Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 79

Damnnnnnn~ this episode was even better than I thought it was going to be. Lightning’s character truly shined, highlighting what makes him such a wicked villain.  It was truly worth the wait. (Also, he has a sick deck design. The Armatos are themed around soldiers of a massive army, which would suit him perfectly since he intends to take over the world.) Did anyone else get the chills when Lightning challenged Blood Shepherd?! It was so eerie!

For while now, Lightning has been quietly observing the network, weighing his options of how to proceed until he catches Revolver attempting to recruit Blood Shepherd. To ensure that the Hanoi Knight don’t pick up another talented hacker, he decides to make his move. The virus they have developed and used against Windy was so effective, even he couldn’t fully restore him to his original condition. It is because of that, it served as a point of how he doesn’t have enough members on his team, so he decides he will target Blood Shepherd, lure him with a challenge and destroy him before he joins an alliance. He does this successfully as Kengo stubbornly insists to work as a lone wolf, but all he is doing is walking into the trap that could result his demise. Should Kengo lose this duel, Lightning will take over his entire existence, his data, and consciousness, and he will become their vessel like Jin.

The whole confrontation was quite exciting. I knew this duel was going to go on for another episode when it only started during the half-way point. They did a great job of building up the tension and excitement, as well as setting the stage. Kengo was also able to deflect Lightning’s attempt to destroy him within his first turn, but thanks to being given a hint about Judgement Arrows prior to their confrontation. But considering Lightning is the one who created Judgment Arrows, it would be naive to think he doesn’t have another hidden ace he has been developing up his sleeve. Not to mention, Lightning is extremely confidence he will win this duel. Unlike how Windy behaved, I don’t see his kind of attitude as cockiness. Rather, he probably knows he can defeat him, because he has something prepared to demonstrate to everyone. That’s why Lightning has deliberately invited Yuusaku’s team, and even Revolver to come and watch the duel play out. It’s one hell of a way to set an example of why they should fear him, and remind them all just how powerless they actually are against him (with the exception of the Hanoi Knights who have the knowledge and programs needed to stand a fight against the Ignis.) Either way, it’s all the more reason why I am looking forward to seeing how the duel will unfold between them, as Lightning knows exactly how to get under Kengo’s skin.

This and among many other reasons are why I don’t expect Kengo to win this duel. Simply put, they can’t have the Ignis lose to another Human, much less Blood Shepherd who doesn’t have nearly as much knowledge or experience as Yuusaku or the Hanoi Knights does against them. Lightning needs to set an example of why he should be feared, and use it as a means to demoralize his opponents by diminishing their hope.

That being said, there might be a way that ensures his survival, but it will come at a price.

Earlier in the episode, Kengo told Emma to stay out of the fight. It is actually quite endearing how he looks out for her, and doesn’t want her to get hurt in this mess. But I also feel like, this may potentially be foreshadowing Emma sacrificing herself to protect Kengo. In a way it will be counter-productive of her attempts to to persuade him to join the fight for co-existence, since it will create a situation where the Ignis have hurt the ones he cares about most. But at the same time, if Kengo were to lose his consciousness to Lightning, then even afterwards, unless he has an amnesia, one would expect his grudge against A.I/Ignis will remain.

But there is also a good chance that Kengo will lose his consciousness to Lightning, and will suffer the cruel fate of serving as the vessel of the one who attempted to (or successfully) murdered his Origin. Either way, both situations are super messed up, and as someone who has come to care about Kengo’s character, yeah it’s gonna hurt.

Of course there is another scenario that could play out, but it’s one that would be treated as a miraculous save I mentioned last week, but I’m not sure if I or anyone for the matter would like it. Because everyone are present at the scene, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t at least try to intervene. Lightning of course (as we have seen in the past) has ways to imprison them, or even stun them temporarily so they have no choice but to helplessly watch another one fall. It will be interesting to see whether or not anyone will still honour the agreements (perhaps even to Kengo’s demands because of his god damn pride).

But Kengo’s fate was not the only concern this episode. In fact, it is a part of a much graver problem. Since Programmers/Hackers are considered as serious threat against the Ignis, there is a good chance he will be (or already is) targeting Kusanagi or Akira. Furthermore, taking either one, or both of them down would also be a way of quietly reducing his enemies’ numbers. Another point that may have hinted this was how Lightning deliberately said he is targeting the weakest ones first. I feel like Kusanagi is probably the main target though to become an additional vessel, as the opening has been foreshadowing for quite a while now that something is going to happen. And when it does, my god, I don’t know how Yuusaku is going to handle it.

If that does happen in a scenario where Emma doesn’t sacrifice herself to save Kengo, then this may be a way for her fill the position serving as the team’s Hacker.

