Now I don’t know about you, but I was on the edge my seat the entire episode. The moment they started preaching about the power of love, and how adults can dream too, I am sure those of us who are currently on board with the “Hana’s Tragic Future” theory, were just waiting for the bomb to be dropped. And honestly, I really thought when George said he was doing this for her, I thought he was going to reveal it then. But nah, they obviously wanted to do it in an more intimate setting, and there are still two more episodes to go! Sure it was frustrating, but hey without it, you wouldn’t have a good cliffhanger to make you tune in again next week, right?

Needless to say, I do hope they are going in this direction. I would love it to bits because it goes to show it’s not just the heroes that can be driven by the power of love, but the antagonists as well. It shows us the other side the power of love, and the extremes some people like George are willing to go. And honestly, it’s a great way to see characters who deeply believe in their own resolve and ideals clash in such a way. (On the side note: It was it didn’t go unnoticed to me how he not imprisons her so they can talk alone, but also spares her from being tortured to get his point across, by instead having her watch her friends suffer in attempt to force her to surrender).

However while I totally dig the Hana’s tragic end theory, I also can’t help but wonder if the writers are willing to go this far. So I believe it’s important to bear in mind, while George maybe in fact be Hana’s future lover, while keeping his role as an “Observer” in mind, when he says “saving you”, he is referring to the precures as a group. So it’s not just for Hana’s sake, but the group because he has witnessed them struggle in vain. I mean, when you really think about it, if they were to go take the “Hana’s Tragic End” route, it would quite dark and terribly depressing. But at the same time, this is one of the dark sides of life we have to face. Even when tragedy happens, we still have to move forward. Maybe that’s a theme they want to work with, and I would be impressed if they really decide to roll with it.

Nevertheless, whichever route they decide to go, Hana discovering George is doing this in part because he loves her as her lover from the future would a sufficient bombshell alone.

Another theory that has been bugging me since the beginning of the series (and I forgot to mention last week) was the one about Hana being Hugtan’s mother. Now while I was sold on this one for quite some time now, since the last episode the more I thought about it, the more I began to doubt it, only because there’s a couple of things that needs to be ironed out.

For starters, early on in the series, as soon as the whole future theme was brought up, I started to consider Hana was supposed to be Hugtan’s mother in the future. I didn’t and still don’t think it’s a coincidence how much these two have clicked and look so natural together, especially when she holds her. Yet despite that, my confidence shifted when we started to learn more about Hugtan’s background. And now with George’s connection to Hana thrown into the mix, I am even more uncertain about it. If Hana and George are to be lovers in the future and Hugtan is supposed to be their child, then shouldn’t Hugtan recognize him as her father then? Wouldn’t she regard to him as such? And vice versa? Unless there’s the another twist involved with the relationship, and Hugtan’s isn’t George’s child by perhaps from a previous relationship— but I highly doubt precure would want to make it that complicated. Furthermore, George continues to refer to Hugtan as simply a child who bears the power of Mother, which he needs in order to erase the future. So that’s why my confidence in this theory dropped from a 95% to 50% over the course of the week. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

Regardless, I’m probably thinking too much about this hahahahahaha.

Theories sides, it really goes without saying this episode was absolutely spectacular when it came to the fights, especially the animation. Goodness it was gorgeous. It was cool to see the former Criasu employees come together to aid the precure, except for Gelos and her minions. The trio only swept in at the very last minute to contribute a ride across the water. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who forgot she was missing until she reappeared. That’s how badly they neglected her character.

On the flipside, at least Saaya (finally) had a good episode, because goodness did she shine! I loved seeing her be so fiercely protective of Hana, being the first of them all to fight back to snap Hana out of being manipulated into surrendering. This is precisely why I have been so frustrated with the way they handled the characters in this series. Look at this girl, I always knew this had this fire within her, and yet they virtually never showed this side of her. (Being competitive against Lulu and telling Dr. Traum to hush because of the babies at the hospital doesn’t count). Justice for badass Saaya!

Family back together again Q v Q

Bishin and Risutol also had a decent showing, albeit corny for my taste. Risutol’s love towards Bishin confused me a bit because I wasn’t entirely certain if it was family love or romantic love, but the more I think about it and the context, I think Risutol loves him as a big brother of their family. As for Bishin, I still think her conclusion was too rushed for my taste, but considering I’ve given up on character developments as whole, I don’t really care about it at this point, so I didn’t think too much of it.

Now all there’s left to do is wait until next week… God help me, is it next Sunday yet Hana is looking exceptionally beautiful in the preview! I am very excited for her fight against George.

PS: I really loved how they used the language of flowers throughout the series, I love those little touches of symbolism.


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  1. Bibi

    Speaking of symbolism, I’m hoping for the red spider lily to appear

  2. il-Palazzo

    I remembered Gelos, only because Pupple showed up and I was thinking “ Shouldn’t her be fighting that girl? The one who stole her boyfriend? Oh, right, that one’s already redeemed.”
    Anyway, I spent most of the second half waiting for Hugtan to call George “Papa”. Too bad it didn’t happen.

    1. Eva

      LMAO That makes two of us! We will have to find out next week!

  3. Williukea

    Bishin was confirmed to be a guy when he first appeared

    1. Eva

      Thanks for the pointer, I made the correction!

  4. Bibi

    Í just realized next episode airs on Hana’s birthday… if the events on it turn out ugly,… oh Boy, that’s gonna be an awful birthday present.

  5. smcandy

    For me this episode also need some credit at least due when it came to the fights between the former and current employees of Dark tomorrow company.
    This I have said and commented before in episode 48.
    Also the ex-employees of Dark tomorrow company they show the most reformations when they got purified and help the most to pay back the cures at the end of the episode along with making better friendships and bonding after they saw the errors of their ways. I said this for most of them. The only other villains that can maybe rank up to them are in my POV their Fresh precure predecessors of Eas, Westar and Souler and Siren from Suite precure when it comes to helping the cures after they got betrayed/used ect by their leader. This my opinions so there might be many that might not agree but out of all the reformed villains that help the cures in the past series, the Dark tomorrow company ex-employees stood out the most at moving on from their evil ways next to fallowing I said above.
    Papple, Charaleet, Daigan, Doctor Traum really came though and shined in my opinion their true power it was interesting that Papple could somewhat purify Oshimaida’s with her Fan and semi coordinate with her fellow collages along with Doctor Traum. They really shined for me how they fight. The other former villains to which I can say the same too are Westar and Souler from Fresh precure in the last episodes they also shown their true strength when it came to helping their former enemies.
    Harry also was awesome too at how he handled in bringing Listol back to his senses and in turn how he along with Harry and Cure Etoile helped calm down and purify Bishin.

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