High School Girls(also called Girl’s High) was one of my favorite shows in high school. Even though it did not reflect my high school life in anyway what so ever, this show was a fun ride about girls making the transition from middle to high school. It’s outrageous and funny and no other slice of life show could compare.

Girls’ High was a show that aired in Spring 2006 and is currently about 12 years old making in a retro anime. It has 13 episodes and 3 specials, so you can watch it about week. It’s not long at least.( 16 times 20 equals 320, so it would take you 320 minutes to watch the show, if you watched it straight

I always say if they using flip phones, it’s retro, but I see some shows from 2012 using flip phones, so I can’t say that. They are also trying to make smartphone flip phones, so that’s not a criteria for retro anime. So I guess it’s before 2010, it’s a fine throwback. When it reaches 2030, anything made now will be a throwback. Just wanted to clarify. I’m doing it in years, not by what’s in the anime now.

Well, anyways, this show is about a group of 6 girls, just trying to make it through high school in the most of hilarious way as possible. My favorite character was Ayano, the girl with the glasses because she was a good comic relief. She’s not too smart, which is funny, because people with glasses are supposed to be smart. In the 4th episode, they have a scene where she drops her glasses and she is trying to look for them. Then she finds a decent boyfriend in the middle of the show and some of the crew is jealous, which is funny. Yuma was also a funny character because she’s always trying to get out of something, which usually ends bad and it’s funny. The 2 main characters Eriko and Kouda were hilarious in the beginning of the show because they were always trying to get the best of each other and then they become friends and their friend groups merge. Himeji is also interesting, I feel like she’s the logical one, tho. She has a boyfriend for a good part of the series making the others jealous, which is funny( I think they follow her for an entire episode to figure out who it is). Ikue is the innocent friend, she’s short, tiny, and cute and Himeji always protects her.

I really related with the part in the beginning of the show where they had the insider and outsiders thing. The school they go is a middle school and high school. So the people who have been there since middle school are called ‘insiders’ and the people who come during high school are ‘outsiders’. I went to a middle/high school, but I came in high school, so I knew I feeling. Everyone already has friends and your like “oh no…” Eriko, Ayano, and Yuma were a group of friends who came to this school in high school. And Kouda, Himeji and Ikue were friends in middle school at the same school and now were still friends in high school. So when Eriko and Kouda became friends their groups merged. I don’t want to spoil too much, I want y’all to watch the show. For real.

I also like the how they talked about girl’s periods. So part of the high school experience. The cramps and the pad an tampons. And all the messes, just in general. I haven’t seen many shows talk about that, so explicitly as this show. A period should be the last thing people are afraid to talk about, bleeding is normal for the most part. Wait is it?

I brought the DVD of this awhile ago because I wanted my friend to watch( he’s a guy, so this show is not for him). And he enjoyed it, he actually laughed. We only watched episodes 1 and 2 though. I watched episodes 3 and 5 myself because those one’s got me dying the entire episode. Episode 3( or 4 maybe) is Field Day. That’s all you need to know. Episode 5 is Finals, where they try to get the teacher to give them the answer to test so they don’t have to go to summer school. The teacher is called Odagiri and he is so vain and arrogant, but he’s actually hot. He’s in love with himself, but he is still nice to others, it’s a reoccurring joke. He’ll look in a mirror or see a reflection of himself in water and say “ain’t I handsome” and admire himself(haha).

The theme song was my jam back in middle school. Everytime I watch the show, I have to watch the opening. It’s not the best opening, but it’s a danceable one. People always be like “[blank]? that’s a bad song!” and they over there dancing and shit over there. Stop. So many examples, I can’t even. I just accept that even though a song doesn’t have that much creativity in song lyrics or musical composition, they made me dance and sing.

Now, I’m in college, I kinda remembered this show and was like ” what a time in middle school.” I kinda want to go back and watch all the shows I watched during middle school and early high school.