What we had hoped we were going to get… VS what we got…

I am so glad I made the decision to hold this off until this week because I would have lost my mind, hell. I don’t think I would have come back for this week after episode 36, because I am beyond frustrated with the decisions being made with this show.

First of all, what in the world were they thinking? None of this was necessary. THIS SPECIAL WAS UNNECESSARY.  You know what would’ve been better, ADDRESS WHAT’S BROKEN IN THIS SERIES. DON’T MAKE IT WORSE!!!!!

There were so many problems with this special even happening in the first place, that I have officially reached the point where I am basically done with this series. I legitimately don’t know what to say about this show anymore. Frankly these two episodes of the 15th Anniversary “Special” served more as the series’ last nail on the coffin. I am flabbergast on how in the world they thought this would be some genius idea, when we have an entire movie coming out later this week.

Like you are kidding me? Episode 36 and 37, is like a condensed version of YGO ARC-V‘s curse of the cameos from the past all over again. AND IT STILL HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY!

And you know what I think? They should have just used this bloody plot-line for the god damn movie! It’s not like they give a shit about the main characters in this series to begin with. Their development are virtually nonexistent, two of their major fights against the enemies featured the cameos from the past, and possibly converted George (who is supposed to be the big bad) to boot, I am just so disappointed in their decision making for this show, this is not precure title I am going to fondly look back too. This series is a god damn mess and I frustrated because the base storyline absolutely had potential, especially with the way Hugtan has been handled up until now (as babies and these fairy plots usually super annoying to watch).

Or at least, don’t get the series’ villains involved with the special appearance. Use something else, just keep the cameo special SEPERATE from what’s going on the series. There were no merits to this special, it did nothing to make Hugtto Precure better, in fact they made it worse, and it already had enough problems to begin with!

What we had hoped we were going to get… VS what we got

What really set me off in this episode, was how Dr. Traum has been watered down into a “clown” and then all the sudden, he is super over-powered to the extent the original Hugtto group wouldn’t have stood a chance— it’s so stupid! First Pupple and now you have the cameo of the pasts help defeat Dr. Traum? So yeah, I am not happy about that at all. This is the one thing I did not want them to do, and they freaking did it.

I also absolutely hate how Lulu’s and Dr. Traum’s backstory was shoved to the side. WE WERE GIVEN NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. EXCEPT FOR FREAKING REGRET AND THAT’S NOT HELPFUL WHEN—– You know what, it’s not even worth the energy to rant about it…. Needless to say, it’s absolutely a shame how they used Dr. Traum’s character. What a freaking waste.


On top of that, episode 37 left it really unclear to me as to where George stands after all of this. It looks as though he has come to accept that time cannot be stopped, like… what the frick going on now? Are you telling me he’s actually done? That this fight made him magically realize that his approach is wrong? If so, what an awful cop out.

And so that leads us to look at Risutor. Does this event officially promote him into the role as the next Big Bad? Will he be taking over George’s role as the final villain in a similar way as Go! Princess Precure (only this time with garbage execution?) On one hand, yes I can see how and why that would play out to be the case, but I certainly and absolutely do not want it to happen in this way.

Let me tell you the only good thing that came out of Episode 37, and that was the animation. Screw everything else, let’s just appreciate the stunning works of the fights, the transitions, it was just beautiful to watch. This is litterally the only reason I would tell you watch this episode, is just to see the fight, because the animators absolutely need recognition and credit when it’s due!

Honestly, this is probably the most I have ever been annoyed with precure. I know this series is almost over, but DANG IT, I am seriously losing my patience with this show. There’s another Sunday show I got my eye on (Tsurune, I plan watch it later tonight) that just started this week, and if nobody else wants it, and I like it, I am certainly tempted to pick that up in Hugtto’s Precure’s place if I have to. That’s how frustrated I am with the decisions they have made. But on the flip-side of things, this is was a 15th anniversary special, and I fear I might acting too hasty because I am so riled up right now about the way they went about it. I think I should at least give it one more episode to see where they actually plan to go after this, and what actually became of George (not to mention Gelos is still in the mix of descending into madness). Since Risutor will be making his move again, it seems he’s trying to recruit some familiar faces, but I mean, obviously it’s not gonna pay off. The real question we should be asking ourselves at this point, is if we will be seeing development of Henry being lured to the dark side, because it’s something that has been quickly overshadowed over the past four weeks.

