Today I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention we are officially implementing a Comment Section Policy.

After much consideration, we decided for the sake of ensuring a positive experience for both readers and the writers, we have decided to update the rules. As of today, the rules will be enforced from here on out, so please take a moment of your time to review our new policy. It will also be available on our page menubar.

Thank you for understanding,
Admin Eva & The Team


As of December 2018, we are formally implementing a Comment Section Policy. Although we already had general rules in place that can be found in FAQ + Ask the Team page, we wanted to properly add conditions and consequences you should be aware of. So if you haven’t already, please review the rules we have put in place for the comment section below.

  • Do not ask inappropriate questions (EG: Personal/Sexuality/Political/Religious, Etc…)
    Please respect the writers by not asking such questions. Such behaviour will not be accepted and removed.
  • Do not be Toxic (EG: Bashing/Flaming/Spamming/Harassments)
    We want to encourage friendly discussion, it’s fine to have different opinions and agree to disagree, but please refrain from toxic behaviour such as bashing writers/fellow commenters and characters and creators of the show. There is a fine line between fair criticism vs toxic behaviour, and how you express that opinion must be respectful.
  • Do not Shill (aka: brazenly promote your blog/website/channel)
    Please don’t. It’s obnoxious. Linking to news related articles or translations that contains more information about a series of subject are permitted.

  • When sharing spoilers, USE THE SPOILER TAG!
    When sharing spoilers, please use the spoiler tag. We have instructions available on the left sidebar. If those are still unclear, hopefully the example below will help clear things up. Comments that contains spoilers (both major and minor subjects) will be deleted. If the user continuously chooses to ignore this rule, they may find themselves on the blacklist. So either use the Spoiler Tag, or else don’t bother sharing spoilers.


This is an image example of how to correctly use the spoiler code. Copy the code presented below and close the tags by removing the spaces in between. < details >< summary >Spoiler</ summary > spoiler context goes here! To use this code: Close Tags as presented in the  example above!< /details >
    If you fail to comply to our rules, you will receive a strike based on the offence.

    Major Strikes (1) includes: repeated posting of spoilers, toxic behavior
    Minor strikes (.5) include: posting of spoilers (one-time), self-promotion.

    If the user reaches a total of 3 strikes, they will be blacklisted.
    So you have been warned.

Q: I didn’t break any of the rules, so why hasn’t my comment showed up yet?

A: All comments fall into the Moderation Queue. Only when someone reviews it and approves, your comment will emerge. Please understand, we all have lives outside of blogging, so there are times in the day when it may take some more time for it to appear. While it’s rare for this to happen, there are occasions when it just plays out like that, so please be patient.

Q: Sometimes I am unable to add a comment, why is that?

We have received a couple of reports over the years of a rare occurrences where the user is simply unable to post their comment, or when they click to post, instead of the page reloading, wordpress eats the comment before it can even make it to the queue, or something along the lines of the sorts.

This appears to be a specific browser related problem, typically on mobile devices. We have had instances happen to us a couple of times before, but we don’t know why that is, nor do we have the resources to investigate it further. However that being said, we do encourage you to let us know when that happens though by contacting us through our Contact Us page. When you do, please describe the problem and let us know what device you were using on the time, and whether or not it’s limited to such device. Reports that we cannot resolve ourselves will not be replied to, but those we do know how to fix, we will respond.


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