Episode 13 of Overlord Season III serves more as an epilogue than it does as a continuance. After last episode you could guess, and you would be right, the outcome of all events in the story. Ains decimates Gazef, who requests not to be resurrected beforehand, and makes it clear that he won’t continue the slaughter if E-Rantel is surrendered to him. Meanwhile Not Gilgamesh is shocked to hear the sheer number of deaths Ains single spell caused, rendering him a cackling laughing mess. The King of E-Rantel seems completely deflated and defeated, his son attempting to cheer him up while his daughter’s kindness hints at a hidden deviousness.

Ains’ plans from the beginning unfold all at once: They use Pandora’s actor to create a scene where the Hero Momon can seem to be protecting all of the citizens of E-Rantel, utilizing the persona he created from the beginning. The question for me is: did he really think of that in the beginning, or were his attempts at grasping onto his humanity rewarded with an ultimate coup de gras towards his enemies? The people of E-Rantel do not rebel because their hero is there to protect them from their new Overlord. . .no one except the citizens of Nazarick realize that the two are one in the same.

The finale created the Kingdom of ‘Ains Ooal Gown’ officially, and with that, I need to sum up my impressions of this season:

Things I liked: I loved Ains decline into his role as the Sorcerer King. From the start of the series that has been the outcome I couldn’t wait for. All of the other shows didn’t seem to tap into this. While Kirito of Sword Art Online might feel isolated because of his power he was still a hero, and that’s what most of these shows forget. It’s not as interesting to see these people become heroes because I’ve already seen that in so many fantasy shows. But to be a normal person declining into a skeletal lich determined to overthrow the world? You bet your sweet ass that’s what I’m here for. It wasn’t like he didn’t ever try to be good: he helped out adventurers and did nice things. He was hoping for something that reminded him of who ‘Momonga’ was. And truthfully he saw all of the people in this world as NPCs. We saw this season he isn’t viewing them as NPCs so much as unimportant lives that are fine to destroy. He is merging with who the ‘lich’ is and I’m all about it.

Ains becoming the Sorcerer King was magnificent, and seeing the ploys from the warrior Momon to the attempted conscription of Gazef just put the cherry on top. I mean, what can I say but I admire his ability? I also loved when he humiliated scores of stuck up nobles, terrible princes, and even monsters. And in retrospect even though Enri’s build up was agonizing at times, she’s now the general of an immense goblin army and I can get behind that.

Things I’m not a fan of: Can Albedo just get an arc already? She can’t even ride her bicorn until she gets it on with Ains (because she won’t settle for anyone else). I feel as though we’ve seen every character from Cocytus to Shalltear become a focus while Albedo is just a sexy succubus failing to seduce Ains. I know she is meant to be fanservice but there isn’t even proper fanservice for her half the time. I also want to see more of the fights reminiscent of Shalltear’s – I knew Gazef would keel over instantly but having more fun with his victims at least is really more interesting. Part of me feels as though Albedo would have been a more interesting character if she wasn’t in love with Ains because then she’d be, as her creator put it, sort of a bitch. I need more of her so I can bask in how amazing she is, she is a fountain of untapped potential.

I think also the weakest parts of the show aren’t because the concepts are bad but rather that the execution is weak. I would really appreciate it if the storyboarding team would take more dynamic routes to execute the story, make more dynamic backgrounds, and introduce the characters with more consideration artistically.

Overall the graphics are the standard in anime: great sometimes, amazing occasionally, and acceptable most of the time. The OST remains great with, once again, a standout opening theme. And thanks to the plot and the characters, I’ll definitely be back to review it whenever the story returns!

I rate this season an average to above average.