Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Episode 3

The best thing about this show is it manages to juggle it’s comedy and it’s heart-felt moments really well. It also has moments that catch you entirely by surprise, like this weeks ending theme. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s dissect the 3 parts of Love Is War this time around.

Part 1: ‘Miyuki Shirogane still hasn’t done it’, this by far is the most awkward part of the episode. As Chika picks up a magazine that the principal confiscated from a student and reads a survey that 34% of High School Students have experienced their ‘First time’ by now. It’s super clear very early on in the part that Kaguya has no idea what ‘First Time’ means. I was going back and forth through the entire part on what she actually thought it meant. I was pretty sold on the idea she thought it meant hugging from the way she was treating Shirogane and Chika. In the end, she thought that it meant kissing. Which still is a valid backing for most of her responses during the conversation.
The greatest part though is just Chika holding up her hand “I’ve got this president.”
Walking over to Kaguya and running straight off into a sixteen minute spial about what ‘first time’ actually means to Kaguya. Releasing her at last from her sheltered upbringing.

Part 2: ‘Kaguya wants to be figured out’ leavings Shirogane and Kaguya alone in the student council room. As Chika has to go home early to walk her pet dog, and the other member of the student council only shows up for a split second. It leaves them to talk about how well they’ve gotten to know each other since starting the student council together. Kaguya takes a chance to turn this into a game of 20 questions to see how well Shirogane knows her. Though instead of 20, she makes it harder and reduces it to 10.
So they go through and it’s strongly hinting at the fact the important thing to her she is hinting at is him. Though all the clues can mean one other thing as well, and that’s the answer. Chika’s dog. Of course, I think Kaguya would of been happy no matter which way he answered. In fact, she really wanted him to guess himself. The best part of all of this is when he stops and remembers all of her demon faces.

Part 3: Is the cutest and purest thing in the world. ‘Kaguya wants to walk’ is adorable because it’s just Kaguya trying to get the pleasure of walking to school with a friend for the first time in her life. As a rich and privileged girl, she has never once actually walked to school. Instead always having a private driver take her in. She wants to meet up and walk with Shirogane so badly. She ends up helping a younger student who is scared of walking to school on their own and helps them face their fears.
In the end, she does end up running into Shirogane. Who is running late on his bike, notices her running late and refuses to let the members of the student council be late. So he lets her onto his bike and takes them to school. She just looks so happy and it’s so cute and pure!

Lastly is the part of the episode that I think everyone is going to be talking about. Chika’s epic dance session, that I will forever lovingly refer to as ‘When the president is out’ as a meme. It’s cute, it’s fun. The song is catchy and Chika is just adorable!!!
Another stellar episode all around. I’m so glad to see that this show hasn’t run out of steam.


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