That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 9 + 10 [ Orcs are evil story 10000 ]

Orges, Orcs, and Slime show returns, oh my! Gosh, what a set of episodes. We’ve got new characters in the Ogres and woops, they’re hot. Gotta follow this shit down the rabbit hole. So to begin we actually have an amazing set of cool characters come to attack Rimuru’s goblin village because there was what seems to be a misdirect. But the misdirect is a blessing in disguise because the ogres are literally the coolest characters in the show sans Shizue and Rimuru’s adorable moe blob. I was worried they were going to be some final boss material but instead they’re just awesome. It’s nice to see new pretty ladies, new ogre boyfriend, and in general find some cute lore in the story.

I almost feel like this show has a leg up on Overlord for some of the problems in the story. We had a lot of build up episodes in Overlord that didn’t really pay off, but in one episode I really decided I cared about the characters in these episodes of Slime Isekai. I really wanted the Ogres to stick around and I was glad when the episode ended to that effect. It was even gratifying to see that some characters are able to recognize the abilities Rimuru has and where he got them from: but no one ever seems to expect he is the cutest slime in all the show.

That being said: It seems to be a theme at the beginning of every episode is to now make me love Rimuru by making him incredibly adorable. He can eat things now and he is incredibly cute, so now I just love him forever. I’ll admit it’s harder to talk about the show the more he simply does cute things – I love the cute things, but it’s not quite as engaging as it is to see him fight. You caught me, I’m now on board with most other reviewers when things get slow. Luckily other things happen in 10 anyway!

My Ogre boyfriend, the leader of the Ogres, is reluctant to admit that he is weaker than Rimuru and it takes a lot for him to submit to Rimuru being his current liege in order to defeat the Orcs, who they suspect are the ones really behind the attacks the attacks that have wiped out most of the Ogres. Rimuru then names the Ogre leader and this immediately knocks him out, but upgrades him into a ‘Kijin’, a unique type of Ogre. Unfortunately, this makes him way less hot so ripperoni my deep affections. However, Shuuna and Shion became so much cuter …and then of course, the creepiest one just looks like a middle aged man now. Kekeke. Then, remember my Overlord mention? This shows Lizardmen realize they’re screwed against the Orcs and send someone to meet with the goblins for an alliance. What a show, what a show.

I am 100% here for upgrading monsters. Transformation scenes make me feel good and I’m trash for them, so I liked episode 10 a lot. I wish they actually changed on screen but I’ll take the before and after. Looks like soon war will beginning (that was a meme for all you children out there) so time to suit up. Action. Finally.


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