That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 8 [ Hurt me my friend ]

UHM excuse you slime anime? EXCUSE you? Did you just give me a good waifu, make her an ultimate fire demon, give me a cool fight scene to show me how awesome she was, and then murder her? Did you just end my delightful fire waifu? Why are you like this, slime anime? Why did you give me all my hopes and dreams and then take them from me? I want to make a great post about all the stuff we learned and Shizu’s last will, but now I’m going to cry. I’m just going to cry now. Welcome to a post about my waifu.

I can’t believe the slime show did this to me. At least if I was watching Goblin Hunter I’d know, hey, this has rape and murder? But this fucking slime show just took from me my beautiful ifrit waifu. It took from me the cutest romance. It took from me the perfect beautiful girl and then it showed her aging. It took one episode for me to believe in the most epic of romances. “Goodbye, Shizu-san, my destined one. Rest within me.” Fuck, why did this have to happen?

This is so stupid because yes, why should I care so much about this waifu? The slime show is very slow and very little happens, but poor Rimuru really loved this waifu. His tears felt so real and guys. Ugh. I didn’t want her to die! Fuck Leon! But also, if it wasn’t for Leon then Rimuru might never have met her and there- dammit. I think it’s just seeing such a hopeful show have such a poignant sharp loss after everything goes well. But I don’t want there to be such a sharp loss, give me back my waifu!

Well, slime show has broken my heart and taken from me my waifu. Big orc things are happening next episodes and there will be fight scenes and they’ll be cool but my beautiful waifu is gone. Now Rimuru has a human form. But my waifu. And thanks to the loss of Shizu Rimuru now has a goal of defeating Leon. Why? ‘He made Shizu-san cry’ God fuck this little slime and his beautiful romance and his happiness and hIS drEAms because his waifu was a good girl.

At least I get why he can have a harem now. Because his perfect waifu is gone. Go, Rimuru, drown your sorrows in the eternal flame of elven waifu love.



2 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 8 [ Hurt me my friend ]

  1. I’m so sad. And so tired. Guess no slowly growing romance flower for me from this anime huh? The flower had bloomed. And already withered. Just like my hope. And Shizu san.

    Fk I made me cry.

  2. They did manage to make me care surprisingly a lot about a character who was barely in the show for two episodes. Very nicely done and I am officially invested in this show now and need to know how it will end.

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