The Promised Neverland Episode 3: 181045

Sister Krone is a lot scarier than what I had expected. She’s completely insane. She seems to be a lot more unpredictable and reckless compared to Isabella. What she wants is to rise up in the ranks and become a Mama like Isabella, as she’s only an assistant right now. While she’s there to supposedly help out Isabella, she’s more in it for herself.

Isabella spills the truth onto Krone about some of the children knowing about the harvest. Apparently there’s some protocol that’s supposed to follow if something like this were to happen but Isabella wants to handle it her own way and only wants Krone to carefully watch the children. Isabella already has her suspicions who the two children are, the two oldest being Norman and Emma which means she still has no idea that Ray is in on it too. As Krone is alone in her room, she monologues out loud to her little baby doll about the whole situation and soon sees the advantage she can take with Isabella’s situation. If she finds out which kids know about the harvest and outs Isabella, then she can become a Mama. Krone is pretty over the top. Her monologuing accompanied with spinning around the room and singing her plans out loud shows how much in her own little world she is. Just that behavior was enough to show how reckless she is, but it was even more so when she tried getting a reaction out of Emma during the game of tag when mentioning the harvest. If she continues like this, she can easily screw herself over. The game of tag was two things. For Krone, it really was a chance for her to really know the kids. Isabella is known for having pristine and fantastic produce in her plant (farm) and Krone wanted to see that firsthand, and for the kids (namely Emma, Norman, and Ray) it was more of a survival game. How long could they go without getting caught?

Emma had come up with playing tag to help the kids gain physical abilities and strategy skills. Ray brought up the point again that they have a lot of tiny children and babies that are not physically strong at all. As harsh as it sounds, they kind of are a hindrance. But Emma mentioned how playing tag can help them out as a sort of training while they think they’re just playing. They do that and things look fine until Krone interjected with her own game. This was a good opportunity for them though, as they saw what Krone was made of. She’s ridiculously fast and terrifying, and she was easily able to trick and catch the littlest ones. She was also able to catch Emma, but Krone wasn’t able to catch Norman and Ray before the time limit. They were able to learn each other’s abilities pretty well.

One huge problem they figured out in the end was there possibly being a mole among them. It was the way the episode had the camera move around in certain placements made me feel this way from the start. The shots were from a distance and in certain areas where someone could be hiding and hearing them, like behind the stairs or behind the shelf from the pantry room, or behind the bushes when they were talking in the forest. It was obvious that the glasses girl was suspicious and was possibly spying on them from how the show focused on her, and her reaction in the baby room when Emma was checking Carol. And dammit Emma, she drove me crazy in that little part. She was basically mumbling to herself out loud, not noticing that the glasses girl was next to her who could have been listening to every thing she was saying. Emma, please! She’s literally right next to you, I think she can hear what you’re saying.

She’s very suspicious now and it seems true because of Krone’s words as well. I’m guessing her life is spared since she’s a mole, but I wonder what else she gets from being a mole. We also got to see the demons again and learned a little more like certain kids from the orphanage that could be shipped soon and given to “Him”, whoever he is. There’s also a Grandma, who is possibly the boss of this entire messed up business. I also like that the kids brought up how and where Carol and Krone came from. How the kids are made and brought is still unanswered and has me curious.

Which kids are going to be killed and shipped out next, and why is Isabella’s farm the best? How many other farms are there and what kind of world is this? Lots of questions and mind games, who knows what these little kids are going to do to survive.


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5 Responses

  1. Kazanova says:

    It’s possible the mole is other kid and not the glasses girl (I forgot her name too). Manga and anime recently tends to make certain character to stand out on purpose to shift our attention from other possible characters so that later the revelation of who the mole is feel more surprising and unexpected for us. That’s why I’m not going to think the glasses girl is the mole yet. Heck, the mole could be the least suspicious kid like one of the age 5 and under children, the black-skinned boy (forgot his name too), or even Ray (hopefully not because I like him).

    • Berry says:

      That’s true. The show focusing on the glasses girl could totally be them screwing with us. It really could be any of the kids but I doubt it’s Ray. At least I hope it’s not him because I like him too. ^^;

  2. Andrew M says:

    I was grinning a bit when they had that dialogue as to where they come from given our discussion last week, but since one fellow reader pointed out that its not answered yet in the manga, we’ll have to wait and see.
    I greatly enjoyed the scene where they checked the baby out for the “gps” device. I think it was wonderfully done with the field view and the way they handled the small child, felt very life like. This is a very smart series so far which I enjoy greatly together with Dororo, I hope they keep up the pace.

    • Berry says:

      Haha I was too. I was like “Hey, we were just talking about that!” But yeah, too bad we won’t get answers. But I find it weird that none of them have ever asked Isabella where they came from. I think it would be natural for a child to ask lots of questions about their parents, how they got there, etc. Kids like to ask a bunch of questions.

      You and me both! This and Dororo are my favorites of this season, if I haven’t made it obvious in my reviews. Both shows tell their stories well and have me engrossed in both. Also Mob Psycho, can’t forget about Mob. <3

  3. zztop says:

    Motives and villian pacing for the 1st arc are quite small-scale and farm-limited, but will grow together with worldbuilding in future arcs once the gang escapes.

    Plus, the reasons why demons eat humans have just been revealed in the latest manga chapter, but it’ll be a Long Time before any potential anime seasons cover that point. Let’s just say it’s essential to their very sentience beyond normal nourishment.

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