And it’s back… I’m not sure how to feel about it.

I watched the entire first season and it was terrible plot-wise, character-wise and animation-wise. Everything about the first season felt so lazy, especially how they hardly do backgrounds and will often resort to sparkly pastel backgrounds. It’s not a problem if they use that everyone once in a while but they do SO FREAKING MUCH that it’s noticeable. It honestly felt like what Nozaki did who would hide the fact he couldn’t do backgrounds by making stories that had to do with white space. Animation is as stiff as ever with hardly any interesting shot composition. Nothing noteworthy on the technical side of things as usual.

It’s been a few months since I read the manga so the order of things are a little blurry and I honestly don’t know what happened during the culture festival except for one situation. And while I wouldn’t recommend the manga, it did have its moments especially in the later half. So maybe the series can deliver on those scenes. But because of all the technical issues I mentioned earlier, I have a feeling they won’t feel half as impactful. Especially if they just gave up on animation in the later half like they did with the first season.

In any case, it seems like this season is starting up with addressing the Ito and Ayado ship, which was left hanging in the first half of the series. Poor Ito grabs hold of the courage to finally confess to Ayado. And while I admire Ito for trying to change his person, I do admit that it may have been a little too soon for Ayado. Considering as she said, she fell for someone only to be rejected and hasn’t had enough time to truly get over all of that. Oh Ayado… I admit I did like her in the first season… until she became the typical girl character who becomes friends with the main guy and develops a crush on him. Because then she started causing unnecessary drama. And upon reading the manga, my opinion of her essentially plummeted. However, I can still understand why she rejected Ito right now. It’s too much for her to deal with currently.

I’ve always found it amusing how much Ito looks like Armin from Attack on Titan… and then they both end up getting haircuts and STILL look like each other. Are these two twins or something in a parallel universe??? All jokes aside, I actually do like Ito with his haircut. Though it’s probably just my bias for anime guys with shorter hair talking. And while I’m always in favor of guys and girls remaining friends even if they can’t be together, I feel like it may be a little cruel and selfish on Ayado’s side to want to stay friends with Ayado so soon after he confessed. When someone gets rejected, they need some time apart from the person they confessed to so they can cool their heads and get over the fact they can’t be more than friends. They need some time to heal. I don’t quite remember, but Ito may have been avoiding Ayado after the confession in the manga before she reached out to him. But I could be wrong. It would have made more sense if that were the case and not have her immediately ask to still be friends if he hadn’t done or said anything afterwards.

We’re also seeing Tsutsui being somewhat forced out of his comfort zone by being the class representative for the culture festival AND be a judge for the beauty contest. Talk about a lot of pressure all at once. Poor guy lol. However, it also seems like he’s having some complications with Igarashi. Which is nothing new and I’m sure they’ll work it out eventually. But I do like how Tsutsui is trying to be more positive and strive to become a better person. Even if he messes up half of the time.

So far, they haven’t done anything to inspire confidence in me that this season will do anything groundbreaking. And in all honesty this series is pretty bland and it’s actually pretty difficult to talk about it because of the lack of substance this series has until the later half. Not to mention I have a lot of issues with this group of characters. glares at Takanashi Don’t think I’ve forgotten or forgiven the atrocity you committed last season. Though this episode did manage to get few chuckles out of me. So I’ll probably continue watching this mostly of curiosity of how the anime will adapt the later parts.

Possibility of watching: High

Possibility of blogging: Low


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