Next week, it’s going to be a Halloween themed episode… We will see how I feel then.
That being said, I can’t believe it’s almost the end of October…. Time sure flies.


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  1. elior1

    I agree the big fight in episode 37 is the only good thing in this special eva . they put lot of effort into this fight

  2. V.

    I’m sorry to fans who want to see this covered to the end, but Eva, no complaints from me if you decide to drop and cover a fall 2018 show you’ve got your eye on.
    Frankly put, let’s face reality: the show is beyond salvageable at this point. Precure episodes never go deeper than 50-52 episodes, and with less than 20 episodes left, there’s no way in hell the staff can steer back to the right tracks. There’s too much to do, too much character development and plot lines to develop, and not enough time. If they are even going to attempt it, I expect something like Arc V. And I, for one, do not want to go through that disappointment ever again. But as you can see, the show is already copying Arc V’s path to self-destruction. Like you said, what’s going on with the villains? It’s literally like the unimpressive Zarc with a temper tantrum and Edo (Aster) changing minds whimsically.
    Honestly, I don’t recall a single holiday-themed episode in Precure (except for maybe Happiness Charge) that became relevant to the plot. We’re wasting time here.
    Also, the show should have never brought in Emiru. The original 3 were the push for Lulu to become good, not Emiru. Once they began to connect Emiru and Lulu, that’s when the show started wasting time and going into a decline. If they so badly wanted another Ako (Cure Muse) then they should have brought it out in a way that hinder pot and character development. NOT THIS. And what’s wrong with having just 4 cures?
    4 cures: Fresh! Precure, Heartcatch, Suite, Go! Princess (except Happiness Charge- wait never mind, they had A LOT so they don’t count)
    *** A lot of people didn’t like Suite, but I actually liked the series; besides they played around a musical theme.
    4 cures are auspicious. Let’s look at 5: Yes! Precure 5, Smile Precure, Dokidoki!, and Hugtto.
    Smile Precure and Dokidoki were very unimpressive and a lot of people had problems with Smile copying Yes! too much and Mana (Dokidoki) being unrealistic. The only thing I liked about Dokidoki was the revelation of Marie Ange being split in 3 to never return. I frankly don’t remember much about Smile. The only series that came out fine was Yes! but that was because they revolutionized the idea of more than 3 Precure members in a series.
    Hugtto tried too hard trying to be like Fresh and Suite…. to failure.

    1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      “A lot of people didn’t like Suite, but I actually liked the series; besides they played around a musical theme.”
      Same here. Suite Precure was my “reentry” to the Precure series in 2011 after I watched Futari wa Precure in more than a decade ago (2004 or something) back in Malaysia (and IN Malay dub no less). Suite Precure got me hooked back into the Precure franchise ever since and I’ve been watching Precure seasons continuously for 7 years… Until Hugtto Precure killed off my interest.

  3. Bibi

    I’ve noticed that ever since Fumi Tsubota joined the Precure franchise as script writer since Mahoutsukai Precure, the shows turns more and more into bigger hit or miss than it was (although with her doing Series Composition for Hugtto is getting worse.) Who knows if the change of Series Composition (or script writer alone) will make a difference for the better …
    Although for these two episodes she got joined by Yoshimi Narita and Isao Murayama
    Here an translate article in regards of it the production team (up to Ep21 or 22, but still helpful):

  4. alamode

    i pretty much turn off my brain for the unexplainable plot holes in this 2 episodes and just enjoying the big fight hype with some interesting team ups in it www
    they could’ve just use a special episode villain for this crossover (or waste Gelos)……but nope, they wasted a villain with a promising background for Ruru’s character development…..
    now i’m curious on how can they top off the Final Battle against George Cri to this Precure crossover Big Fight….