In other news, whatever Bohman’s doing at the moment is almost complete, so Windy has been assigned to head over to the “designated location”. We don’t know where that is yet, but it will likely serve as their new headquarters and be the moment when they officially begin their attacks on Humanity.

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  1. Lightning: “I only have Bohman and WIndy on my side.” Well, this just confirms that Bit, Boot and Haru aren’t relevant. Haru is essentially chopped liver at this point. Will we ever know what role he has in the story?
    Since there’s a gladiator theme to Lightning’s deck and Lightning seems to be the scholarly type, it makes me wonder if Jin likes to read.
    This is essentially the penultimate episode of the Blood Shepherd arc. I’m curious to know how BS’s end will be. Will he end up like Jin or will Revolver swoop in and save him, making him indebted to him. Now, I’m curious if Lightning will use Synchro Summoning or another older summoning method.


    Episode 80’s cast list has Jin speaking (the second time since his voice was heard in episode 64 as a figment of Kusanagi’s imagination), so I am wondering if Ghost Girl will yell out ‘Nii-san’ when BS loses and trigger Jin’s consciousness as he remembers his own brother. I can see that as a reason Kusanagi can be targeted by Lightning.

    1. Well Bit and Boot were prototypes of the earlier stages, unless they get upgraded they are nothing more than fodder for the frontlines. Haru’s role has yet to be determined. I guess he you could say he’s Bohman’s shadow, as he’s always keeping tabs on him. That’s probably his role, for the time being that is.
      I hope Lightning doesn’t use Synchro Summon, please use something else. We have so many options… But I guess it can’t be helped if it’s all for the sake of marketing purposes (which is usually the case).


      Hm Jin’s gonna speak? That will be really intersting if it’s in the present considering Lightning was mocking him today for being unable to. However this duel ends, it’s going to be a dramatic one!
      **Also for future reference, please keep these details under spoiler tag. For those like myself who don’t look up the cast list for future episodes, these details are potentially spoilers.

      1. Aren’t they already have tons of Synchro Summons for the market already? I don’t hate Synchro Summon, but ever since Arc-V, it has been shown and promoted more frequently than the others (aside from Pendulum, and now Link Summon), that I found it rather boring. I know it’s also based on popularity in Japan, but come on, it won’t hurt to show more Xyz and others once in a while.

        1. Yeah but I mean, look at the last few episodes, it’s been Synchro Summons nonstop, I started to wonder if it’s trending or something. :\ If it sells like hotcakes, I guess they will milk it for all its worth. I would love to see more Ritual Summonings, it’s something we don’t get to see enough of, EVER.
          But now that I think of it, it would be interesting if Lightning used Pendulum Summon.

          1. “I would love to see more Ritual Summonings, it’s something we don’t get to see enough of, EVER. But now that I think of it, it would be interesting if Lightning used Pendulum Summon.”
            Quite sad that Rituals still don’t get the spotlight they deserve considering how they’re among the few mechanics (aside Tribute summons) that don’t bow down to MR4 since they operate within the main monster zones. (Screw Extra Links, especially the Gouki-knightmare ones) Although should Nekroz (still the most OP Ritual archetype) return to full-power one day then people’s wallet will be emptied again.
            And no, utilizing Pendulums won’t do Lightning a lick of good since they CAN’T be used at all during Speed Duels where the left & right Spell/Trap zones are cut off (which ARE the new place to set the Pendulum scales). Armatos Legio might have a neat debut but now’s not the time.

        2. “I know it’s also based on popularity in Japan, but come on, it won’t hurt to show more Xyz and others once in a while.”
          Hell no, the reason being Xyzs gained TONS of spotlight and attention already during the Arc V era. We’ve been hardly treated with any meta-relevant Synchro archetypes at all since 5D’s and they had Zoodiacs under their belts plus their splashable (Rank 4) toolbox is still infamous.
          … Then I realized SouFucker’s Salaman”grates” already has a new Xyz confirmed in TCG.

