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WELL SHIT. I did not expect them to go this far, heck I don’t think any of us actually did, much less Earth’s loss to cost him everything, his memories and himself. Since Earth remains in the ED Theme, I’m hoping this won’t mean it’s the last of him. How Earth will be saved remain unknown (AND HE BETTER BE SAVED BECAUSE HE IS OUR PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL), but for now, it’s a tragedy to have lost one of our favourite and most adorable Ignis. Also shocker, when Earth “vanished” Spectre started crying (which now gives us official confirmations that Earth and Spectre were partners).

On the flip-side of things, duel itself was terribly boring for me, I caught my mind wandering off several times, mainly because I didn’t find it particularly exciting, much less interesting. For most part, I found it to be quite predictable, the characters’ word choices made it obvious Earth was going to lose. The only thing I was off the mark about was thinking Onizuka was going to be forcefully logged out because his physical body was at peril, and it would be their way of sparing Earth from a certain defeat…. After what has played out, I am sad Earth couldn’t avoid the worse case scenario.

As for the whole backstory of how Onizuka became the Human-AI Hybrid with the AI Implant…. While necessary to show us what Sol Technology has been up to, as well as their intentions, I found it was rather laughable. Onizuka agreed to be the lab-rat because he was told it would enable him to duel better than most people (and exceed Human capabilities in terms of knowledge and power). So basically this is like a “cheat device” implanted in the brain. And really, we litterally saw this play out when Onizuka revealed a skill he created, “Anti-Skill”, effectively canceling the effect so it cannot be used. Honestly, it makes me wonder if Onizuka is going to create more skills, so he can switch them up to whichever he likes. Since he as a AI-Hybrid, now has the ability to create them, you would think he wouldn’t stop there, especially now that he has become a mad man obsessed with his new power and superiority. The Onizuka we once knew no longer exists at this point, all that remains is his shell, the result of the trade for power he desired, by making the deal with the devil.

And it’s an understatement to say SOL Technology is the Devil himself. They have no intention of stopping with Onizuka, once they perfect the AI Implant, they have a dumbass plan to making profit off it by releasing it to the public. When Queen first announced it, the first thing that crossed my mind was, “LADY, THIS IS THE KEY TO SELF-DESTRUCTION OF HUMANITY!” and on top of that, just watch Lightning abuse this! I can imagine this implant would make his ambitions of enslaving the Human Race a hell lot easier, all he needs to do is to make sure he does it discreetly, which he has been successfully doing all this time.

On that note, after witnessing firsthand the shit SOL Technology is up to, both with the AI-Implant, and what they have done to to Earth, I can’t imagine Akira would want to remain as a SOL Technology employee. The only reason I can see him staying put is to start working more actively as a mole, by sharing information with Yuusaku’s Team, even at the cost of doing some terribly things he disagrees with.

In the mean time, Aoi surprised us with actually dropped by to observe the remaining of the outcome of the duel between Onizuka and Earth. She was quick to establish she is there to help protect the Ignis, not hunt them. But what struck me the most this episode was how much it shook Aoi to see Earth being ‘dismantled’ like that after seeing the conviction he had to protect Crystal Heart, him crying about how he too has free-will, fearful and devastated of losing his memories of his beloved. For the first time, we have someone from other than someone Yuusaku’s team, question “What is an Ignis?” This makes me very excited to see Aoi’s development in regards to this event. Better yet, the preview says she and Aqua are somehow connected to each other, in a way that may not necessarily be involved as a Victim of the Lost Incident. However there is the mention of ‘memories resurfacing’ so perhaps as some theories goes, Aoi is unknowingly missing some of her own memories. Either way, I can’t wait!!!!


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10 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 75

  1. October 2018 was not a good month for VRAINS. Lightning’s “declaration of war” was embarrassingly weak; third bloody round of Bowman vs Playmaker did nothing to enhance his (and Hydradrive’s) reputation; AND giving Go Onizuka (now reduced to such a lifeless lab rat with his personality screaming “FUCK PLAYMAKER!” and nothing else) a win because a pathetic asshole that got ruined after his debut should be shown as having the higher moral ground over the Ignises who’re shown to be incompetent at holding their grounds against humanity because they executed Earth like that it even made Specter shed a tear.
    Now it’s FINALLY time for VRAINS to reach its true higher grounds with the long-neglected Aoi & Emma finally commanding attention and plot relevance again for the upcoming episodes or there’ll be machetes delivered to the home of Shin Yoshida. Fuck this woman hater.