    1. Eva

      That’s exactly it! Why didn’t they create a special episode villain for this? Or at least, if they REALLY want to do a crossover episode, just release it as an OVA or something, don’t include it in the series.
      And to your last point, that’s the biggest joke isn’t it? They made Dr. Traum so OP, and his fight SO OVER THE TOP, it completely overshadowed George’s role. :\

      1. alamode

        George have to step it up to the max on the last 20+ episodes and proves us he’s the BIG BAD of this show if he wants to redeem his position as the MAIN antagonist……
        He had a great start as a villain, it’s sad if he’ll be another big bad who gets overshadowed by his minions…..

  5. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    I know this sounds like a broken record, but ONE good thing that came out from these past 2 episodes was Ichika’s return. Missed this charming rabbit girl so much (I even chose to forgive the fact that she’s forced to revert back to being a teenager alongside everyone due to Felice’s magic), easily one of my most favorite characters in a VERY long time.
    But moving on… This one was also one gripe I had throughout Precure’s history, but I was NEVER fond of having baby mascots as plots devices to push the story BACKwards. Chiffon grew to be a major hindrance that became absurdly powerful she could stomp almost ANYONE down without a second thought but Peach and co. still thought she needed more babysitting thus cuddling her until the bitter end; there might be some justification on how Regina and Aguri were still able to live on after being splintered from Marie Ange, but I’m still annoyed that Ai-chan got to live on and trapped as an infant to get cuddled by anyone without further growth (to impress the young children) while leaving Makoto crying for the demise of the princess she served her entire life; Ha-chan might get a free pass as she DID grow from a tiny baby fairy born from the mysterious library to the Mother Goddess that bonded and separated the two worlds (Magic and non-Magic), but she’s still stuck with her childish and mischievous personality in a teenager form and that turned me off every single time; leaving Hugtan as an infant even though she’s supposed to return to her true self LONG ago was already a sin itself, BUT they screwed her up even further by turning her into a Hoopa that could summon Precures from the past just to mess with the current timeline even more.
    (*And yes, that movie involving legendary Pokemons fighting each other was among the worst grossing Pokemon movies of all time.)
    “Episode 36 and 37 is like a condensed version of YGO ARC-V‘s curse of the cameos from the past all over again”
    People kept referencing that, so I’ll bring up an alternative analogy: Love Live Sunshine season 1. Now granted, one could argue the fact that Honoka and co. never had DIRECT cameos at all, but Aqours had copypasted almost the entirety of Muse’s formula of success to the point it led them to failures after failures and a sheer identity crisis. Thankfully the second season remedied that situation and Aqours managed to win the toughest edition of Love Live to date based on their OWN merit (albeit losing their school in the end due to a merger).
    But the problem with Hugtto Precure was that they already dug their OWN grave by forcing this crossover into an already faltering series that could’ve been saved for any installation of future All Stars movies, even deeper than the low points of what Happiness Charge and Mahou Tsukai did a few years ago. Worse, after the end of Yes Precure 5 Go Go! NONE of the future Precure seasons had stretched for two seasons so there’s virtually NO time left anymore to drag themselves out from this quagmire.
    “I know this series is almost over, but DANG IT, I am seriously losing my patience with this show, but I fear I might acting too hasty because I am so riled up right now”
    Forget about being hasty and stuff, just heed my four words of advice: DROP HUGTTO PRECURE NOW.
    Honestly, I found myself in disbelief when “Status: Dropped” was not written at the final paraphrase. This show was a lost cause being cracked open even during the earliest episodes, and there’s no remedy to this situation anymore. Heck, last year (2017) you did the right thing to drop Fate/Apocrypha AND Knight’s & Magic right after a few weeks because both shows became utterly infamous and unbearable to watch when nearing their ends with convenient and grating plotholes just to ensure the two protagonists (Sieg & Ernesti) Gary Stuing their way to their desires (one being “I LOVE MUH JEANNE” and the other was forever stuck with his mecha fetish fantasies) as shallow, unlikable Kirito reincarnates. Even in another year before (2016), you had the courage the drop Mahou Tsukai Precure during mid-season after you lost interest, so why not doing such a thing now? Don’t stomach this abomination to the bitter end like Arc V, save yourself the trouble of writing another long-ass review, quit it altogether and move on to new projects that are worth your time.

