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This week Saaya finally returns into the spotlight! She really doesn’t get a lot of love, but I have always found her to be an endearing character and wished she had more time to be fleshed out and the writers would focus more on establishing her own identity. But if there’s one thing I am liking, is how they are handling Saaya’s developing interest in working in the medical field.

It was a clever idea to set it up so Saaya would have the opportunity to revisit the hospital, as a means to helping her learn more about the role and character she will be playing in her next drama about a high school girl who is a gifted doctor at night. This allowed them to achieve two things: The first one was how it help her character learn how regardless of the abundance of information available on the internet, at the end of the day, the patient (or anyone for that matter) may find it irrelevant, and that’s why they need to be able to connect and cater to a patient’s (or anyone for that matter’s) specific concerns and needs. The second is how Saaya demonstrates you can still be committed to one dream, while keep your options open for another.

We also saw how Saaya, as a single-child struggled to relate to the feelings of Aya, a child who was about to become a big sister. She needed to speak with Hana to try and get a better understanding, but Hana wasn’t exactly the best example because unlike Aya, she was excited to become a big sister. For Aya’s case, she thought her mother would not longer be her mother when her brother comes to this world. She was scared of losing her to him, and as horrible as it sounds, that’s why she didn’t want her brother.

And I liked how they addressed this, because every child handles the arrival of their newborn siblings differently, Some are too young to remember, others simply don’t have any and can’t relate, and then you have some like Hana and Aya, one who was excited and the other who was terrified and upset about it. And I really did feel sad for Aya, because what a terribly sad thing to worry about. So it was nice a nice moment to see her receive the reassurance that her mother still and will continue to love her. But on the flip side, her mother was also facing her own uncertainties of feeling like she let Aya down and was feeling anxious of lacking the qualities of a mother, even by having to go through a C-Section (surgery) to bring her new baby boy to this world. In the end, both of them needed each other for assurance and validation that everything will be fine. (Also it was really funny hearing how her mother is actually such a klutz, burning eggs, losing socks, but at the end of the days she’s a great mom and Aya loves her for it.)

Overall this wasn’t an amazing episode, it was average at best, as I was getting quite bored until we learned about Aya’s concerns. It is really too bad both Saaya and Homare have been neglected for so long, because when they finally throw us a bone (or crumbs for the matter) to chew on, the damage has already been done, it is too late to fill the hole the writers had dug themselves into. What both Saaya and Homare needed was more time yesterday, and unfortunately, I don’t think they are going to get much more after this. Maybe if they are lucky, they will each get one more character focused episode, but frankly I don’t see it happening at this stage of the game. To make matters worse, next week they are featuring the Cameos from the Past, which I am dreading to say the least. At least it’s not a surprise because I first came across the news when it popped up on my twitter feed, so it gave me at least a week to process it. I’m hoping this is just going to be one episode, because time is essential! But I swear if they have them contribute to the “mini boss” fight for the second time (given how Gelos is spiralling into insanity), it is an understatement to say I will be quite annoyed.

Also, let me just quickly say, it absolutely sucks how they completely watered down Dr. Trauma’s character. When we first saw him, I had hopes he was going to be at least a decent villain, but they just turned him into a clown for comedic purposes. This fight was yet another incredibly disappointing showing from him! It sucks because I would have liked Saaya to have at least some more cool fighting scenes, because we rarely see her go on the offensive! We know she is capable of having this badass side of her who goes on the offensive and kick ass, but the writers never give her that chance to do so!

Varying on what’s in store for next week’s episode, I just end up saving it for a double-post the week after. It will all depend on what and how much I will have to say about it…


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  1. Virginia

    It looks like it’s gonna be a while before we get another series as good as Heartcatch or Go Princess….
    But I also think the franchise needs a fresh new untested idea since at this point future stories will be recycled concepts. Oh well I look forward as to how they will overcome this obstacle.

    1. Eva

      I agree. I am very curious to see what the next instalment theme is going to revolve around. I’m going to be paying close attention to the staffs behind the project, because hopefully that will give us an indication of what we can maybe expect from them.
      I would say Hugtto’s two biggest flaws are trying to cram in way too many ideas, and poor character development and management. The two of them go hand in hand, a casualty of the ripple effect. :\ Seriously it’s all over the place.
      That being said, I wonder when they will finally start focusing on Hugtan’s backstory properly. Perhaps it will be tied together when Henry ultimately succumbs to the dark side (because it’s bound to happen).

  2. elior1

    eva the cameos of the older cures will be 2 episodes since as you seen in the new episode 37 as well

    1. Eva

      [HEADESKS] I’m just going to do it as a double-post then, watch those two episodes in one go for sanity sakes.
      Also I just realized I miswrote the episode number. My bad guys, it’s fixed!

      1. elior1

        yes it better watch those in one go since in episode 37 luminous black and white will join those coming in episode 36

      2. V.

        If only they got the plot going steady and logical and strong character development I actually wouldn’t mind these episodes of mass reunion.
        But with their days numbered and nothing progressing the production staff is just backing themselves to a corner with no way to right the derail.

        1. Eva

          Exactly! It’s a terrible time to do this, especially if it has no correlation to the series’ plot whatsoever. OTL||| Ugh, the writers behind this show really need to reflect on how they prioritize things after this…. It’s impossible to dig themselves out of this hole. It’s way too deep! At this point I feel like the only thing that’s encouraging me to come back each week besides completion sakes (having come this far), is actually Hugtan’s backstory. Frankly I am astonished how long they have been putting it off.

          1. V

            I can’t remeber if they stalled this long regarding Ai and Marie Ange’s connection back in Doki Doki

            1. elior1

              they did. we only found out the truth regarding marie ange and Ai only at episode 46

  3. Eva

    PSA: I won’t be releasing Hugtto Precure Episode 36 this week, it will be covered in a double post next week with Episode 37!

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