    1. Since “AI-Hybrid” Onizuka is affiliated with SOL, this makes it Humans 2 – Ignis 1 (The one point is Jin in Lightning’s possession). Given the build up of the “War Against Humanity” it is quite surprising to see how the Ignis are actually losing at the moment. I hope to see Lightning exploit SOL Technology, I think that would be a wicked way to turn the tables against SOL/Humanity.
      That being said, it absolutely sucks that Earth had to be the sacrificial lamb for this… 🙁

    2. Okay, you need to chill. Every comment you’ve made is nothing but you ranting about what you didn’t like. The season, the new characters, the new ending, which you claim is the worst in the series the same week it premiered without even giving it a chance; every time you talked about any of that, it was always as a complaint. I get there are things your not happy about in VRAINS, but next time, just say what you don’t like and be done with it, instead of complaining about everything wrong with the episode or mocking the characters too much. Calling Takeru “Soulfucker” is a good way to piss people off who actually like the character.
      And really, a death threat to Yoshida? Just because writing female characters isn’t his forte doesn’t mean he’s a woman hater. You have to admit that he’s gotten better at writing them now compared to Zexal.
      In fact, when you think about it, it actually makes sense as to why Aoi and Emma wouldn’t have been involved in what has been going on between their last appearance and now. For one thing, their working covertly for Akira and other than him, only Yusaku and his team know they’re also searching for the Ignis. There’s a good chance that if they made an appearance during Blood Shepherd’s trap or Lighting’s declaration of war, then Queen would have found out about another team involved and it wouldn’t take her long to put the pieces together before realizing who they were working for, let alone their identities, putting all three of them at risk. Another thing to consider is that Yoshida was possibly waiting for the right moment to bring Aoi back after we learned more about the Ignis to set up for her character arc, as her arc revolving around getting her brother to accept her had resolved last season. And with Blood Shepherd returning, now is as good a time as any to set up his connection to Emma and maybe delve into her past a little. Now that we know who all the Ignis are and where each one stands in the war, Aoi and Emma can begin to take action.
      Besides, with or without Yoshida, most female characters tend to get screwed over in Yu-Gi-Oh, but at least this way, Aoi and Emma don’t feel overused or forced into the plot.

  2. according to the cast list there will be new character called miyu so here what I think. aoi met miyu in the past which I think is the person with the ring and they were friends and aqua knows about aoi from miyu which might be the LI kid

    1. Ooooohhhhhhhhh if that turns out to be the case, that would be super interesting to find out what became of Miyu if she was a Lost Incident victim!!!!!!!!!

  3. Go, to think you have sunk this low. That’s it. This is the last straw. Even if you are reformed, apologizing, begging for forgiveness, repent in later episodes, I will NEVER EVER forgive you for doing this to Earth! The same also goes for the rest of SOL Technology! How dare they do this to my one of favorite Ignis!
    The preview seems to hint Aoi could possibly be a victim of Lost Incident who lost her memories or at least connected to one of the children. Yoshida, you better write Aoi’s character development right this time! Make her a strong girl together with Emma who’s going to duel Blood Sheperd later!
    And another appearance of Ryoken, unexpectedly visiting Cafe Nagi again. From the looks of it, I can only think Ryoken belittling the loss of Earth. If that’s gonna happen, for the first time even though I like Ryoken I want to punch him on the face to erase that smug look. I mean, come on, even Ai is crying like that! I feel sorry for the poor Ai-chan, especially when he vowed that he will save Earth only for this to happen Earth shortly afterwards (TT_TT)
    This episode is just too painful for me to watch again…

