Dimension High School is an emotional see-saw, episode 6 was pure comedy. Absolute madness on a level that I had to sit and contemplate what I had just witnessed.
Vice-Versa Episode 7 is a emotional ride from start to finish, the episode begins with a flashback of Momoya-sensei when he is a student. He’s working together with a dear friend to make a manga, the friend writes the story and he draws the pictures. It also establishes that his friend is in poor health and overworking himself, despite that poor health. He collapsed recently and Momoya had to hear it from his mother. It’s not hard to figure out the story from there, we cut back to the present day to Momoya staring out a window thinking about his old friend.

This is where we finally figure out how Spudio lived through the great rock crushing of 2019. The old bait and switch, Momoya-sensei changed out the rocks when he was supposedly placing Spudio in a handkerchief to keep him from sliding around.
He kept Spudio with the hope that if the Sphinx can take something away, perhaps it can give something back. So he wants to go to the 2D world, it’s only a matter of time before Spudio wakes up. [unfortunately, he doesn’t know the trick of just sticking an umeboshi on his cheek.]
He also has a talk with Shiroyama about the Sphinx’s end game, what they are after in the long run. The dimensional level rises each time a Sphinx eats someone and then goes down when a Sphinx is defeated.  The overall goal seems to be bringing the Dimension level to 3D. Not for that parallel dimension, but to destroy our own dimension and let the Sphinx’s roam free on the earth.
Shiroyama things Momoya is acting weird, but doesn’t put too much stock in it because he believes their dimensional battles are over.

Only to be blindsided by Spudio flying out of Momoya-sensei’s pocket in the middle of tutoring.
Momoya, Shiroyama, Kikawada and Mizukami get dragged to the other side. Midorigaoka was late for tutoring and thus is left out of this week, which is probably for the best. I can’t imagine he’s going to take the events of the end of this episode very well.
A red Sphinx appears, the father of the two defeated Sphinx’s from before. He is up to give them a puzzle, and they are ready to take it or at least, Momoya is. Under one condition, if they win, the Sphinx listens to his request. So the riddle is set and they have 3 minutes to solve it.

They reach the answer pretty quickly actually, there is still roughly a minute left when they reach the answer. The Sphinx says something about Spudio ‘betraying’ him and giving them a hint, which causes suspicion with the boys later. Spudio claims he doesn’t know what the Sphinx is talking about and he risked his life to come to the 3rd dimension to find the ones foretold in the propochy.
As the Sphinx is defeated and fading away, Momoya steps forward and makes a request. He wants to see his dead friend, just one more time. So as the Sphinx fades, he wants to be taken away as well to a place where he can see his friend. The Sphinx says he can and takes Momoya-sensei away as he vanishes.

Cut back to the 3D world, the boys have their talk with Spudio and hear that the propochy is about 4 boys. The first four people to touch him, and how they would save the world from the Sphinx’s. This propochy comes from Oedipus himself, after he finishes telling them about this. He drops like a rock, pun intended and sleeps. This is when Midorigaoka comes running into the classroom apologizing for being late, only to find that Momoya-sensei is not there. He questions the other boys and that’s where the episode ends.

I have so many questions that will probably go absolutely answered.

  1. If this friend of Momoya-sensei is so important to him, why did he not tie into what was taken from him when he was eaten by the Sphinx. Why was it his money?
  2. If it was actually the money, does the money still somehow tie back to his friend?
  3. Was the money just a cover up and a lie all along so his students wouldn’t know what was really taken from him? His friend was already dead by this point I think, so like, why not memories of his friend or thier manga?

Why am I trying to put so much logic to this dumb show? Oh well, next time we get to see a Black Sphinx and Midorigaoka freaking out about the loss of his beloved teacher. So at least there is that.