Hello? I would like to report an unauthorized feels trip. This stupid, corny, badly animated show about a bunch of 3-D people turning into 2-D people and solving puzzles isn’t allowed to make me feel like this.
So hot on the trail of last weeks episode, things are semi back to normal. Life and school move forward, but it seems like there is something brewing between Mizukami and Kikawada. Mizukami seems to have something he wants to tell Kikawada but he keeps freezing up. So Kikawada asks Shinomiya to talk to Mizukami about it. Too bad that’s not going to happen this episode, because before anything can be resolved past a small fight after hearing the backstory of their friendship. The rock returns.

As expected, as soon as Spudio returns. The teacher freaks the hell out on Spudio, as to be expected and of course the answer is that it’s not within his power to return the Teachers day trading money. The only way to get it back is to go and challenge and defeat the Sphinx.
So they are whisked away to the 2-D world once again to face off against the Sphinx and see what they can do.

It’s time for the 4 chosen, er 5 chosen heroes to work together in an attempt to save the world. So I didn’t think too much of it in the last episode, but the fact that they came back to the mistaken 5 people joke and seem to be still pondering it over stuck to me and I kept going to myself. “That’s going to be important.” I mumbled it at least two or three times under my breathe as the episode passed.
I wasn’t aware it would be important this quickly though!

As they lose the first game, Mizukami gets a part of him eaten by the Sphinx and though Kikawada and Shinomiya work together to solve the puzzle that the Sphinx gave them and get it on the second try. That doesn’t mean that Mizukami didn’t lose what was most precious to him and what was most precious to him was…


He’s gone, vanished from everyone’s memories except for Mizukami’s.

Of course, Mizukami wants to know how to get him back and the answer is the same as the Teachers day trading money. To Return Kikawada to the world, they need to defeat the Sphinx and get back the things that are most precious to them.

God, there is a lot to unpack in this episode.

First. The relationship between Mizukami and Kikawada. They are at least best friends, perhaps more. Mizukami saved Kikawada’s life after he was in a motor bike crash and almost died. I can only help but wonder though what it is that Mizukami felt he had to apologize for.

Second. The upped stakes. Last episode, when someone lost ‘What was most precious to them’ it was something as comically small as day trading money in a game. The teachers freak out was hilarious. This episode, the stakes jumped up entirely as a entire person lost their existence. 4 chosen heroes huh? Not 5?

I am not sure how long this plot line is going to to go on, I got the idea from the preview that it might wrap up as early as next week but I thought it was a great way to show the actual stakes in all of this. Mizukami at least will be taking their trips to the 2-D world seriously for now.