  4. Well, first of all, Happy Halloween! This episode really frightened and saddened me seeing how Earth was being dissected and basically killed like that. I was doing my best to hold back tears seeing Earth losing memories of Aqua. Plus I actually shouted “No!” when I saw Earth being captured by Go. It really was cruel like Emma said. Earth is deeply in love with Aqua if he would do all he could to protect the Crystal Heart from being destroyed and yelled to not let it be destroyed. I felt sorry for Earth because he doesn’t deserve it. Even Specter, despite questioning his feelings, felt genuinely sad for Earth’s death and surprisingly cried too. I guess that shows how strong his connection is with his Ignis is despite being part of Hanoi. Queen needs to be sent to that maximum security prison that Baira was in. That cold smile reinforces my belief on how sadistic and greedy she really is. I hate her and Go so much! No one’s gonna like those two after this episode.
    I think we can officially say that Go has become psychotic like you said. He said he doesn’t care so many times with a creepy sadistic smile on his face. All of the shots of him had creepy looks of him with one having bloodshot eyes. It was even enough to disturb Playmaker. By the way, good one with referring to SOL as the devil. Go pretty much sold his soul to the demon. I think the AI implant really took a toll on his psychological mentality. I was surprised he wouldn’t see a doctor and was obsessed with defeating the Playmaker simulator like that. And Queen simply brushes it off saying it’ll bring great profit, not caring about who dies in the process of her goals. She and Go are becoming main and secondary antagonists respectively.
    As for Aoi, I’m glad she has chosen to protect the Ignis, especially after what happened in episode 55. In fact, seeing Playmaker, Blue Girl, and Go together was the first those three had since season 1. However, Blue Girl now knows how far Go has sunk just to feed his obsession of winning. I do have a good feeling Aqua and Aoi will meet next episode. I do believe she had a connection with Aqua in the past somehow if the preview said there were memories flooding back and Aoi wondering why Aqua knows her. At least we’ll learn more about Aoi’s past since season 1. And Ryoken’s back and pays another visit to Yusaku in real life. I do wonder whether this will be the point when Aoi finally finds out Yusaku is Playmaker.

  5. WHY???????? They had to off the character with the catchphrase. Earth doesn’t deserve this D:
    I do understand why Lightning is so bent on enslaving humanity due to people like SOL Technologies, but that doesn’t mean it’s still okay. SOL Technologies is just pure evil at this point. I’m actually surprised Akira is the only decent person in that corporation. I feel like Akira is going to keep working there despite his atrocities; he’s definitely the mole now.
    Yeah, the duel was VERY boring and only resulted in ire. D:< Pebble Dog was cute, though.
    Earth doesn’t seem fully dead, since he seemed to be absorbed, but he is most likely going to be used as the Dueling AI chip that Go was fused with and that makes me ANGRY! SOL Technologies need to burn. I hope Season 3, we get to witness their downfall and then make Akira CEO.

  6. I started liking this episode when Earth starts to panic about ‘stop don’t destroy crystal heart!’ when he realises that he has nothing left to protect it. That really destroyed Earth symbolism because with crystal heart being destroyed, it means that Earth has failed to protect Aqua (luckily it’s only limited in a duel). I mean, Playmaker at least respected Earth’s deck by not killing crystal heart when he realised that Crystal Heart represents Aqua and instead goes for Earth’s ace Monster. Go just disrespected Earth’s deck by aiming at Crystal Heart even after knowing Earth’s strategy and his deck’s symbolism.
    In the next episode, I can see revolver being an ass by simply ‘lol, I didn’t expect SOL to kill earth Ignis but thanks anyway’. So cruel.

  7. Like I said, Aoi might have blocked her memories as part of a coping mechanism. In memories of their past, Aoi was shy and sensitive when she first me Akira and his father. Part of that shyness might have to do with her being part of the Lost Incident child. And the accident involving their parents could have happened shortly after Aoi got rescued and the union of the two families.
    But at the same time, the meaning of Miyu’s name has something to do with truth, and sensing truth is Aqua’s ability. If my earlier idea is wrong, then Aoi might have been a close friend of Miyu and witnessed Miyu’s kidnapping. Again, as a coping mechanism she probably blocked her memories of Miyu.
    At this point, Aoi seems connected to the Lost Incident just as Shoichi is connected to it. I’m excited about future episodes and hope they don’t disappoint.

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