  2. Before Lightning, I gotta say that Windy has established himself as the typical human-hating villain. His appearance truly is the one that clearly having “villain” board sign, and I hope that Windy (and Lightning) won’t be converted into good side like certain characters did in Zexal and Arc-V. I wish for a real villain in this series. Lightning seems pilosophical in this episode, I like the part when he read a book while inviting Blood Sheperd. These two Ignises are really hell-bend in taking over the world. They knew that Earth won’t join them, so they’re glad that SOL got rid of him. Urgh, I wanna punch them for their relieved reaction of the news! And also Windy when he said so easily that he’ll crush Aqua! You go die first!
    Aww…Kengo is being kind to his sister here. I wanna see more of flashback about him in regards about his father and Emma. I mean, in previous episode flashback, Kengo is angry at his father and seems to detest the happy family he had together with Emma, but is different now. I don’t think what Emma said before would be enough to fully convince him, so I want to know more his thoughts. Still not fully forgive him for what he did to SB though.
    Hmm…if BS become Lightning’s puppet, that’ll serve as motivation for Emma and highly possibly means for more of her character development in order to save her brother. I wish for Emma to have more action and victories, but I don’t want BS to become a puppet either…oh, the dilemma. What’ll happen next is rather unpredictable.
    Lightning only mentioned Windy and Bohman, so that means Haru can’t Duel at all? He’s just a support or something? Kinda let down if that’s the case.

    1. Lightning and Windy are both nasty characters. How dare they laugh about Earth’s demise. >:(
      That’s why I have a feeling there’s a chance Emma (if there’s nothing to stop her) will jump in to save him, or it could be Revolver as I suggested last week. Regardless of BS’s pride, he’s not about to stand by and watch Lightning take away a valuable player!
      I’m pretty sure Haru can duel, I mean if Bit and Boot can duel, surely he can too. On top of that, he has observed plenty, so he surely would have learned a thing or two. As I suggested to ecarg312, Haru’s role right now may simply be Bohman’s Shadow. He is always going back to Lightning to report and let him know if anything is amiss. Had Bohman tried to escape last time, it probably would have been Haru’s job to not lose track of him.

  3. Yeah, this episode was really mind-blowing today! Lightning really is turning out to be a sadistic villain the more screen time he has. I actually felt angry that he pretended to forget Jin can’t speak when asking him a question. And Windy is still just as sadistic as ever. He actually mocked the death of Earth and wants to kill Aqua personally if he wasn’t in a horrible condition. And yeah, Windy does seem to care somewhat about his physical appearance with that many scars on his body. Uggh, that evil laugh from Windy actually sent shivers down my spine. Lightning seems to sometimes like to playfully tease Windy about his appearance.
    As for Blood Shepherd, I think he’s becoming a more sympathetic character with this mini character arc of his. It serves to develop both his and Emma’s characters. I was touched how he cares about Emma in that he doesn’t want her to get hurt. I was actually thinking the same thing as you when I saw how concerned Ghost Girl has been for her brother. She’s not really a neutral character anymore because of how this season shows her more heroic side and that she’s now a member of Team Playmaker. I do think there could be a highly likely chance Ghost Girl may jump in to sacrifice herself so her brother doesn’t die.
    Lightning is actually really well-read if he actually quoted “Divine Comedy”. He does seem to have a fascination for ancient history, especially ancient Roman wars. I’m really starting to see Lightning as someone who seems like a gentleman at first since he did greet Blood Shepherd at his palace politely, but is actually a monster on the inside. I’m sure when he meant turning the place into a grave, he was planning to kill Team Playmaker after inviting them to come in and watch the duel. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lightning evilly laughs at the end of the episode next week. He definitely wasn’t too surprised by Blue Maiden and her partnership with Aqua. Although I do think Lightning is trying to kill Team Playmaker, maybe he’s going to try to brainwash them since all 4 are strong duelists and 2 are exceptional hackers.

    1. BS has grown immensely, and I love it because damn it took foreverrrrrrr for Aoi and Onizuka to undergo their own respective developments. I love seeing the humane side of his character, and his soft-spot for Emma. For someone who has abandoned by his father, he is really a family-oriented guy, and it’s kind of amazing how even though Emma comes from another family his father created, he doesn’t resent her for it. I love how he said to came to the grave to “break up” with him.
      However this duel is going to end, it will surely be lit and Lightning’s maniacally laughing is going to chill us to the bones. His and Windy’s VA are on POINT. They are definitely shaping up to be my favourite villains from YGO in years.
      Indeed, unlike Windy, Lightning’s way of killing people is to strip them of their freedom and true them into his puppets. There is no way in hell he will waste the talent he knows he can gain from.

  4. The December banlist are out and… the unthinkable happened. On one hand, yes, Firewall Dragon is B.A.N.N.E.D. from competitive play for good, being the core of FTKs for a long time now and got deservedly hit for alienating a large chunk of player base. Yusaku is crying because he’s stuck with the underwhelming Cyberse Clock & Quantum dragons as if Cyberses aren’t terrible enough to begin with, and Revolver is laughing his ass off because Topologic Gumblar Dragon is still on the loose.
    On the other hand, Go, Aoi & Emma all let out a huge sigh of relief as Goukis, Trickstars & Altergeists were once again left untouched.thus maintaining a certain degree of their strangleholds in the current meta.

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