First Impression: Hot damn.

If you’re looking for fluff, look no further than Lupin’s route, because it is FULL OF IT! From start to finish, Lupin’s route was incredibly endearing and fun to read through. Although it shared the same average play time (an hour and a half), it definitely felt longer than some of the others I have played. I think it had to do with how they broke the route up with two different stories: One where Cardia wanted to steal Lupin’s heart, and the other was Cardia wanting to learn more about the man she still considers to be her father, Isaac Beckord, and who he was before he went down the wrong path.

The operation to steal Lupin’s heart was absolutely hysterical, especially Van’s and Delly’s antics. I don’t know why Victor thought they would have some good ideas, but he learned the hard way that those are the last people anyone should get love advice from. They thought it was some genius idea to re-enact a threat by dressing up as Twilight Agents, and managed to drag Victor into it as well even though he had tried to stop them. Sisi was the one who blew their cover though, because ahahaha, Lupin was shocked to see how strong the supposed agents were. (On the side note, Van looked so damn fine in that outfit…) It was really cute how fired up Delly was about crafting up the idea in the first place. What was the most hilarious part though was how Delly baited Van (who intially refused to get involved) by suggesting Impey is better than him, and the man quickly turned around with: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Van absolutely won’t tolerate losing to Impey! Lupin was annoyed with their tactics, and ultimately the first attempt ended up as a failure.

The second attempt however, was a success thanks to Cardia actually being involved with the plans and working alongside the two people who are a lot more sensible in the romance department. Impey’s suggestion of making Lupin jealous worked wonders, simply with Cardia going up to him, bluntly telling him she is going on a date and leaves without another word. It is cruel considering all of this is happening just under a week since their wedding, but I would be lying if I said Lupin’s reaction didn’t amuse me. He was so shocked, and sure enough he ended up tailing, just as they wanted him to.

The “double date” Cardia went on with Impey and Saint-Germain was really cute because it wasn’t any different than hanging out with each other, and they had fun all the same. Lupin knew he shouldn’t be upset about it, since it’s perfectly normal and fine for her to hang out with them, but haha he was so envious, it was adorable. I thought it was especially hilarious how serious Saint-Germain was about Lupin not showing proper appreciation for the happiness that comes along with capturing Cardia’s heart. If that didn’t scream: YOU BETTER MAKE HER THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD, then I don’t know what did! He also knew exactly how to draw out Lupin’s childish side, by deliberately suggesting they go to the cafe he wanted to take Cardia out to himself. Saint-Germain you shrewd man!

As terrible as it may sound, it was adorable seeing how bummed out Lupin was. Most of the time, we see him as a mature, grounded gentleman, so it was nice to see a different side of him, the side where he gets flustered and showing off his childish side. I thought it was absolutely endearing, so when that happened I thought to myself, “CARDIA GOT HIM GOOD!”

I mean seriously, just seeing Lupin pouting by the bush beside the cafe, listening into their conversation while hugging Sisi, it was just too cute! I couldn’t stop giggling about it. Impey and Saint-Germain totally knew he was there, so it was especially funny when they started to deliberately fire jabs at his flaws. It was worth it though because he got to hear Cardia gush about her love for him, which just made him melt. If only she had been able to see his face. It’s exactly what she had been wanting to to achieve, so it’s a shame she missed out on it.

Cardia was also adorable in the way she really wanted to get back at Lupin for teasing her and getting the upper-hand so much. It frustrated her, but she wanted to get more on equal terms, which Lupin didn’t quite realize until he heard it come right out of her mouth. But it seems Cardia also didn’t realize that she has already stolen his heart long ago, so it was sweet when he explained it to her.

The second story in regards to Cardia wanting to learn more about who Isaac was before he gave up his humanity. So Lupin sought out Queen Victoria for some assistance to be granted permission to access Isaac’s documents, where Cardia was able to read through his diaries to learn how much this man truly loved his family. And it was sad reading through it.

Final Verdict: 5/5

Of all the Side Stories, this is definitely the one that struck just the right balance of having Lupin and Cardia have intimate moments with each other, while still featuring the rest of the gang. The conflict was adorable as it should be when this takes place just a week after their wedding, and I loved every second of it.

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