Last episode ended with a mess of escape/rescue attempts and that’s exactly where we pick up. Ash leaving his room and crawling into a vent to avoid being spotted, he is picked up by the infrared camera’s though.
The person left in charge in Golzines place doesn’t seem to understand just how much of a threat that Ash can be. He claims he’s just a child and tells them to hurry and detain him, while Golzine understands. Ash is not to be underestimated, he’s a one of a kind devil. Deadly, intelligent, attractive. All together a package that could bring large organizations to their knees.
Ash slips into the security center and memorizes a map of the building, as he takes down a guard they sound the alarm. Ibe and Max see this as their chance as their tour guide leaves to find what is going on and they slip from the group.

This leads to a series of awkward events, as Ash grabs Abraham’s brother. Professor Dawson, and tries to help him escape as living proof of what they are doing with Banana Fish. Escaping with a drugged old man is easier said when done though, in particular with Max and Ibe there making things more complicated as well. Even though at this part of the episode they haven’t even met up yet.
With four people on the loose, things are looking rather grave for the Baron.
Golzine tells him to disable the stolen clearance card, but honestly it’s too late for that. The Baron orders for the escapee’s to be killed on sight, claiming Ash is too dangerous to let live.

Ash and Dawson get out of the building without getting caught, unfortunately, Max and Ibe aren’t so lucky. They are captured, Max believes if they feign ignorance like they just got lost that they’ll get off. Though the Baron orders them dead, he thinks that they are giving orders to Ash. That he didn’t think of getting Professor Dawson on his own.
What part of this boy has an IQ of over 200 have you not picked up on the like, three or four times the scientist has told it to you? Why on earth wouldn’t someone with an IQ that high be able to think of it on his own?
The scientist even questions them and finds that they have absolutely no idea that Ash had already escaped and their rescue efforts were absolutely futile. The Baron insists again that no child could think of this and I just have to sigh, Golzine TOLD you he wasn’t normal. The Scientist TOLD you he had an IQ of over 200, why the hell are you insisting on this? This boy, despite his age is clearly much smarter than you.

So, Ash seeing Max and Ibe get taken in goes back to get them. Their escape efforts might be the best thing in this series so far, as they close themselves in a closet and find a nurse and doctor having sex, they take their clothing and disguise themselves on the way out. Max dressed as the doctor, Ibe under a sheet pretending to be a body and Ash in the nurses outfit. This beautiful mix of comedy into tense situations is what makes Banana Fish such a consistently enjoyable watch.
They escape the facility together in an ambulance, transporting all of them under the guise of transporting a patient.

Ash hears from Ibe that Eiji has gone missing and thus, he sets out to find him.
He can’t rest until he knows that Eiji is safe and that’s honestly the sweetest thing. So once again, the old and the young part ways. It’s not until we get to the part of the episode that they talk about Eiji that I realize he wasn’t in this episode at all. While most episodes are an even split between following what is going on with both of them when they aren’t together, this episode was focused entirely around Ash, Max and Ibe. I’ll be curious to check up on Eiji in the next episode.

Golzine takes down the baron and I see his end game at last, taking back full control of his project as the Baron failed to handle things properly from the start. He was never cut out to handle this project, to be able to deal with Ash and honestly, I gotta back Golzine here.
This guy was an idiot. I said it multiple times in the review, but to underestimate Ash due to his age was a vital mistake. In particular when everyone around you is telling you not to underestimate him. I feel dirty backing Golzine in anything, but he was right here so credit where credit it due I guess.