Another great episode! Another generic card takes the cake once again, only this time it’s Magic Cylinder. No one in tournaments plays that card anymore. I used to, but there are better cards these days than just that. At least Mirror Force is a card that some people still play.
    Onto the episode today. I was also shocked by how powerful Windy is that it even disturbed the usually calm and stoic Playmaker. I mean, Windy was able to easily drive a powerful duelist like Revolver into a corner. Even though Yusaku was mature to begin with, this episode proved he’s matured even more after letting go of his past and finally achieving his revenge. He said some very wise words and I can see where Ai gets his wisdom from. I was touched by the way he was trying to get Revolver to do the same after realizing how people can’t move on if they’re locked int he past like that. Although I do admit Revolver was right to a degree about calling out Playmaker for scolding him about being consumed by revenge and the chains of his past. It was somewhat hypocritical.
    For this duel, I agree with Ai. I don’t like like either of them, so I’m not cheering for either side to win. It’s just like what Playmaker said. No matter which side wins, it’ll just mean the other’s faction will get taken down faster. I also felt sorry for Playmaker and Ai and how they could only helplessly watch from the sidelines. I felt infuriated at Revolver for also wanting to get rid of Ai despite Ai helping Playmaker because he wants to. I mean, it’s pretty obvious Ai won’t turn against humanity that easily and supports humans and Ignis coexisting.
    As for Soulburner and Flame, it was amazing seeing Takeru transform into Soulburner for the first time! The way his glasses disappear and his eyes change color. Although I do wish it wasn’t a carbon copy of Yusaku’s transformation into Playmaker. I do hope Soulburner and Flame come to rescue Playmaker and Ai soon. Although I’ve got a bad feeling they’re going to run into Spectre, Faust, Baira, and Dr. Genome. I’m sure Soulburner won’t be too pleased by that. When I heard Flame said that he wants to trust Windy as a comrade, I think Flame is really gonna regret saying that. Windy has been suspicious to all of us for quite a while and I’m afraid these last few episodes have confirmed those suspicions. By the way, did you hear Windy’s evil laugh when Playmaker was trying to convince Revolver to stand down? I thought that was creepy.

    1. Eva

      Windy is always creepy LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! But his laughter + evil eyes makes it even more so! Hahahaha;;;;;;
      For me I’m wondering which side winning this would would be the best ‘mood’ setter for the arc. I’m so torn between the two! But regardless of the outcome, whoever emerges victories, the consequences of both Lightning and Windy’s actions, along with Revolver and his knights have already set into the motion. If there’s a draw or interruption, all it is is buying a bit more time before the true chaos descends upon the network.

  6. Becs

    I’m going to say it. I hope Windy wins because I like Revolver being constantly flummoxed that an “AI can possibly outwit him!”.
    Also, Revolver is a stupid hypocritical prat. I mean I love to hate him as a villain but he loses me on his backstory. I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for him. Namely because I do not UNDERSTAND why he would continue to follow his father’s intentions and not think for himself like others have pointed out in this very same episode. I mean, he talked to Yusaku as a kid because he obviously felt and thought that what his father was doing was wrong in some way and wanted to help in the only way a little kid could. But something happened that made him see his father as some sort of messiah and anything he says is God’s word himself.
    I Just want Windy to win or at least draw with him to show him that an arrogant prat won’t win following a path dictated by someone else.
    I know my opinion is probably in the minority but I really don’t like Revolver as a character and I hardly sympathise with him. He’s an idiot. Like Father like son I guess.
    And yeah Yusaku is telling you to let go of the past! Because he’s trying himself and is getting better from it.
    I can’t wait till Soulburner gets there. Playmaker needs his Bestie’s help!

    1. Eva

      Well said, you pretty much summed up my feelings about him. There is definitely more to gain if Windy wins, especially as you said, Revolver’s pride would be wounded to be outwitted by a AI. But at the same time, that would only increase the urgency to kill them. But like you I want him to start thinking for himself, and realize that all he is doing is contributing to his father’s “self-fulling prophecy”. I am curious to see what will be the catalyst to wake up him, he really dug himself into a deep hole, I don’t know what is going to persuade him there’s hope with the Ignis species when he completely overlooks Ai’s contribution to fighting for co-existence.
      That being said, I too have wonder what made him suddenly think his father is always right, when he made the difficult and brave decision to reveal his father’s horrible project that he knew was wrong.

      1. elior1

        actually this is bad if windy will win as well since they plan to destroy humanity

        1. Eva

          There’s no win in this situation lmfao!!!! 😂

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