We have reached the point of the series where all the characters are trying to reach the conclusions of their arcs… except, Homare and Saaya’s developments have been neglected for so long, we are finally seeing the results of the repercussions.

This week was about Homare finally getting the closure she needed with her unrequited feelings for Harry, and I loved the way the handled it. With the support of her friends, Homare found the courage to confess her feelings, and Harry in return, gave her the much deserved respect of being straight with her how he cannot return her feelings since he is in love with someone else. On top of that, as much as he wanted to comfort her, he knew better that it’s better if he shouldn’t. So props to Harry for the way he handled it.

And I am glad Homare can finally begin the healing process of moving on. I always loved how Homare’s character handled her crush, and the level of maturity of knowing to keep things that she knew she didn’t have the right to know a secret, and not letting jealousy take over. She handled her first love and heartbreak incredibly well, but it’s such a shame that I couldn’t find it in me to really care about it at all.

This is where the consequences of not being given enough time for the audience to really connect with her  becomes incredibly apparent. Sure, we have seen her deal with it along the way, but just wasn’t enough for me. As I watched this episode, it had me thinking back to Happiness Charge, because it’s one of the most vivid memories of mine when it comes to Precure dealing with unrequited love. In that series, I was completely invested and felt heartbroken for all the characters’ feelings. And I think one of the most important differences between the two is how the story dealt with it. Of course Love was a central theme in Happiness Charge, but not so much in Hugtto! Precure, which is really a variety of things. But I still feel like they missed a huge opportunity in many occasions where we could have seen Homare talk about her feelings with other characters, or at the very least, it should have been with Saaya if they had to go with one. She was the only one who figured it out very early on, while the others only received confirmations of their suspicions when they spoke to Pupple about it. And it frustrates me because this was yet another thing that really could have been something between the main trio.

While we are on the subject of Saaya, holy shit— it has not gone unnoticed to me for the past several episodes or so (excluding her own focused ones), Saaya’s character has virtually faded into the background, and it really ticks me off. Next week, she will finally be getting her episode, but again, I am in a situation where they have neglected her so much, that her’s (and Homare’s) development feels incredibly shallow. There’s hardly any depth to their characters, and worst off, Saaya has absolutely been the one who had it the worst of them all. I don’t know what direction Saaya will choose, odds are she has a good chance of leaning in the direction of going into the medical field because it really piped her interest, but we’ll see…

And lastly, for the love of God, Hana needs an Anti-George spray or something. He’s has gone all sorts of creepy and I really don’t like how he pops up to see Hana and how he’s interested in her and all that, ugh, I don’t know about you, but it actually made me shudder. Worst off, was it just me (and I have had my own suspicions of this since episode 23), or does Hana have a small crush on George? Anyhow, shit is bound to hit the fan sooner or later, maybe Episode 45? I actually can’t believe we are almost at the end, I’m surprised at myself for making it this far…

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  1. elior1

    we got the homare closure episode. there were things I liked very much in this episode but while they given her more time then saaya in term of episodes it still was not enough. also eva we were right about star twinkle it indeed going to be space art/ drawing theme

  2. elior1

    combination of art space theme can be risky

  3. Williukea

    I think yes, Hana did have a crush on George, because he was nice and good to her in the beginning, and now that she knows the true George, she’s trying to avoid him and to fight him like she should, but a small part of her still likes the old George.

  4. Eva

    Notice: Hugtto! Precure Ep 44 entry will be released as a double post with Episode 45 next week!

    1. Elior Levi

      eva it looks like we finally got image of how the star twinkle characters will looks like. what do you think about their design?

      1. Eva

        Love it, I think it’s adorable! I’m curious to see what the characters’ personalities will be like!

        1. elior1

          i love the pink precure she looks good with the stars which fit her name cure star . also the yellow one is brown skinned precure which is rare

        2. elior1

          please talk a bit about your opinion star twinkle precure civilian and cure forms which been released yesterday

          1. Eva

            Yup I’ll be mentioning them in today’s entry! I saw them on my twitter feed yesterday! I’m just about to start watching Episode 45 🙂

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