I am all about this show right now. If you had a bad day, it will calm you right down. It’s so cute and relaxing, everything I hoped it would be. I could see it being a favourite of the season for sure. The episode focuses on the first meeting between our two MCs, grumpy but popular mystery writer Subaru Mikazuki, and his new cat buddy, the streetwise Haru.

I went into this expecting Haru to be an important character, of course, but secondary to the human MC. However, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that Haru, at least in this episode, gets equal time devoted to her perspective as Subaru – the first half of the episode is seen through his eyes and the second half through Haru’s. I think it fits in well with the mystery-writing theme of the show to have the same story seen multiple times from different angles, and it’s funny to see how Subaru interprets Haru’s behaviour contrary her side of the story and vice versa. Right now, I really can’t say which character I prefer. They even match each other when it comes to iconic facial expressions.

Which is the bigger mood? Trick question: they are both equally big moods. Subaru’s face is how I look when I’m told to go outside too.

Actually, I didn’t dislike a single character in this first episode! I was mildly worried about Subaru coming off as a hollow, cheap version of Rei from 3-gatsu, and there are definitely some serious parallels, e.g., both characters are socially awkward young men with dead parents (both sets even died in car accidents) and unusual talents, but Subaru has enough character to stand on his own terms. I love the way his vivid imagination is showcased through visual gags and I find his chronic aversion to spoilers weirdly endearing as well. I’m looking forward to finding out more about his backstory – right now everything we know is pretty by the book (pun not intended by I’m leaving it there now), but I suspect, or at least hope, that there might be something interesting to come on that front at a later date.

And then there’s Haru, who reminds me of Meowth in that episode of Pokémon where he’s reminiscing about his life on the streets, which to be honest is enough for me on its own. Her street smarts and survival instincts contrast really well with Subaru’s near-inability to keep himself alive, and her seiyuu (Haruka Yamazaki) is putting in the performance of the episode if you ask me. Her backstory got surprisingly feelsy towards the end and I was not ready for it. I suspect it won’t be the last time this show gets me like that.

And finally, there’s the nice editor and Hiroto who is… a childhood acquaintance? A neighbour? Cousin? I don’t think it said. I’m sure I’ll find out later. Anyway, what I’m saying is he’s good and I like him and so far he seems like the biggest troublemaker in this show. Which is good. I love casts where I can root for everyone because I am a baby who avoids conflict. I guess these guys plus Haru are in charge of dragging Subaru out of his shell. Such shenanigans they’ll have.

Yep, yep, I really like this show. The art is cute and pleasant to look at, the characters so far are all likeable and well-intentioned, and overall it was just a really soothing watch. I’m going in with pretty high hopes for the next episode, and I think unless this stagnates or goes seriously downhill, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be blogging the whole thing.

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Guaranteed

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  1. zztop

    You might also enjoy this cute cat 4-koma Wonder Cat, with roughly the same beginning as this; but it’s much fluffier and funnier in nature.

    Wonder Cat’s more over-the top though; the titular Kyuu-chan can walk on 2 legs, take baths, eat human food and carry human-sized heavy loads etc. Also look out for the odd GIF chapters.

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