Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue Episode 7

Ahh, so it’s not quite time for the fan event yet. That’s fair, it seemed a little soon. But it looks like it’s not off completely, at least. I guess the fan event will be the big test of Subaru’s newfound social skills at the end of the season? For now, though, an in some ways greater challenge: an unexpected visit from children. Dang, just when you think Subaru can’t handle any more Friendship (TM), they throw a bunch of little Yasakas at him. What a series, eh?

I love that Hiroto has a million siblings and also that they’re all delightful just like him. I’m not sure how I feel about the Nagisa, though? She’s cute and all but they seem to be hinting towards her having a crush on Subaru (or maybe she’s just shy?) and that’s just not a territory I want this show to be exploring, quite frankly. It’s Nana or bust for the Subarubowl as far as I’m concerned, not that he necessarily has to get together with anyone at all. But as long as their relationship stays at the platonic book recommendation level, I guess it’s alright. The twins, Hayato and Narumi, and Misora are unambiguously great though. Atsushi was there too and he wasn’t around much but I want to acknowledge that he was there and he was nice, and I quite like him. Good editor, good guy.

Subaru retook his crown as “most relatable boy” though. If you don’t look like this after spending a day with children I don’t understand you.

To be honest, I’m glad he’s not getting a fan event right out the gate. If he’d made his way through something that huge when he couldn’t even talk to Yuugo just one episode ago, it would have seemed a little false. The baby steps approach is best.

There wasn’t too much Haru this episode but her scenes were some of my favourites from the episode. Like that bit with the delivery people who turned out to be the mother and daughter who fed Haru, god damn. This show is throwing out twists left and right. I guess this must be a pretty small town or something. What else can they spring on us at this point, I wonder? Maybe the rest of Haru’s siblings will appear out of nowhere and Tora and Kuro will have secretly survived and Subaru’s parents are back from the dead while we’re at it. It probably sounds like I’m being super snarky here but I would readily accept it if all of these things happened because everyone in this show deserves to have only good things happen to them.

It was a quieter episode overall and I don’t feel like there was as much to remark upon as there has been in previous episodes, but it was cute as ever nonetheless and I continue support Subaru in all of his endeavours. Also I hope this gets a second season because at the rate they’re introducing new characters we’re not going to get nearly enough time with some of them otherwise.

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