Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind: Episode 17 [Babyface]

Forced to abandon the train after the events of the last couple of episodes. Bruno and his gang have taken up other forms of transportation, including hitching a ride on a truck and stealing cars. Girono’s idea to ‘steal’ 100 cars by turning them into frogs with his stand ability and letting them scatter making it harder to trace what car was actually taken is really clever.
Unfortunately, before they can actually hot wire and steal a car. They are found by an enemy stand.

Let’s back up for a moment. At the end of the previous episode, we see someone getting a blood sample from Bruno. He finds a hot headed woman on the train and finds her information and plugs it into the computer he has on him. Along with the DNA from Bruno. They work together to create a ‘baby’ between the two of them.
Melone’s stand, ‘Baby Face’ is a remote controlled stand type. He uses the computer as a bond between himself and the remote controlled baby stand to help it learn. It also learns from the mother, learning from her words. Honestly, the implications behind this stand are a little bit unsettling and I had to stop for a second and shudder. Though even while this was on my mind, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as Melone used a picture book to teach the stand how to kill. Showing it the animals and how they hunted. Simple games such as bowling, baseball, ice skating and Yoyo’s and using those things to kill the members of Bruno’s gang. The illustrations were childish and it was funny to see them depicted.
The ‘baby’ develops even faster then Melone expects and steals a bike to go kill Bruno and his crew and capture Trist alive.

Bruno and Trish are the only two in the turtle when Baby Face arrives there and it honestly makes pretty quick work of them. Unfortunately for Baby Face, it’s escape route is cut off by Giorno. The Newbie that the Assassin group knows nothing about. Not his looks, and not his stand power.
So Baby Face tries to take every precaution it can. Removing Giorno’s throat so he can’t cry for help was a really clever move. Too bad for Baby Face, Giorno’s ability is basically the opposite of his. While The homunculus creates a square-shaped vacuum that forcefully divides anything it touches into cubes, or simply extracts a singular cubic part of the target. Giorno can turn anything it touches into living matter.
Giorno and Golden Wind learn from Baby Face and it’s a pretty one sided fight so far.
The episode ends with a Pirana bursting forth from Baby Face, made from the arm that Baby Face cubed off of Giorno. A pirana, he attacked the enemy stand from the inside with a fish. God this series makes my brain hurt sometimes.

Baby Face is a disturbing stand on a lot of levels. The ability to turn living things into inanimate objects is unsettling enough, but even forgetting what the homunculus can do. The base stand itself is sort of terrifying in it’s implications. I honestly don’t know how to write about it, but if you’ve seen the episode you know what I mean.

Fun facts:
-Baby faces namesake is Kenneth Brian Edmonds, known professionally as Babyface, is an American singer, songwriter and record producer.
-Melone is the latin word for ‘Melon’

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