Yagate Kimi ni Naru Episode 9: On Your Marks/The Unheard Start Signal

Yikes, usually I would be happy seeing one of the MCs develop feelings for the other MC and seeing them both share intimate scenes, but this show does the exact opposite. While everyone is rejoicing from the kisses, I just feel so much dread. That Nanami death glare from last time just flashed back in my mind, and with Yuu officially falling in love with Nanami, I can only sense problems from here on out.

This was probably the most important Sports Day anime episodes I’ve ever seen, haha. It shows the most pivotal moment of this show so far, and that is Koito falling in love with Nanami. The insert song, the background changing to white to only showing the only thing that mattered to Koito, which was Nanami. And flashbacks of their times together. Beautiful. It was at that very moment that Koito felt love, and this feeling was only made stronger in the shed scene. Her heart pumping faster, Nanami’s sweet scent, her silky smooth hair…like, come on, Yuu! You’re in love! But she just can’t accept it.

I can’t tell if she won’t accept it because she knows that Nanami doesn’t want her to fall in love with her, or because the emotions she feels right now don’t match up with the vision of shoujo love she believes love is supposed to feel like. Because their love and relationship is strange.

I knew from the start that this show was obviously going to be a shoujo-ai, because duh. But the show really painted Koito out to possibly be an aromantic/asexual person. If she were, as she probably believes she is, the conversation with Maki would be even more substantial. Maki himself is very much aro/ace and accepts it. While he doesn’t understand romance when he tries to apply it to himself, he can understand the concept in general. It’s literally like watching a romance movie as he watches other people be in love, as Koito puts it. He’s not lonely, and he’s totally happy with how he is. Koito feels relief as she speaks with him and really appreciates their talk, and while Koito says that she’s not lonely, she makes an expression that says different. While she says she’s just like Maki, she’s not and Maki knows that. Koito just won’t accept her feelings, but the feelings she felt by the end of the episode was a real “Oh, shit” moment. Like, “Oh shit….am I in love with her?” Though Koito isn’t aro/ace, I appreciate this series having someone who is – Maki. The show doesn’t only revolve around homosexual love, but also focuses on others in the LGBT community. While not everyone likes or accepts homosexuality, people can understand it. Aromantics and asexuals, I imagine, are put in a tough spot because of how much they lack romantic love. I think a lot of people don’t understand or even know that aros/aces even exist because the prospect of never falling in love with someone, never marrying, never kissing, never having sex, is just strange to people because everyone talks about finding the right person. Romantic and sexual gestures are seen as the norm, so people that identify as aro and/or ace I think are seen as weirdos. Which is wrong, of course. But like I said, I enjoy that Yagate Kimi ni Naru brought this up because I know that there are plenty of people out there that are just like Maki, and seeing a character like Maki being confident and happy with himself will hopefully make these same people feel just as confident and happy if they’re not.

Anyway, Nanami is a strange one. She doesn’t want Koito to fall in love with her for her own selfish desires, but she’s gotten a lot more forceful and aggressive with her feelings. Since last time Koito said she was happy to see her, I would think that she would back off from Koito a little more. I also thought she would have reacted negatively when Koito said the kiss felt good. We all know Nanami does NOT want Koito to fall in love with her, but she’s really pushing the boundary. And again, her not reacting to Koito enjoying the kiss confuses me when last time she almost looked like she wanted to murder Koito just for saying that she was happy to see her. Maybe it’s the writing or maybe I haven’t grasped something yet, but it doesn’t make sense to me. And normally I would enjoy having scenes like the shed scene in my romance anime but because of their unhealthy and strange relationship, I’m not excited.

Most of the episode was uneventful, but it was still very important. This is definitely the turning point for Koito and her relationship with Nanami, and I wonder just when Koito will accept these feelings! But when that happens, what then? I don’t know but it makes me nervous. D:

Also, the cafe owner coming over to make fun of her girlfriend is adorable and hilarious, I love that. Also, I didn’t know teachers took part in Sports Day as well? Huh, the more you know.


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