Episode 13

We’re back with Radiant with two action packed episodes! Things are certainly ramping up in the series, well I suppose they’ve been ramping up for the past couple episodes. But crap certainly hit the fan this episode and it’s getting pretty exciting.

We get some more information about sorcerers who can actually control Nemesis called Domitors. After learning about that I literally went OH SNAP. Especially since they are considered a bigger threat than normal Sorcerers. Which makes sense considering what they do. However, I’m really interested in learning more about Nemesis since they seem to have feelings of some sort as we see the source Nemesis crying for some reason. Even back with the first Nemesis we saw, after Seth made fun of it, it started acting out in annoyance.

And while I may sound like a broken record about this, but the people of this world are freaking terrible. Not only do they treat Sorcerers like trash, but they are even blaming immigrants for causing the commotion and putting them on the same level as how they view Sorcerers. “Normal” people are such cowards in this world. Yes they’re afraid of things that they don’t understand, but by treating so many groups of people like they’re the spawns of evil, they are pretty much losing all potential allies to help defend against disasters and Nemesis. But now I’m starting to question if Nemesis are even evil to begin with. Because from what I’ve seen so far, people are the worst monsters of this world.

Speaking of monsters, let’s talk about Konrad real quick. The guy is a literal scumbag, essentially blaming immigrants as a source of his troubles. Even going as far as to view them as more dangerous than the infected. What are they doing that makes Konrad believe this? And boy was I thankful that Dragunov is catching onto how corrupt Konrad is. The man threw him some SHADE by asking Konrad which side he’s really on since he’s allowing Nemesis to run wild, putting the people at risk and instead is choosing to focus on getting rid of the immigrants. Priorities man. Why is he just so set on getting rid of the immigrants?

Things really are getting interesting, especially how Doc found an abandoned house just filled with Nemesis, which are probably being bred by the Inquisition of the town. Not to mention that Doc is physically not looking well and I’m actually worried about him. Something else seems to be going on with him and I’m curious as to what is happening. I’m still eternally grateful that this is such an exciting arc after the slog fest of fillers.

Also, can we just talk about how when Taj was tied up to a steak, it was literally a reflection of Seth as a child. He even came down and did the exact same thing that Alma did to protect him way back when. UGH MY HEART.

Episode 14

Okay, what the actual heck is going on with Doc. The way he looks is definitely not just because of the air quality in this town. Does this confirm that Doc is actually a Sorcerer or an infected? ‘Cause they still haven’t quite confirmed what Doc is. At first I thought he was a Sorcerer, but then he spoke like he was a normal person. Now I’m not sure… But I’m pretty sure he isn’t dead. Probably.

But holy crap, I was so thankful that Seth finally had a clearing up moment with Grimm. You could have had this ally sooner! If he freaking came clean in the first place, Grimm wouldn’t have attacked. But I am glad that Grimm apologized over the miscommunication. It was both cute and hilarious how his title changed to “Unexpected Ally, Grimm.” I’ve always liked the instances where characters that look and act like antagonists but become allies to the protagonist. I hope that Grimm will help out Seth in the future as well.

Not only that, but I’m also liking the development with Dragunov. Despite my initial thoughts on him when he first appeared, he’s definitely shown to be a very respectful person, putting the safety of the people above all. Even going as far as to save Mellie from a Nemesis because he’s aware that the Sorcerers are not the enemy in this situation. I do hope he can eventually be an ally to Seth if not a friend. Their dynamic would probably be pretty great, heh.

What I didn’t like about this episode was when the Domitor brewed up a tornado around the bell tower, the camera constantly shook. The effect honestly made me feel a little dizzy and I wish they didn’t continue using that effect the entire episode. I can understand using it when it first kicked up, but it just added an extra layer of movement that was unnecessary afterwards. The animation was also a little wonky at times. However, I couldn’t help but compare the fight animation to Persona 5 the anime and while Radiant has its hiccups, it’s fighting choreography, shot compositions and animation is still far more interesting and better done.

The fight between Seth and Konrad was actually really interesting and I actually really like Seth’s fighting style. Especially since he’s using not only close and long ranged attacks, but also defensive ones that give him a bit of diversity in fights. I thought he’d just be a fist fighter, so I’m glad and surprised over his development. He can also be pretty resourceful (in a hilarious manner) by throwing his shoes at Konrad’s face as a distraction before kneeing him in the mouth. I also laughed pretty hard over the fact that Seth stole Konrad’s mustache.

Konrad continues to be a piece of crap by being willing to sacrifice HUNDREDS of normal people to supposedly rid of the “filth behind the wall”. We know full well that he was hoarding a bunch of Nemesis in the city, but we still don’t know what he plans to use them for. I was actually surprised to find that he hired the little Domitor girl to control the Nemesis. I know that he wants to create a new and balanced Rumble Town. But what is pushing him to do this and view immigrants and Sorcerers as filth? Not only that, but he’s trying to recreate a disaster that happened before. Just what will all this destruction accomplish? I hope this guy gets taken down in the most satisfying way. Come on Seth, you can do it!


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