Date A Live III Episode 6 – Crossroads

She gets it. She really gets it. I’m glad to see that Natsumi is still transforming into her onee-san version though. While it’s just a physical change, she is definitely bolder and more confident when she turns into her older self and I like her when she’s like that. Looks like the self esteem issues aren’t completely resolved just yet. She seems to be an all around great addition to the team though. I really feel like she gets us, the viewers.

Ok, but anyway, I’m so excited right now! With Shidou stuck in whatever that room was and with everyone preoccupied with their fights… there only seems to be one way out. This is such a perfect opportunity for Kurumi to appear, it’s not even funny. I’ll be so disappointed if some rando comes to save him. I wonder where he is though. It looks like a mix between a junk pit or a discarded toy room.

Origami’s personality is so hard to read, I couldn’t tell if she was torturing him or joking when she shoved the entire water bottle down his throat. It was honestly a toss up… Even when she’s turned evil I still find her funny. It sucks that she’s trying to revert to her old self. Since it’s a highly personal, revenge filled motive it’s not even like she can be reasoned with. Someone is gonna have to smack some sense into her. I don’t know who the running favorite girl is in the show for most popular, but she 100% takes it for me.

Which is why I can’t bring myself to hate her for it. A spirit did kill her parents and destroy her hometown. I have legit no idea how she survived that explosion. It was like a nuclear blast and she left with some scratches. I mention this because I’ve seen a few people up in arms about how she’s being irrational and stupid. Yeah but, I mean, c’mon. She’s a high schooler that had her parents killed. Cut her some slack. Soon enough she’ll realize it’s OK to accept a normal life. Not to mention, her interactions with Shidou are one of the things I look forward the most. The show can’t lose her!

This season is definitely more action heavy than I remember it being in the past. Not a complaint though. The harem aspect, I think, is why everyone watches and will continue to watch, but adding other elements is always welcome. Especially if it’s done at least somewhat well. Which I think it is in this case. The Origami vs. Harem fight was pretty entertaining to watch. On a side note, I’m so glad we got to see the Fraxinus team moment. I know they’re really not that relevant to the story, but I missed their shenanigans so much! The enemy ship seems pretty OP, but I’m sure they’ll pull through and have a few laughs.

This episode flew by really fast and there wasn’t much to talk about. That being the case, I think I’ll keep this short. Now to just cross my fingers, draw a blood summoning circle, and wait for Kurumi to appear in the next episode.

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