    1. V.

      The only reason why we never got a second season for the same team was because Yes! Precure 5 Gogo tanked really badly- actually almost ending the franchise.
      Anyway with the way the plot went in previous season, there is no justification for a second season. I’m fact, I have no idea why Gogo got a second one in the first place since they did not leave any hint whatsoever of a future problem in the first season.
      The original one called for a second season since the mascots stayed, instead of leaving Honoka and Nagisa.

  6. smcandy smcandycg

    I have to disagree with you and most commenters on the series regardless of whom is directing it and its plot. I think Huggto needs more time to been seen in duel light before showing all the negatives of the series. Stay true to reviewing this all the way through it’s entire episode list. There are only like 12 to 13 episodes left. I think it’s too early to throw in the towel on Huggto. I think the cameo appearances and crossovers with past precure teams is something positive. I found episode 37 to be better than episode 36 although I never watch the full episode. Some commenters on YouTube and elsewhere have said just recently that episodes 37 crossover and fight scenarios are better then I the DX movies and All Star new stage movies.
    But all in the entire episode was something to watch not say so soon that it was a disappointment.
    When I first got into precure and know about its existence outside of Sailor Moon and other Magical girl’s anime the only fist two series I watch nearly entire from start to finish were HeartCatch and Suite only along with their movies. Stick threw this series until the end then give you final verdict on it so far you came along way with giving reviews on this series episodes and 37 so far weather or not you like the plot line is nothing something you can change it’s what Toei wanted and had direct toward a certain theme and moral lesson for the children (young girls) of Japan or anyone liking the precre franchise and the series as a whole.
    Since the importance of the past pretty cure teams seem somewhat import to the Huggto series as a semi whole having the appearance with Cure Black and White the original and first cure team to have been formed. It might not come as a surprise if the past 54 cure teams might meet up again the with Huggto cures in the final two episodes of the series. Keep this in mind since we have already seen Past cure term show up twice to three times so far.

    1. Eva

      The main issue with the use of crossover, is how this series already has so many problems to begin with. With the additions of crossovers, it only makes the series more complicated and messy. Perhaps if it didn’t have all these pre-existing problems, maybe it would have been more better, but the way they set it up was clumsy and poorly executed.
      The biggest problems with crossovers is when the execution isn’t there, the balance is thrown completely out of whack. The base main characters in the series shouldn’t be overshadowed by the cameos, especially they are already being neglected to begin with.
      Frankly, I wonder if this crossover concept would have been better had they had more contained group to work with, and by that I mean a maximum of two heroines, plus Harry and Hugtan. It probably would have helped balance out the time needed to properly flesh out their characters.
      Then, when they finally start throwing in the cameos, it would have at least given them the option of actually keeping some around to solidify how the crossover will play a big role. And considering these cameos have already gone through their developments in their respective series, they shouldn’t have to hog up the screentime either, just be a participant along for the ride, and perhaps share the lessons they have learned in their own series, as a way of passing the knowledge forward to their new audience. And then as they get later into the story, I feel like would probably more sense for all these precures to start jumping in and participating in the boss fights. That’s just one way they could have gone about it.
      Either way, the writers really dug themselves into a deep hole and I can’t see them getting out of it. This is the late game, and some things just cannot and will unlikely ever be fixed.
      Whether I continue covering this show will ultimately depend on how I feel about what they plan to do from here on out. I have gone through this once before and I’m not inclined to do it again. So if I choose to drop it, that’s just how it’s going to be.

      1. smcandy

        Despite what you still think Eva keep also in mind there might be a reason for the other cure teams to be Huggto:
        The themes and motifs of HUGtto! Pretty Cure include heroism, parenting, and jobs.
        Also part of the series theme revolves around future goals and the future in sense itself (the girls future and Hagukumi City’s future) and which why most likely the past cure teams have been running in with the currant generation in their universe or timeline. What the Criasu Corporation’s main goal is doing might be effecting all Precure futures and not just the currant ones in Huggto.

  7. elior1

    eva the logo and the name of the next pretty cure season has been released. what do you think about it? I think the theme is going to be about space

    1. Eva

      That might be cool…. especially if they take it in a celestial theme direction. Either way it’s really too soon for me to say. Regardless of the outcome in this series, you can count on me checking this one out as per usual.
      And for those who haven’t seen the logo, you can see it here.

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